Rent-A-Centers in the Clarendon County Area of South Carolina

Even if you have bad credit, and I mean some of the worst credit you can imagine, all you really need is a job with a steady income along with a credible list of references (don’t even try to give them a fake list of people because they’re going to call them up right then and there while processing your application) and they’ll try to get you what you need. Whether it’s a big screen TV for Super Bowl weekend or a washer and dryer system because yours is out for repairs for a month and you don’t want to use the public Laundromats in your area, if you need it and it’s electronic or mechanical, they may have it.

Here is a list of the Rent-A-Center store rental companies closest to the Clarendon County areas (there’s only one in Manning and none in Summerton):

1. Manning

429 W Boyce Street

(803) 435-4753

2. Sumter

1296 Broad Street

(803) 469-7368

3. Kingstree

524 E Main Street

(843) 354-6705

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