Fruit Salad And My Life Have So Much In Common

Just One More Bite

There is nothing like a bowl of fruit salad to give me a great start

I love all kinds of fruits

When they are ripe they are oh so good to eat

The beautiful smelling strawberries

The Blueberries so tiny but so much better with a little sugar

Cantalope juicy and sweet with each bite I want another

Grapes red and green is there just one more hiding underneath

Once awhile I will have black berries too

I'm not crazy for them but I eat them just the same

Bannanas have to be eaten quick or they look funky

My mouth is tantalized with every flavor

But the best thing I love is the way all the fruit blends together

Each special and different but so unique

I like everyone but would not like one instead of the other

Each a different size and shape

From little to big all cut into juicy pieces

I have a wife who surprised me with

All the fruit and no clean up

Thanks again for making my day

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Dim Flaxenwick profile image

Dim Flaxenwick 4 years ago from Great Britain

You are amazing, Dream On. I hope your wife realises what a dream she has in you.

Up, funny, awesome and beautiful.

Thank you.

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