Instant Gratification - Either Way

The plastic frontier greets me

from every angle

and from a distance

the shiny newness

needs no introduction.

As formula builds interest rates,

TV debates deliver our fate.

Government protocols

and media dolls' popularity falls

in front of what is right

and what should have been

naked absolution.

By and for the people, buy our view.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, he's like you.

We promise, it's true.

(And have they ever lied to us before?)

A framework of utilities and perpetual wait and see's are all that wait on the grid...

On the other hand, if we did:

Smell the air, plant a tree,

welcome the sun, give up our seat,

buy local, produce local, clean up local, take pride in local,

pet our pets, walk more, talk less,

pick a cause and give it our best,

eat raw, call our mums,

believe, reprieve and then some,

sing more, laugh more, think more...

we could be just fine.

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George Clooney 5 years ago

I like it.

fi fi profile image

fi fi 5 years ago from Niagara, Canada Author

George Clooney - I'm glad :)

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