In Between Two

A Pushkin Stanza

A letter I intend to send and am frustrated

To finally get honest and share my secret.

For many years and counting I have waited.

And now another one more reason to fret.

The issue that was before was simply time,

But with the other, our lives do not rhyme.

A joke it was, a mere distraction

Within my waiting, seeming longer than a fraction.

Love is never lost. Forever it will inspire.

Waiting is long, complicated, and hard.

Caught in between two will leave me scarred.

Still there is only one for whom I wait, him whom I desire.

Only where is he now, and how much longer the wait.

Time reveals too much the joys and sorrows of my fate.

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jamie 7 years ago

where's the like button? :) jk

love you friend.

like it and like you even more!

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