Think As We Think

A trapped mind can only survive if it cannot be caught
What truth has humanity fought that cannot also be bought?
Riches require premature death of those standing in the way
Upon each page blood spills while the pious remain the prey
Freedom to speak is held captive by the rituals of the absurd
Control gathers for Fascism so verity can never be heard

You must say what we say
You must speak as we speak
You must act as we act
You must think as we think

As forward thinkers light the way inch by inch and hour by hour
Their masters know of no virtue existing in the realm of power
Obedience is given only through fear of those who care for us
Acquiescence is provided even as we deny what is obvious
Neither bird nor fish can speak of the past locked in stone
No man or woman dare speak of the present in dissenting tone

You must say what we say
You must speak as we speak
You must act as we act
You must think as we think

There is no rule of normalcy or natural standard to be defined
To speak is to render yourself a deviant with a dangerous mind
Culture is to be honored within the dominant culture’s distinction
And in this way the dominant culture is marked for slow extinction
No man can know of the individual in a village requiring guidance
The anarchy of diversity demands democracy bow to subservience

You must say what we say
You must speak as we speak
You must act as we act
You must think as we think

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Matthew Weese profile image

Matthew Weese 4 years ago from Auburn

That is definitely an excellent Liberal Approach in getting your point across....I agree. This poem says a lot to the trained poetic eye and could be grounds for one hell of a debate. Great writing.

The Suburban Poet profile image

The Suburban Poet 4 years ago from Austin, Texas Author

Hey Matthew... thank you for commenting and yeah it probably could be grounds for a debate for sure... to me it's more of the overall template of political correctness and thought control that I fear. There are many details that make sense in how we have evolved in our world but in general I feel there is a numbing of true individualism in all its glory and all it's flaws.... I kind of felt like making the comment and then getting the hell out of the way...

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