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How toEncourage-Butterflies-Into Your Garden-Spring- Garden -

Updated on August 23, 2011

Create your own butterfly garden.

Attracting Butterflies

Looking to invite winged friends to your garden, be sure you're ready to make them comfortable,Like Any Good Host, butterfly gardeners provide a great atmosphere and refreshments for their guests. Attract butterflies successfully in your garden by following these hosting guidelines.

Provide shelter

For ambiance, butterflies prefer
direct sunlight and heat. If you live in an exposed,
windy area, plant your butterfly garden near a fence,
building, or hedge that provides relief from the wind.

Create lounging areas.

When not feeding, butterflies
like to lounge on flat, sun-warmed stones. Position
comfortable rocks in sunny spots.

Have refreshments on hand.

Butterflies get thirsty.
Provide water in a shallow pan, or sink a plate into
your garden soil and fill it with liquid. Butterflies
also enjoy mud puddles.

Butterflies are Beautiful

Research food preferences

Before selecting plants,
investigate the food preferences of butterfly species
that are native to your region. In general, butterflies
like wildflowers and rather ordinary annuals and
perennials in reds, oranges, yellows, and blues. Try
serving lavender (Lavandula spp.), day lilies
(Hemerocallis spp.), and daisylike flowers, such as
purple coneflower (Echinacea purpurea), yarrow
(Alcbillea spp.), and asters. Butterflies also like to
feast on shrubs, such as butterfly bush—Buddleia
and Buddleia alternifolia are hardiest—
honeysuckle (Lonicera spp.), spice bush (Lindera
and mock orange (Philadelphus spp.)

Cater to children.

Although adult butterflies will
feed on a wide assortment of flowers, their kids
tend to be picky eaters. The monarch butterfly, for
instance, sips nectar from many flowers but lays its
eggs on milkweed (Asclepias spp.) because the

Nectar-producing flowers and shrubs top the list of dinner

favorites when you're hosting butterflies. Butterflies like to sip nectar from a lilac bush.

Aside from milkweed, caterpillars also like to munch on thistle (Cirsium spp.), Queen-Anne's-lace


wild lupine (Lupinusperennis), wild aster, clover OTrifolium spp.), and wild grasses.

Herbs such as dill (Anethum spp.) and parsley (Petroselinum spp.) round out the menu

Keep things relaxed

 Butterflies avoid manicured gardens and highly cultivated flowers such as floribunda roses.

They'll also avoid areas treated with chemical pesticides. So plant flowers in drifts and don't worry about keeping things tidy. A more natural garden will allow butterflies to bring you much joy as you watch them fluttering freely in you garden.

Walk With Me

Plants That Butterflies Love

Aster                      Marigold

Borage                   Nasturtium

Butterfly Weed        Parsley

Chives                     Pearly Everlasting

Coreopsis               Purple Cornflower

Day lily                     Sedum

False Indigo             Sweet alyssum

Heliotrope                 White clover

Hollyhock                  Wild bergamont


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  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 6 years ago

    RTalloni-Thats really great :) you will be happy-I am sure-change is good-especially when it brings nice things- The butterfly bush also-Any color-Black Night-the deep dark purple I love. The butterflies love them all.

  • RTalloni profile image

    RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

    Thanks for the spring shopping planning some changes in my gardens.

  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 6 years ago

    CMHypno-Thank you-may the butterflies you see always make you smile :) Have a great gardening season!

  • CMHypno profile image

    CMHypno 6 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

    I love butterflies and think it is really great to have some tips on attracting butterflies into our gardens. Thanks for an informative hub

  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 6 years ago

    Hi Bard of Ely-That Is Very cool.I support the butterflies here-they are so facinating and exciting to watch- Still have another month or so of winter to go-But I am getting spring fever

  • Bard of Ely profile image

    Steve Andrews 6 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

    I love butterflies and have helped rear hundreds of monarchs here by growing milkweed for them in pots. I was glad to see ads for the seeds in your hub!

  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 7 years ago

    Absolutly! Gardens are beautiful! Gardening is one of my best stress relievers..The butterflies and birds are just an added bonus :)

  • profile image

    not white trash 7 years ago

    I never knew people still made butterfly garden, somewhat beautiful and Edwardian, I like it.

  • IN2Deep profile image

    IN2Deep 7 years ago

    I love butterflies-they are so beautiful and although I have many flowers that attract them--the butterfly bush is usually covered with them--the bush comes in several colors--my favorite is the 'Black Knight' which is Deep Dark purple--the white is beautiful too.Here they bloom early july.Yes kennynext I agree--the butterfly bush will bring them for sure--I have seen up to 15 or more on it at a time.

  • kennynext profile image

    kennynext 7 years ago from Everywhere

    Really good stuff. It seems like there are less butterflys around than when I was a child. A lot of good things to try.

  • kookoo88 profile image

    kookoo88 7 years ago from Cripple Creek

    This is really cool. I definitely want more butterflies in the yard. We only have 3 months of warm enough weather, but I'll take it. :)