Treachery - a poem



The rug pulled off,
from under the feet,
reeling under the whirlwind,
of adversity,
face stuck in the mire,
hands torn and bleeding,
from gravel intrusion,
sharply penetrating,
fleshly tenderness,
bleeding, hurting!
Staring at the jagged edges,
tainted ruby red,
with life’s flow,
scrambling, crawling,
fending off the dirt,
with rock entrenched palms,
softly soothing,
scraped knees,
and elbows,
scarred by the blows,
life dealt.
Back on my feet,
head held high,
in the knowledge,
that life isn't about falls,
but about those times,
I picked myself up from,
the miry clay.
Face upturned,
to let the healing rain wash away,
the pain and the filth,
while I put back,
the pieces of life within,
and get ready to soar,
the heights, hitherto,
To fly away into the horizon,
fade into oblivion,
from this realm to another,
where life starts afresh!

To my Readers who have been my strength and support.. I thank you all from my heart... I may not be here so often.. this may be my swan's song.. my flight into oblivion... ...

I may just drop in once in a while to express myself... but between those times.. It may just be Goodbye! Thanks for being a blessing!

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chipped teacup profile image

chipped teacup 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

What a beautifully written poem! I absolutely loved it. Very descriptive. Nice images to go with it as well. :)

profile image

Vincent Moore 4 years ago

I am thankful to have been able to read your beautiful work and I sense a heart broken and possibly your departure from the Hubs. I hope this passes in time and that you reconsider staying. However if you do leave, I will always look forward to your fond hellos and visits. This was a beautiful poem, well done as always.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 4 years ago from Shelton

shim-dawn work like this.. inspires the poet in me.. I will miss your new work but will always look back at your footprints.. Bless you Frank

billybuc profile image

billybuc 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

If you truly are leaving then I will miss you. I will miss your gentleness of character. I will miss the beauty that you bring into my life with your words. I will me the love of writing that you exhibit in each of your works.

I will miss you!

always exploring profile image

always exploring 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

Something is wrong. Your poetry is dark, not like you. I will miss you if you go, maybe tomorrow will be brighter. I know we were just cyberfriends, but i really felt a connection..God Bless you...

Movie Master profile image

Movie Master 4 years ago from United Kingdom

Please know that we will always be here for you, even in the darkest of times you will never be alone.

If you are going I will miss you and your beautiful writing, I do hope things improve for you, my very best wishes Lesley

rahul0324 profile image

rahul0324 4 years ago from Gurgaon, India

You will be missed.. I will look forward to seeing you again..

raciniwa profile image

raciniwa 4 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

the lines in your poem always touch me to the core...heart rending...oh, i really don't want goodbyes...

take care always...Shalom...

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 20 months ago from london

Thank You. Beautiful poetry. May your life be content and peaceful, in all that you do. Hari Om!

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