Growing Vegetables Indoors Easy

You can grow and enjoy tomatoes through out the winter indoors. Cherry or Grape varieties work best though full size tomatoes can be grown.
You can grow and enjoy tomatoes throughout the winter indoors. Cherry or Grape varieties work best though full size tomatoes can be grown.
Delicious Cherry Tomatoes Growing Indoors
Delicious Cherry Tomatoes Growing Indoors
Squash growing indoors
Squash growing indoors
Lettuce Growing Indoors
Lettuce Growing Indoors
More lettuce growing indoors
More lettuce growing indoors
Very nice indoor herb garden
Very nice indoor herb garden
You can easily grow radishes indoors. Radishes are one of the easiest of all vegetables to grow indoors.
You can easily grow radishes indoors. Radishes are one of the easiest of all vegetables to grow indoors.
Very Nice Radish Crop grown indoors
Very Nice Radish Crop grown indoors
Hanging Basket of Cherry Tomatoes Growing Indoors
Hanging Basket of Cherry Tomatoes Growing Indoors

You can easily grow vegetables indoors

Yes you can indeed grow a great vegetable garden indoors and with a little work you can really produce some great tasting vegetables through out the winter and surprise your family and friends with your new found talent of growing vegetables indoors.

The Ideal Set Up For Growing Vegetables

The ideal location for your indoor vegetable garden would be in front of south facing windows and you will need a sturdy table or wire rack to set your containers of vegetables on. Your probably going to want to purchase and install a couple of plant grow lights right by your vegetables. If you can install a sturdy 2"X4" above your vegetable garden you can hang say 4 hanging baskets from the 2"X4". Plant cherry tomatoes in 2 of your hanging baskets and yellow squash in the other two. You will want one of your grow lights just above or behind your hanging baskets to help with your plants growth. And you will be rewarded with fresh cherry tomatoes and yellow squash all winter long.

Radishes grow and produce great indoors so you should have a large container for your radishes on your vegetable growing rack or table. Leaf lettuce and bush variety cucumbers will also grow and produce well in an indoor garden.

Your indoor plants won't need as much water as they would outdoors but you will want to keep things moist by misting your vegetables daily with a spray bottle of water. Have catch pans under your containers to catch any run off water to keep it from possibly damaging your floor. A humidifier that you can use a timer to turn it off and on a couple of times a day will also work great. You can carry your hanging basket plants to the bathtub or a sink to water them.

Herbs are another variety of plants that grow very well in a indoor garden. You can even grow herbs in your kitchen windows to snip and use them as you need them.

You can use a tiny brush to pollinate your tomato plants. Just brush it gently into the flowers and keep repeating. Yes it is that easy.

Once you have your cherry tomatoes grown try drying some whole on a cookie sheet in your oven at 200 degrees. Once the tomatoes are dry place them in a jar of olive oil and add sprigs of rosemary and fresh minced garlic to the jar. Keep the jar in the refrigerator and use the tomatoes in your cooking. Below is a delightful recipe for dried tomato spread.

Dried Tomato Spread.

For this recipe you will want 12-14 oven dried tomatoes that have been stored in olive oil.

Place them into your food processor and then add 1 teaspoon of dried crushed rosemary and 8 ounces of cream cheese. Puree it all fine and serve on toasted rounds of pumpernickel bread. I use regular pumpernickel bread and cut out rounds with my biscuit cutter. I then paint these with butter and sprinkle with fresh minced garlic and toast under the broiler. You can then spread them with the Dried Tomato Spread for a delicious tasty treat.


I hope I gave you some ideals you can use and that maybe a indoor garden is in your future. Have you ever tried indoor gardening? Why not post a comment below and let us know how you did with your indoor garden.

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David 4 years ago

Here's a quick tip: Tomato flowers self-pollinate before they are open. Unless you are doing breeding work, there's no need to poke around with a brush :)

Davina Pinkham profile image

Davina Pinkham 5 years ago

Helpful and useful points. Thnks

Indoor Greenhouse 6 years ago

Growing vegetables indoors can be such good fun, and healthy too! I wish more people would try this sort of thing at home. Carrots in a bucket are great indoors, very easy!

Silver Poet profile image

Silver Poet 7 years ago from the computer of a midwestern American writer

Thanks for writing this very useful and informative gardening hub. It takes imagination to make your indoor garden work.

Gina Barbiero profile image

Gina Barbiero 7 years ago from SouthEastern US

Helpful hub. Thank you.

judydianne profile image

judydianne 7 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

I have grown an herb garden inside and it's wonderful to be able to snip fresh herbs whenever you need them. If you can't use all of them, just dry them. As you snip them, they just keep growing!

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