Organizing a Bedroom Closet

Tips on Organizing a Bedroom Closet

The first thing to do in organizing a bedroom closet, is to stand in front of it and think how you would like it organized. Once you have an idea, start with items you don't want anymore. Place these items in a box and donate to goodwill, a favorite charity or have a yard sale. For items that are in very poor condition, discard in the trash. Next, depending on the time of the season, put clothes in a sturdy bin and label winter or summer to give your closet more room.

Here's a great tip!

Sort the clothes in your closet by its color for easy selection. Example: put blue clothes together, brown, black, etc. I've done this and it really helps in finding that certain item; instead of your eyes going all over the closet to find it. Organize shoes this way too.

Cloth Shelf Organizers

Cloth shelf organizers are great in a small closet to store sweaters, shoes or pocketbooks. Larger closets can use several of these to free up more space.

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Charity Squid profile image

Charity Squid 5 years ago Author

Thanks Donna. Organizing clothes by color really does save time.

Donna Sundblad profile image

Donna Sundblad 5 years ago from Georgia

Great hub! I organize by color and it helps save time putting clothes away because the hanger is always where I need to hang the item. It also saves time getting dressed because I can quickly find what I'm looking for. Great hub! Voted up!

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