Inspirational Poem #41 Grief

In grief at death
Of those you love
Should we not forget
The positive qualities they left behind
Not how they died
But how they live
Not how they gain
But how they give
Not how they think
But how they teach
Not how they speak
But how they shared
The life they once have given to others
Its what all of us need to be remembered

~ At time of grieving we should always remember the good things about the person we loved . To remember the good in other at time of grief is the strongest point of all!~

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JadedLove 5 years ago

In a heart so cold,

I feel the warmth.

In eyes so dark,

I see the light.

In a taste so sweet,

the bitterness comes.

In a life so dead,

love is born.

Up and beautiful. Picture painted well and I feel the pain in words so lovely portrayed. Keep it up and feel it in each breath you steal. Thank you

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Well written! Thank you :)

DON BALDERAS profile image

DON BALDERAS 5 years ago

Well then I know how life must last,

in time it's cast everyone must pass,

our cups might drain with dreams we gain,

will kiss the pain, in time will heal

where hope and love, our hearts remain

in faith we hold, our selves regain.

Chanroth and JadedLove: I love these barter of lines I read. Have more of them.

chanroth profile image

chanroth 5 years ago from California, USA Author

Hello Don, your line is awesome! It would be even nice to have someone to add next to your line. :) I can't think of anything now...just woke up. lol...thanks!

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