Parallel Universe

Imagine the world, let's say, a hundred years later I predict that the World War III that started in 2028 and is still going on. A cure for AIDS found, and a new generation of diseases sprang upon life causing deaths at the age of 43. With all this, only about 1 Billion people left alive. The U.N.O. couldn't do anything about the war. It's office was being used as a military academy. Peace between countries was a laughable thing.

Imagine, that with all this happening the people trying to invent Micro Bots. It may sound funny but they produced Micro Bots: which will fit into guns, supplied at a vast amount of ammo, which when shot into the eyes if blind people, let them see again.

But the development in the use of Nuclear energy could never be compared to these small things. Nuclear energy was being used to give people back their lives. The disadvantages if these Nuclear hearts was that people lived a painfil life.

Global warming had made such a huge impact on the geography of the world. About a quarter of Asia alone was left with rains. The temperatures raised by 20% and sand started burning in the Sahara.

The cars in the 2109 looked like minivans, sprouting machine guns on the either side. Many monuments had been demolished. Only the Eiffel Tower, rusted and bent and the Pyramids, still in a fine state of sand and stone, were left. Space discoveries were very sparce. Only water was found on Mars.

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My SciFi Life profile image

My SciFi Life 6 years ago from London, UK

anything can happen ... hopefully there is more of a positive future though than the bleak picture you've presented!

sueroy333 profile image

sueroy333 6 years ago from Indiana

There are as many possibilities as there are stars in the universe. Thank you for sharing a few of them.

Don Ship profile image

Don Ship 6 years ago Author

Yeah.. I hope so! :)


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