Comments and Misconceptions Round Two

I May Have To Write a Book

The longer I am on Hub Pages, the more preposterous comments I get, not to mention the comments left on the hubs written by those Hubbers I follow. Soon I will have accumulated enough of them to fill a book, which may not be such a bad idea. Many of you have read my first hub of this nature, in which I promised to write another one. Here goes!

Before I start I want to list some of the comments I have heard in response to the extension of the Bush tax cuts. You just can not please some liberals. They have screamed and cried for the last two years about things being so bipartisan. As soon as President Obama ceded to the Republicans, they began crying about him being partisan. These comments were not picked out, they are just a sampling of comments I have cut and pasted. As I said, they are not carefully picked out or chosen for content. I just simply copied a page worth.

Why does Obama work harder for the Repubician then he does his own party???? He has got to be a Repubician in dem clothing!!!!!! He is putting us in a huge hole!!!!

Leave middle class and poor Americans alone. We have carried you rich and overpaid s.o.b.'s long enough. If you want to reduce our deficit, how about starting by:
1. Collecting what is owed to the United States by other countries.
2. Collecting on the bailout momey.
3. Cutting the potical crap in Washington about what party has the most power and do what's right for the American people who put you in office in the first place.
4. Improve on our foreign exports. Become more competive in the world trade market.
5. Quit giving our job away to foreign labor. If you pay Americans wages, Americans will spend more money.
It is so simple you potical dumb asses. The American people can't spend what they don't have. You take away their jobs you weaken the economy.

How can the democrats/LIBERAL NUT SACKS look themselves in the mirror when they accuse the Republicans of 'giving' millionaires $700 billion dollars by maintaining the current tax rates? Republicans are allowing people to keep the money they have earned.They are NOT taking it from anyone else to pay these 'millionaires'. this is about maintaining the status quo. It should be referred to as the Obamaism tax hikes. No wonder so many of the people are confused. They hear tax cuts and assume they will get tax cuts after the first of the year. There will be NO tax cuts for anyone!!! Only maintaining the current levels!! Plain English...Stop the 'chicken crap!.' Just ANOTHER LIE AND THE MISLEADING FROM THE OBAMAISM ADMINISTRATION AND THE MEDIA!

My husband has been out of work for 21/2 years.(licensed electrician) HE used up his benefits a longtime ago. But I don't see him f*cking complaining!! Thank GOD we have other income coming in. He actually said he didn't want unemployment checks. HE doesn't want to be dependant upon the GOVERNMENT!..Oh yeah, IMPEACH OBAMAISM NOW!!!!!!!!!!

why do all these repugnantcans look weird?

we have mcconnell, mccain, boner and kyl

they are all aliens from outer space!

Congratulations to Republicans and Democrats for the bipartisan agreement to increase the deficit enormously! Excellent work, congress!

Government is not the answer, Government is the problem.

Republicans do not represent the people. Watch the limosuines of lobbyists pouring into Washington to pay them off. How does it feel to be bought and sold. Now some repubs are calling for the voter franchise to be limited to property owners.

Juat saw the Presidents 'concession speech' It absolutely breaks my heart to see how the top 2% of wealth run our entire government. What ever happened to pay-as-you-go. It saddens me to know that the only people to benefit are the Chinese (the lenders with earned interest) and the big losers are the Americans (theborrowers). As far as I am concerned...this is the day that foreign interests have officially taken over our government...we now 'owe our souls' to the Chinese. Enjoy your conservative victory today have put the final bullet in the head of freedom.

I am really begining to wonder why I voted for this man. Is he really a republicon or just scared of them?

Now for the misconceptions

1) Tax cuts do not cost the government anything. That's right. You should never count on money that you do not have. Tax increases for only the rich punish the rich and kills jobs. That is not an opinion. It is a fact that has been proven through our history. Increasing taxes is nothing short of robbery. I have often heard people, too young to remember, much less have a job during the Reagan years that will shout "Reagan didn't create growth, he cut taxes!" Wake up people, and remember the history. Those tax cuts created jobs and growth. The money does not belong to the government, it belongs to the people who earned it.

2) Don't Ask, Don't Tell is not an issue of free speech. Somehow the gay and lesbians have the notion that they will be able to serve openly in the military. NEWSFLASH! If DADT is repealed, then the gay and lesbians will be free game due to the laws of the UCMJ. The issue is not about free speech. Members of the Military do not enjoy freedom of speech the way a private citizen does. There is this little known area of military law called military expression. The Supreme Court upholds this concept, which reduces freedom of speech by military members.

3) WikiLeaks is NOT about freedom of Speech. Not only that, Pvt Manning is NOT a patriot. Yes there are those out there that make the claim that Julian Assange and Pvt. Manning are patriots. The are not patriots, they are involved with espionage. We used to shoot our soldiers for crimes less than this. The fact that Pvt. Manning is gay and was beaten up as a child, is no excuse for trumping National Security.

4) I just heard President Obama claim in a press conference his job is to look out for middle class America. Hmmmm, what about the rest of the country? The President's job is to look out for all U.S. citizens. I know that is a hard concept to grasp from a golf course or taking your fifth vacation in Hawaii, but those are the hard facts.

5) This one ties into the first one, but here goes anyway. Tax hikes do not stimulate job creation, it kills it. Has the government ever created a private sector job? I am not talking about government contracts, I am talking about creating a job that is strictly private sector. Of course they have not, if they had, it becomes a government job by default. The government has one of two choices. They can stand in the way and make tax hikes or they can step aside and allow the private sector to create jobs.

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Old Poolman profile image

Old Poolman 6 years ago from Rural Arizona

jt - Great hub, and yes you do need to write a book. Collecting and sorting many of these comments would make a highly interesting read. It would also show how little some of the comment makers really know or understand about how our government really works.

And some comments makers clearly show how they feel about our two primary parties. The dems are there to give you money and stuff, the republicans are the fat cats who only want to take away everything you own. In their minds, that pretty well sums it up and directs how they vote.

Great job my friend, and you have probably poked the bear again with this one.

eovery profile image

eovery 6 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

These are some interesting comments. You wonder how some of these people survive. Maybe they need socialism, because they are not smart enough to survive without it.

Keep on hubbing!

SheriSapp profile image

SheriSapp 6 years ago from West Virginia

Great hub. The vile hatred from the libs for ANY and EVERY one who actually works and has the gall to be financially successful is gut wrenchingly SICK!! I wanted to scream every time Pelosi railed about "tax cuts for millionaires". Like you wisely pointed out, it is NOT a tax cut, it is maintaining the current rate and ALLOWING people to keep more of what they have WORKED to earn. Guess one of the big problems is that too damn many libs NEVER work, they just exist by working the system and taking from those who DO work.....LIKE ME!!

rachellrobinson profile image

rachellrobinson 6 years ago from Southwest Missouri

JTCarr: Sorry I didn't get over here sooner. Great Hub, I love what Eovery wrote... man has a point.


Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 6 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Well, I read this blog and I could have moved on and said to myself: "Don't waste your time by posting a comment which disagrees with the author. Look at all the nice comments which have been posted and agree with what is being said." But I do not think commenting would be a waste of time because I think you are an open-minded person who can have a discussion without taking things personally.

To begin with I must comment on what SherriSapp wrote because I do not like the hostility emanating out it and I disagree (as usual).

She/he began the comment by saying: "The vile hatred from the libs for ANY and EVERY one who actually works and has the gall to be financially successful is gut wrenchingly SICK!!"

I find such comments and outbursts of thoughtless emotions highly detrimental and unfit for the public domain. Who`s the vile one using generalization to bash on people ... Let's dissect that sentence.

The vile hatred of the liberals ... who are the liberals? If you were in Canada I would think you were talking about the Liberal Party of Canada but you are not. I know sometimes democrats are labeled as liberals but then, socialists are also labeled as liberals at times. Perhaps, everyone who is not conservative is a liberal ... I am not sure because Sherri likes to be vague.

I am a socialist. I work. I volunteer. I am more or less financially secure and I am in the process of opening up my own business. It is good to be successful. It feels good and I would never, ever want to be on social assistance again. My family went through that when we immigrated to Canada and it isn't fun. So, being a socialist doesn't mean you milk your neighbour, it means that you are willing to share your success on grounds of compassion. You can stop hating now Sherri.

I think that because the world has a limited number of resources we all need to share what we have on this planet and be more self-less. Selfishness and greed are no good. There isn't enough of everything for everyone so we gotta relax on the materialistic bullshit.

Mr. Jt, I am only going to comment on what you said on the issue of leaks because that is an important topic (for me anyway). I chase the truth in things and national security is an excuse I do not like when I want to know about something. The more someone hides information from me, the more I will want to know what that information is. I do not want to live in a fake reality. I want to know the truth!

I want to see the tapes from the security cameras around the Pentagon when the supposed plane hit on 9/11. I want to see them because I know there was no plane! Some scumbags confiscated them and put a stamp of National Security garbage on them and now the truth is hidden.

I want to know killed J.F.K. Why is it that so many years later, documents are still restricted from public view ... there`s so much hidden from the public it`s truly disgusting. We`re treated like cattle by politicians and high-ups in the military. Cannon-fodder is what we are.

All the best.

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Hey Mike, Glad you came by. I may have poked the bear again, but I don't think it was a very big one. I think I have lost my touch when it comes to attracting the screamers!

Thanks as always for the comment.

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Hey eovery, thank you for coming by and for the comment. It does make you wonder. Some people do like being told how to live or what to do. I do not understand that, but it seems to be the case sometimes.

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Sheri, thank you for coming by. Nancy Pelosi usually causes violent reactions from my GI tract also, but we are still stuck with her for now. I guess if we just change our attitude, we could look at her for entertainment value. Then maybe we won't waste our money eating out dinner!

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Rachel, I knew you would be by sooner or later. I did not have time to give you a heads up. It was a rough day. Thanks as always for coming by!

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Hi Mr. Happy,

Glad you came by and left some comment. You are always welcome to post here and yes, we can have a civilized debate.

I am not sure about your definition of socialist, however. Are you sure you are a socialist? Sounds to me like you are a charitable business owner. There is a difference. If you are a socialist you would not object to your government telling you how much money you are allowed, or what job you can do. You are right about the work, socialist generally do work, they are forced to.

Wealth is acquired, not distributed. To tax a rich person more than a middle class person is unfair, unconstitutional, and robbery. It is not an issue in a socialist state. All of your money goes to the state and it is distributed to everyone. Hardly freedom.

Which resources are you saying are limited? Air? Air is a renewable source as well as plant life, water, oil. Yes, oil; our planet has been making it for millions of years and it is continuing to do so. We already make enough food to feed the world. Wealth? As countries modernize their GDP goes up, infant mortality goes down, wealth is increased. The problem is in developing countries often ruled by tyrants or under socialist governments, the wealth is collected and then redistributed, choking further wealth creation. There has yet to be a successful socialist state to survive that type of system. History has proven this time and time again.

On the National Security thing. It is often a double-edged sword. Often times the general public does not take the time to educate themselves on foreign policy issues. This is one of the main reasons foreign policy is not in the hands of the citizens. Most often they just do not care. Now, with that said, there have been times where public opinion can sway foreign policy decisions. There is usually a reason for documents to be classified, usually having to do with compromising of lives. There are countless people now who have been compromised. Whistle blowing is fine, but people need to use different methods besides illegal activity that jeopardizes lives.

Like I said, there is a reason documents are classified. Do you know why the world did not know about the uranium stores in Iraq? Or the plans to enrich that uranium? If that information had been leaked, the wrong people would have tried to get the uranium and jeopardize even more lives. National Security was much more important than a popularity poll.

I would also love to know who killed JFK. Do I believe the Warren Commission? Hell no! What a croc!! I think there are some on these hubs that would suggest that Wal-Mart was guilty, but hey that is a whole different set of hubs!

sheila b. profile image

sheila b. 6 years ago

While you're reading other hubs, it would be interesting to know if anyone is calling the democrats 'racists' for the way they've been attacking the president since he made this tax deal.

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Hey Sheila, I have not noticed any such comments, yet. Since any attack on Obama's policy has been dubbed racist by the left, I am waiting for the right to start screaming that.

garynew profile image

garynew 6 years ago from Dallas, TX and Sampran, Thailand

Sherri writes very emotional comments and hubs that are highly opinionated. That in and of itself does not make her a hater, but she will freely admit that she hates the policies of individuals such as Obama, Pelosi, Reid, (insert random Democrat name here) and that makes her want to hate the individuals themselves. So what? She has the right to hate them, and to write about them. And great hub as usual, JT.

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Hey gary! Thank you and thank you for coming by and sticking up for Sherri. You said what I wanted to, but I got sidetracked by all the other. I appreciate her passion as well as her ideas.

Glad you like the hub!

rachellrobinson profile image

rachellrobinson 6 years ago from Southwest Missouri

Am I a dork or is the "email me when the author of this hub posts their next comment" new?

I have been going on very little sleep as of late so I might have just missed it but I thought that was cool and wanted to say that.

I know my comment has nothing to do with the actual hub, I'll go to sleep now :).

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Rachel, I have no idea. I didn't even know that it would send an email to anyone when I post a new comment. Hmmmm.

rachellrobinson profile image

rachellrobinson 6 years ago from Southwest Missouri

jtcarr: Under the comment box there is a new little deal that say's... well see for yourself lol. I just got a kick out of it.


jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Rachel, did it work this time? LOL, i was tempted to ask that in about five comments to see if I could fill up your inbox.

rachellrobinson profile image

rachellrobinson 6 years ago from Southwest Missouri

jtcarr: I don't know, I got the one you posted earlier in my mailbox. Thanks, it's not like I don't get enough e-mails from HubPages. Of course I did click the e-mail me when.... box so really it's not your fault.


jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Rachel, I only get emails when someone comments on my hubs. Well, that and a daily email about new hubs I am following. This site is addicting enough without getting swamped with emails! I should be working on my essay! LOL!

rachellrobinson profile image

rachellrobinson 6 years ago from Southwest Missouri

I get e-mails on followers, comments, and a daily digest, occassionally I get a private e-mail from someone on here, otherwise it's not to bad. I didn't get e-mails on the last two comments you posted yet but sometimes Yahoo is goofy. They will probably come in late tonight. Go finish your essay. Which is what I am going to do. I have a couple great hubs coming out, and some ideas for my new site. I found the MOVE (Military overseas voter empowerment) act, they burried in another bill, so I am going to review it and write something about it.

Wayne Brown profile image

Wayne Brown 6 years ago from Texas

There have been times in this country when even politicians have put their issues aside for the good of the country and the American people. Those days seem to be over and we find ourselves more and more living day to day in an "us versus them" society. We supposedly are all here because we are of a very similar belief structure which hinged on life, liberty, and the allowed pursuit of happiness. Somewhere along the way we have lost sight of that fact as a public. Along with that our elected officials have lost their minds and spent our taxpayer money on frivilous things. Now we find ourselves submerged in monumental debt as a nation and suddenly we care. We have let the foxes literally live in the hen house for years and now we care. That's not all bad but it certainly a little bit late and possibly too late. We need to hear some serious straight forward talk out of Washington which focuses on reducing budgets, reducing spending, and over all generally reducing the size of this monstrous government which has been created to do nothing more than literally grind up the American taxpayer under the weight of its never-ending search to be everything to everybody including those who are not even legal residents of our country. We are currently living under the leadership of insanity. Let's restore common sense to our government, hold people accountable at the polling booth, and get back to believing that we do share the same basic values as a country. Anyone interested in a socialistic form of society need not apply. WB

jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 6 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Bravo Wayne! Very well said! Thank you for the excellent comment, I can't very well add anything to that!

Jason R. Manning profile image

Jason R. Manning 5 years ago from Sacramento, California

Hi JT, long time no read. Great insights that are just a reflectiong of our current moral bankruptcy. Keep setting the record straight. Take care.

Lady In NC profile image

Lady In NC 5 years ago from A Small Town In North Carolina

Damn Straight jtcarr !! I also agree with Wayne !


jtcarr1164 profile image

jtcarr1164 5 years ago from Tueplo, Mississippi Author

Hello Lady! Yes Wayne makes very good points, and says them with clarity. Thanks for coming by!

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