For a Christian everyday should be Valentines day

A Christian seizes every opportunity to show God's Love to their fellow man.
A Christian seizes every opportunity to show God's Love to their fellow man. | Source

For a Christian every day should be Valentines day

I know that Valentines Day is symbolic of Romantic Love and is once a year on Feb. 14th. However, I would like to propose that every chance we get to show God's love to someone else, no matter the day, month or year, we should do it. The kind of love that volunteers at the homeless shelter on Thanksgiving. The person that gives to the toys for tots realizing that may be the only gift a child may receive. The person that buys a meal for someone that wouldn't eat that day, if one more person passed them by. Love pure and simple that do not judge or ask how did you and your family get here, however, recognizes the need and fulfills it in Christian love. There are people out there that will come to love God, because you loved them that day, rather it was a day in Feb, March or May,and that moment that you loved unconditionally was VALENTINES DAY! Love and be blessed.

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mours sshields 4 years ago from Elwood, Indiana

Very true!!

Marcia Ours

Honorablewoman profile image

Honorablewoman 6 years ago from Georgia Author

Me too! Thanks

Unleashed Victory profile image

Unleashed Victory 6 years ago

How encouraging and beautiful. I pray it's contagious!

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