Doc-tor Psy-cho-Lo-gee


Doc-tor Psy-cho-Lo-gee here to say

(ba-dum ba-dum)

That now we un-der-stand you so much bet-ter

(let me tell ya)

And we are here to help you un-der-stand

(ba-dum ba-dum)

That you're not smart enough to un-der-stand me

(yow-za yow!)

So bring to me your trou-bles and your cares

(right o-ver here now!)

Be-cause they are pro-ducts of past not nice-ness

(Oh yeah!)

And af-ter I tell you how dumb you are

(ba-dum ba-dum)

I will go watch Jer-ry beat up Tom!


I use big words that you don't un-der-stand

(you're not that smart)

And con-cepts that you could ne-ver grasp

(why are you stupid?)

And all I need to hear is just one word

('cause I can read)

To tell you evry-thing a-bout your-self

(so listen closely)

You know you like to be de-ceived

The in-for-ma-tion you've re-ceived

You turn to what you want it to

And do not care for what is true

And I know you're the rea-son why

Pee-ple all o-ver the world cry

You're just too dumb to un-der-stand

And that is why I still de-mand

In a voice stri-dent and loud

You re-move your-self from this crowd

You stu-pid in-sen-sate ape

Your brain is the size of a grape!


Now I shall eat my crum-pet and drink tea

(ba-dum ba-dum)

And won-der why it is you don't like me!

copyright (C) 2012 christopher w. neal all rights reserved

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LaThing profile image

LaThing 4 years ago from From a World Within, USA

Brilliant poem!! lol, very nicely put ...... While reading it, I felt like there should be some kind of music playing in the background with 'ba-dum, ba-dum' :)

Enjoyed it very much, voting up'

Chris Neal profile image

Chris Neal 4 years ago from Fishers, IN Author

LaThing -

You're not wrong! Thank you so much!

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