What words can't say

What words can't say

What words can't say

Sometimes words can't do it all
Sometimes people are meant to be
And sometimes there is an opportunity

To show appreciation
To show Love and affection
To show understanding

We have been meeting for long
We have always said hello and bye
But we have never had chance
To ask ourselves who we are

We have so much in common
I never knew it until today
If i have been told by a prophet
That you will be here today

I will not believe that you will touch my heart
You made my heart beat faster than ever
We share something so special to share
And i want to be your love forever

You said i am a great person
But you are greater than me
You said you love surprises
And you promised to smile

That is why Baby
What words can't say

This dove will say it for me
Feel me and never let me go

Let's be lovers.

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Miss Take 6 years ago

i really like doves, lovely hub

Rossimobis profile image

Rossimobis 6 years ago from Biafra Author

Thank you so much Miss Take

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