50 State Flowers

A Flower For Every State How Wonderful

50 State Flowers

Alabama> Camellia

Alaska> Forget-me-not

Arizona> Cactus blossom

Arkansas> Apple blossom

California Golden poppy

Colorado> Blue columbine

Connecticut> Mountain laurel

Delaware> Peach blossom

Florida> Cherokee rose

Georgia> Orange blossom

Hawaii> Hibiscus

Idaho> Syringa

Illinois> Violet

Indiana> Peony

Iowa> Wild rose

Kansas> Sunflower

Kentucky> Goldenrod

Louisiana> Magnolia

Maine> White pine cone & tassel

Maryland> Black-eyed Susan

Massachusetts> Mayflower

Michigan> Apple blossom

Minnesota> Lady's slipper

Missouri> Hawthorne

Montana> Bitter root

Nebraska Goldenrod

Nevada> Sagebrush

New Hampshire> Purple lilac

New Jersey> Violet

New Mexico> Yucca

New York> Rose

North Carolina> Flowering dogwood

North Dakota> Wild prairie rose

Ohio> Carnation

Oklahoma> Mistletoe

Oregon> Oregon grape

Pennsylvania> Mountain laurel

Rhode Island> Violet

South Carolina> Yellow jessamine

Tennessee> Iris

Texas> Texas bluebonnet

Utah> Sego lily

Vermont> Red clover

Virginia> Flowering dogwood

Washington> West coast rhododendron

West Virginia> Rosebay rhododendron

Wisconsin> Wood violet

Wyoming> Indian paintbrush

Grow Something Today!

Flowers are a great way to add color to your yard or garden. You can grow flowers just about anywhere. A Container on the porch,patio or balcony or even in a window box, Can add a welcoming splash of color. I love having many varieties of different flowers,herbs,vegetables trees and shrubs growing around my little Paradise. Growing plants makes me smile-to see them out every window in my house is so uplifting and to share a beautiful bouquet with my visitors is just an added bonus.

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Comments 2 comments

IN2Deep profile image

IN2Deep 5 years ago Author

It sure would be a great Idea- Just plant the tender ones in pots or decroative containers- I love having tropicals they are so wonderfully different. Happy Gardening whatever you plant.

Dolores Monet profile image

Dolores Monet 5 years ago from East Coast, United States

Oh this would be such a cool theme for a garden - grow each state flower! Of course, you'd have to pay special attention to some, and bring the tropicals in during cold weather.

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