Magnanimous (A Poem)


We should try something new.

Take a chance on me,

Taking a chance on you.

I wish I could write...

What it will always be like,

But you'll only say, "that it might."

I could post this,

For everyone to read.

I could brag about our first kiss.

Why should I write about you,

Taking a chance,

On something new?

I could write about,

How we first met.

But then our secret would be out.

Then the world would want to see,

Your shy smile and your eyes--

Light up, when you talk about me.

But at least we are,

Taking a chance,

on each other so far...



Copyright 2008, StJames

All Rights Reserved.


Just Want To Tell The World!

"Stellar" by Incubus

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juggalo 4 eva profile image

juggalo 4 eva 8 years ago

That is a beautiful poem!!

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