Anne Frank: The Authorized Graphic Biography

The Anne Frank Authorized Graphic Biography.
The Anne Frank Authorized Graphic Biography. | Source

 The Anne Frank Authorized Graphic Biography is the first ever written comic story about the tragic and interesting life of Anne Frank. Written by authors Sid Jacobson and Ernie Colon. This new biography along with its creative beautiful pictures gives an illustrative description of Anne Franks parents, Otto and Edith Frank and how they both first met and married, to Anne's oldest sister Margot's birth and early years growing up, to Anne Frank's birth and early years growing up in Amsterdam; this unique biography book also gives a complete account of Anne's years during war and occupation; through Anne's first years in Frankfurt; to the horrible rise of Nazism; it also depicts the Frank's family immigration to Amsterdam; the Frank's and Vanpels years in The Secret Annex; their betrayal and arrest; this great book will take eager readers through Anne Frank and her families deportation to Westerbork from Bergen-Belsen Concentration Camp where Anne Frank tragically dies; to the survival of Anne's father, and his recovery after World War II to his amazing dicovery and publication of this remarkable and great diary loved and chrished by millions of people around the world.

All of the information in this book was carefully researched for historical authenticity, the book also has several panels that feature pictures that have been taken from rare photographs of Anne Frank and her family. This book also showcases a remarkable collaboration of talent both in the quality of the historical facts given in this insightful book through its artistic works of art, in this book that truly illustrates how Anne's life truly was, how she struggled through all the challenges that normal teenagers face while growing up, and how she left a legacy worth reading and knowing about.  It gives a new generation of readers an interesting and a new perspective of how Anne Frank's life was truly inspiring. This book not only mirrors the deep dedication of the authors who created this book but also marks another milestone in the evolution of graphic nonficiton.

a page in the new graphic book.
a page in the new graphic book. | Source
another great and colorful page from the book.
another great and colorful page from the book. | Source
a page from the book that depicts Anne Franks birth and early years.
a page from the book that depicts Anne Franks birth and early years. | Source

Anne Frank: The Anne Frank House Authorized Grphic Biography

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...hard to believe no one has made a visit to this world class hub of yours so let's get the ball rolling and I will post this great presentation by you to my Facebook page with a direct link back here - and I wrote a poem myself on Anne Frank a couple of weeks ago (gee I forget the title now - let me go and check and I will come back)

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epigramman 5 years ago ... I write so many - I forgot .... the title - so it's called Survivor of Love and it will be my honor if you go and check it out .....

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