Year 2012 - The Year of Awesomeness and Great Expectations for HubPages Writers

Expect the unexpected

It's a safe to say such phrase...EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED in bold letters as I'm trying to continue my adventure in the writing world of HubPages this Year 2012.

Aside from the challenge of having a writer's block from time to time, my third year on this virtual writing community will be a 365-1/4 effort of merging my personal life into what I write.

Topics that have both local and international importance will be my focus as I continue to be part of those intuitive minds with a goal to make waves in the literary world.

It's a good thing that each one of us are given a vast opportunity to be heard online by creating our niche and finding our voice here.

As online writers flourish and frolic different online writing sites, I can only choose few of those thousands or maybe millions of writing sites that are friendly to its users. One of those is HubPages.

True. Way back 2009, as I was recuperating from a blood allergy while on vacation after a nine-month work on board ship overseas, I came across with a budding online writing site called HubPages - a brainchild of Sir Paul Edmonson, easily monetizing those articles that we write called hubs.

And my personal adventure? You can say or reverberate, that what happened to us here is history.

In fact, HubPages is one of the most-sought online writing sites to date.

Note: HubPages will be 6 years old this year.

( Personal writings and opinion by travel_man1971 aka Ireno Alcala)

Photo shared by Jrn through OFWs of Minalabac - a site I've made @ Facebook for Overseas Filipino Workers - travel_man1971
Photo shared by Jrn through OFWs of Minalabac - a site I've made @ Facebook for Overseas Filipino Workers - travel_man1971 | Source

No fireworks intended

The continuation of my plight as online hubber/blogger/tweaking writer will be another challenge for me this year.

Almost all key cities and countries around the world, welcome the new year with lots of fireworks (and smog as well). I was one of those spectators, here in the Philippines who also appreciated and fancied the play of lights and colors amid the dangers posed by those firecrackers, from small to enormous quantities.

The HubPages world may simply annexed 2012 as a great year of awesomeness because after all the trials and hardships that were experienced by people in all walks of life, we are still hopeful to have a very good year (even without those predictions), especially in online writing.

Vast of information are being spilled out and you can either pick it from the following sources, as I'm also jotting some footnotes on/at my tickler for my random thoughts about:

  • my daily observations - my hook and sinker of information baited from news info on television, magazines, newspapers and the radio as well.
  • books and movies - writing reviews on what interests me regarding paperbacks and VCD/DVD movies rented at the nearest video rental outlet, where I am a member
  • interviews - I haven't tried it in ages, since I was on the radio way back the late 90s. I was interviewed during the last quarter of 2011 and was played at the local cable television station. I intend to share it here soon.
  • my hobbies - part and partial of which is about my cooking, music and video uploads in YouTube
  • Facebook pages and Twitter posts - links that easily spread our works on HubPages.

Random writers abound here, as I am boldly including mine. I write what I do and what perks me up.

As long as it never violates the policies of this writing community, we can never go wrong when writing our deepest thoughts about something that you can think about regarding wholesome, intriguing and controversial topics that can help this world a better place for our continuous existence.

The Facebook site called Taga Minalabac Kita (We are from Minalabac) of which this hubber is a member is the source of this photo created by Jrn - travel_man1971
The Facebook site called Taga Minalabac Kita (We are from Minalabac) of which this hubber is a member is the source of this photo created by Jrn - travel_man1971 | Source

Year 2012

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earthbound1974 profile image

earthbound1974 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines

Year 2012 will always be another year to live with, along with all that were left unfinished last year.

With HubPages, it will be a different tune to me, too. I hope it's a happy one.

Thanks for sharing this, TM! Happy New Year!!!

travel_man1971 profile image

travel_man1971 4 years ago from Bicol, Philippines Author

@earthbound1974: I'm sure it will be always a happy one, but competitive, too!

Happy New Year, too!!!

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