Apologies of an Onion


I saw her standing

bent over the kitchen counter

her shoulders slumped

and her body shaking.

Why are you crying? was my question.

Baby, I am sorry I am late.

Don’t cry, baby, please, don’t cry.

What did I do to

upset you?

Was it that time I

broke the washer

and left the clothes inside

and went hangin’ with the fellas?

Was it that time I

forgot our anniversary

and pissed you off?

Whatever I did

Baby, I’m sorry.

No? Still crying?

Well, maybe it was that time I

stayed out late drinkin’

and went to that strip club

instead of running home to you

(Did my boys tell you

all I could do was think of you?)

It could have been that time

with your sister

---it was a mistake---

I mean, she was down and

she came over

(you weren’t here, I was)


you get the picture.

Whatever I did

Baby, please believe that I’m


Or maybe it was that time I

blew our grocery money

on a game of poker

and said that I was robbed outside

the market.

Baby, I don’t know

what I’ve done

but whatever it is

I am sorry.


Are you listening?

Are you crying because I’ve

Hurt you?

“No, honey” was her answer.

“I am cutting a damned onion!”

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Twilight Lawns profile image

Twilight Lawns 3 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

He seems like a "keeper".

Then again, perhaps not.

cohoyo1 profile image

cohoyo1 3 years ago from Barrington, Rhode Island Author

HA! :)

To Start Again profile image

To Start Again 3 years ago

Great! lol perhaps I shall try this with my husband... ;)

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