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Are we Americans just plain "cheap" ?

"Free, free, free" is the mantra we respond to. Everyone seems to want something for nothing. People create software, write books, music, invent products - the government designs bridges, roads, supports the military, but no one seems willing to pay the price for anything! Small case in point: I put a lovely sailboat watercolor print up on the web for sale. The price was $15. Without seeing the painting in person, someone emailed me and asked if I'd take $7! This cheapness did NOT start with this recession, and it's NOT most prevalent among the lower classes. It seems worse at the top!

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Wizard Of Whimsy says

4 years ago
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Wesley Clark says

4 years ago
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    Billie Pagliolo 4 years ago

    Wesley, I DID see that phenomenon in trying to sell our educational software. Perception IS so important. I think my view might be idiosyncratic of my family's "culture". My parents were very uncomfortable with haggling over prices and so am I.