Love Struck Heart

Love Struck Heart

Im longing for your touch,

a craving that ive missed so much.

All this time i thought love was only a game.

All the pain,

all the vain,

drove my love-sick heart insane.

Something strange I cant explain,

the way i feel when you say my name.

Love so intense,

it leaves me in suspense .

Waiting to kiss your soft lips.

To look in your eyes,

your hands on my thighs.

A smile that brightens the darkest of skies.

Renewing my faith,

knowin my heart will no longer break.

Love that knows no lies,

a heart that eases all of my cries.

To My Randy Langford. 1/3/13 Zayleen pain

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LovelyAni profile image

LovelyAni 4 years ago from Connecticut

I really liked your poem. Please check mine out. It's about the same topic. Love and pain. I know how you feel...

Zayleen Pain profile image

Zayleen Pain 3 years ago from lost in my own minds lines Author

thank you I appreciate the read and i will definitely read yours

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