Fly, Fried?

Fly, Fried?
Fly, Fried? | Source

This is either a fly with fried-egg eyes,

or a fry with flied-egg eyes.

Researchers are not quite sure which. It apparently has to do with whether this fly is young enough to qualify as a ‘fry’. And whether those are indeed fly eggs, or something else entirely. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the electro-encephalo-egg-scretion effectuator from the Encino Graduate Campus of Pepperdine, a world-renowned research facility devoted to the study of flying insects and albumen (and related substances). Under the guidance of Nobel-nominated Professor, Inventor and Pest-Control Specialist Ernaud D. DeTee, we expect a conclusive answer at last.

One thing is for sure though: the yolk’s on him.

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