Silent Forces


Silent, but Powerful~

The mighty wilderness, with quiet threatening;

Mountain’s shivering cold, with it's winds chill,

Rivers racing, with deep undertow,

Along the highway, people I don’t know.

But unseen forces powerfully kept in place,

By jagged borders, and strangeness face,

Green grassy lanes, of cultures race,

Thinking, no one knows our inner state.

Life partners drawn at starting line,

Always pick a number for your mate,

Hoping they have your life-likes,

Twin hearts, breathing, that’s what it takes;

The wildness draws you, mountains hold you,

No, not even afraid, warm and wrapped,

The currents grab you and draw you on,

Someone with you, to stay, and always belong:


May 3, 2000

The Law of Silence, When None Dare Speak

-A moment, mortifying and deadly; Don't dare speak.

fear of discovery, our hidden presence leaked.

come the silence, breath held tight within;

don't dare, don't move, just wait until its over, til they're gone.

-The law of silence, when someone important speaks,

you don't dare answer, you don't dare breathe,

they have you pinned, they have you trapped,

only time, only the moment when they leave

will release you from their grasp.

-When animal in the wild embraced,

its claws extended, a snarl in its face,

no way to move or escape,

hoping it goes on its own, its own way,

breathe held tight, silently:

-A life event, never faced before,

commands silence, dead and quiet

not understanding what takes place,

should I speak, then terror awakes.

hold it, silence rules the day.

MOJ/ Oscarlites/Copyrights

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