The Power You’ve Been Given

The Power You’ve Been Given

Roy Blizzard III © 2013

Why do you give away the power you’ve been given

The life of freedom, creation, and joy

Why do you choose to not be brave and live the life of a coward

Is slavery really all you desire or do you hope for more

Until you stand up and walk from the shadows

A slave you’re destined to be

People in power want to stay in power

And will tell you whatever they want

Knowledge is freedom and often is hidden

But power will always hate truth

Open your eyes to the freedom you were given

And no more a slave you’ll be

Show the world you’ll take it no more

And give the elected the door

Don’t allow the parties you’ve elected

To steal your homes and lives and joy

Don’t buy their lies and the bondage they bring

Or poverty and fear will be real

The lies of the people in power will enslave you

And sorrow and loss are forever

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Karmallama profile image

Karmallama 3 years ago from St. Paul, minnesota

very nice! I am in no way a poet or a person who knows much about poetry, but I liked your poem. It moved me. Voted up!

JPB0756 profile image

JPB0756 3 years ago

Are you like Descartes? Revolution for revolution's sake? No clue as to your "antagonist," unless it is yourself and lake of acceptance of same. Written well, only unclear, at least to me.

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