Dui Drivers License Restoration In Michigan

Dui Drivers License Restoration In Michigan

For DUI drivers, license restoration in Michigan is not impossible. To restore your drivers license in Michigan, you will need to prove with clear and convincing evidence that you have controlled your alcohol abuse and that you will never drink and drive again. Reinstating drivers license in Michigan after DUI will require you to seek a hearing at the Driver Assessment and Appeal Division (DAAD). Usually you are only allowed one hearing per year.

Proving That You No Longer Abuse Alcohol

License restoration in Michigan will require you to undergo a substance abuse evaluation. You should be fully open to your therapist and evaluator so that he/she can demonstrate complete information about your alcohol abuse history as well as how long you have stayed sobre. It is important that you show at least 12 months of not touching any alcohol. Any signs of alcohol and drug abuse will ruin your efforts and set you back another year. Let your evaluator know about your intention of restoration of your drivers license and that you will need him/her to state that you are at low risk of DUI if you get your drivers license restored. The DAAD of the State of Michigan will only accept the report if such a risk assessment is stated clearly.

Testimony From Family, Friends and Support Group

Other than the substance abuse evaluation report, you should prepare a few testimony letters from family and friends. Ideally these letters should be written by people who not only know about your DUI and alcohol abuse history, they should also state how long they have seen you stayed away from alcohol. The hearing for your license restoration in Michigan will also be more successfully, if you produced evidence of your participation in a support group like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). You should get the attendance sheet as well as signatures from members of your groups to support your DAAD hearing.

Do I Need A DUI Lawyer For My license restoration in Michigan?

A DUI Lawyer is not a must for the DAAD hearing. However your chances for successfully restoring your drivers license will be better if you hire a DUI Lawyer who specializes in restoration of drivers license in Michigan. The DUI Lawyer will be able to prepare your documents and prevent any mistakes in the paperwork from spoiling your chances of restoring your drivers license. The consequence of losing the DAAD hearing is not only another year of revocation of your drivers license, the DAAD will also question your truthfulness if there are any inconsistency with your documents especially your substance abuse evaluation report. This loss of credibility will haunt you again when you next apply the next year

Revocation Of Drivers License is like Losing Your Freedom

Losing your drivers license due to DUI can be devastating. Losing your drivers license is like losing your freedom. You need to rely on public transportation which is often inconvenient as the trains or bus seldom seem to go where we need to go. After DUI, restoration of your drivers license in Michigan is not an impossible task. It is the abstinence from alcohol that makes it difficult.

After restoration of your drivers license, you should never allow another DUI again.

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don 20 months ago

i have proved with drug testing and all for 4 years now and i was still denied agen 30 days ago im wanting to fight it and i think i ran out of time to do so help i am dissable with a bad back and more problems but i get no ssi i own my own tow truck and have not ben able to use it in 4 years + now i have empited my inheritance (parents was ill and dying when i got my 2nd dui ) i do not like to drink never did . sold most everything just to make it past 4 years alone , im about to lose every thing i want to take i tto a higher court , was deined this time because of not contuning aa and not keeping up with sponser some bs!! my sponser i see at least 2x a week and was in letters sumitted , yes aa i have a problem with i do not drink ! i do not like drunks or being around them and hearing ther problems and around me is no nonreligious aa`s and i doent go for serenity prayers or some one pushing a god on me. in science there is no religon . i did do my first 3 years of aa and a fue mo. this year and told them why i stoped going could not find one i liked or had no hippocrates smelling like lquar saying they ben sober , i even was told in a st marys aa i was not welcomed ,any way i need my licen back o and i have a breth analyzer in truck for a year now and never faled it and i drive every day , yrs i have a restricted , but cant drive past 7 or cant drive my tow truck . i realy think they just want me to give them all my cash until i have no more and give up i spent probley 30,000.00 since this has started i have no more lol help :( bearthedog391@yahoo.com

anonymous 2 years ago

Do they watch you take drug test when you are trying to get license back?

John Melton 2 years ago

For more information go to:

www.DriveLegal.biz and click the "How It Works" tab

3 years ago

I have been sober since 2005 when I found out my ex was pregnant. I have gone from being a hopeless drunk and addict that was homeless and unemployable to buying a home and holding a job since 2005. I got full custody of my kids and left my ex because she continues to use. I have no living relatives and carry my groceries home in a backpack with my two kids in tow. The system is flawed because there is no way an addict or drunk could do what I do. I got denied last time because I had no one to watch my kids so I could go to AA meetings after school let out. I switched shifts to be able to avoid this again. There is no common sense in this process and from what I hear they look for any reason to deny you. My last DUI was over 10 yrs ago. They let people out of prison for doing fowl shit to kids in less time it is taking for me to be able to drive again. This is all about money and feeding the system. It's a shame my kids have to suffer everyday for a mistake their dad made so many years ago. Most importantly I have corrected the problem and have 8 years sober.

dmvjane profile image

dmvjane 3 years ago from Philippines

Good information you have in this hub. Voted up!

insalainnop 3 years ago

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Futamarka 3 years ago

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draeger 4 years ago

do draeger interlock have gps?

restricted WOO!! 4 years ago

I got my restricted license!! I thought I wouldn't get it, I posted here "i hope I get it back :\, prob wont. 6 weeks ago" about 3 posts up.. They gave me a restricted license! I even lied under oath about some drugs and got caught in the end.. Wasn't a big deal.. Anyways got a restricted and very excited, finally can DRIVE to work! I do have a question for anyone that knows.. In a year when they review my driving with the ignition lock.. Do they only look for alcohol content? Do they check how many times the car has been start up or has been driven on a certain time? It also states in this document I got from SOS of major violation

1. Three minor violations within a monitoring period

what is this monitoring period? It doesn't say in my papers..


fred 4 years ago

What is not understood is that it is not illegal to drink. It is illegal to drink over the limit and drive. This is all a money making machine for lawyers. I know I was a paralegal. After enough time passes where there is not any illegalities involved with said person who made two mistakes in the past it needs to be let go. Should this not happen these people will just get frustrated break the law and drive anyway. Eventually they will get caught and be in trouble again. This is a frustrating circle.some people are just trying to move on with their lives and because they can't drive they will never be profitable and good citizens. Thank you all you judgemental people that think they will never go forward. Due to you they probably won't. They will get frustrated and keep on drinking driving and may one day kill someone. Do you know how hard it is to move forward when you aren't allowed to?

ron 4 years ago

ooops let me correct that 70 or 80 year old people

ron 4 years ago

not to mention that if I had a couple of drinks and a BAL of .08 that I could still drive way better than those 70 and 80 people out there causing chaos!!!!!!!!!! just an observation

i hope I get it back :\, prob wont. 4 years ago

Just went through the hearing about 20 minutes ago.. Let me tell you.. BE PREPARED! I had a okay lawyer, but crappy part on him was he only prepped me for the hearing 30 minutes before we went in. Ask your lawyer to prepare you a day ahead, or even a week.. It depends on your hearing officer but.. most the time he just listens and then asks questions while looking through your supportive documents. Just be honest with your self, and what you answered to your substance abuse evalulator and you should do fine.. Also make sure your letters are from people that see you on a daily basis! My letters I only saw 2 of the people like 1-2 a month and I'm pretty sure he made a semi grin face and then he asked me, do you see anyone at your work a lot on a daily basis? I was very nervous my first time, I stumbled my words, i didn't get some of the questions he asked me, and I answered confusing were the lawyer had to rephrase it to me because we only prepped for 30 minutes. You won't get a full license back, but rather a restricted with interlock or a denial within 2-4 weeks. I will update and let you guys know what I got. Good luck to you guys, its not to bad unless you are fully prepared!

hidey 4 years ago

Last year I went through the whole appeal process;lwayer,aa,letters from friends and family,alcohol assessement,drug screen.They restored my license under the conditions that it was a restricted license and I had to have an interlock installed in my car for a year. The year is up and now I am told I have to go through the whole appeal process again to get the interlock taken out and full license back. It is a long and costly process, but if you are serious, it is worth it.

MOVE OUT OF STATE 4 years ago

WELL JESSICA TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS WITH THIS FUCKED UP STATE. WHO EVER MADE THESE LAWS SHOULD BE SHOT HUNG AND STONED TO DEATH. Well I have been driving in Nebraska since 2003 illegally been pulled over a few times and get a no operators licence each time $100 ticket. The best thing to do people is move the fuck out of that fucked up state of Michigan there is no jobs the system is fucked up. If you move out of the state you can drive and actually find work. The state of Nebraska does not have any power to get your Mi record Ieven got a drunk driving here and they still did not know about my Mi history. I am gonna try one more time cause the first was discourageing getting denied for my evaluator using the word sporadically in my aa attendence the lawyer handling my review apparently didn't know what that word means. If my family and friends were not there I wouldn't give a shit if they Nuked that state and put it off the face of his earth

Jessica 4 years ago

Well I read this entire page and it seems like I didn't find what I was looking for. I got my first DUI in 2004 when I was 17 yrs old 2 weeks before my 18th birthday. So I was charged as an adult. I got my 2nd DUI in on December 9th 2010 nearly 7 years later. I have been sober, attended AA completed my alcohol treatment program 6 weeks early. Was released from probation 3 months early. I followed all the guidelines, took a drug test, got another evaluation done. Had all documents of AA had 3 letters from family members stating my sobriety etc. They say it takes 4 to 8 weeks to get a response from the state. But I am getting a little discouraged I will find out in 3 weeks what they said. Anyone get their license back? Once I find out I will let everyone know what happened.

lindap 4 years ago

My daughter got one dui, her driving was restricted until she completed all the requirements it was work program, aa, classes where X-alcoholic spoke about how they over came their addiction. Your chances of becoming an alcoholic if one or both your parents were alcoholics. Both her parents were. She decided with her higher powers help this would be the end of alochol. Her driving privileges was restored. You can also chose life. It's all up to you.

Russ 4 years ago

Well myself what I think is fucked up is I have 2 duis. Yes I made A mistake deserved what I got.. But the screwed up thing is if I want my license back.. I can get it.. Give me a drink and some keys.. If you have over 2 duis than you can get sobriety court they give you a restricted for 6 months then not even having to go in front of secretary of state get it reinstated fully.. Makes since!

NumberOneSinner 4 years ago

They will never make a Saint of Me !!

WhatNext 4 years ago

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Scanning Systems

Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) scanning systems are one of the newest technologies in the hands of law enforcement. The system consists of several cameras mounted on a police cruiser, hooked up to a computer inside the vehicle. The image on license plates are scanned and matched with an on-board, real-time database. This database can be set with flags for vehicles that have been identified as

• Stolen Vehicles

• Wanted for an Amber Alerts

• Expired Registration

• Expired Insurance

• Wanted as “Persons of Interest” for any investigation

The system is also matched with the owner of the vehicle via a DMV database. So if you are the owner of a car, and have a

• Suspended Driver’s License

• Outstanding Criminal Warrant

• Outstanding Municipal Taxes or other Fines and Fees

• Are Wanted for any other police or government purpose

you can find yourself stopped by the police in a heartbeat, just for driving down the street, and not committing any traffic violation.

How Many License Tags Can They Scan?

A license plate scanner can capture thousands of tags per hour. A police car parked on the side of the highway can scan virtually every car license plate in sight. The can successfully identify a vehicle in the going in the other direction down the highway at 70mph.

Every time an image is captured, it is saved with the time, date, and location by GPS coordinates. So the police now have a record of where your vehicle was spotted at the time of the scan.

Can The System Make Mistakes?

Definitely, no system is flawless. Sometimes the optical character recognition will guess wrong. If it can’t decide which letter is on a plate, it will search the database for hits on both options. So it is entirely possible to be pulled over mistakenly based on a hit from the license plate scanner.

The Coming Surveillance State

Data for these systems comes from state and local law enforcement databases, DMV lists, and the FBI National Crime Information Center database (NCIC).

As more systems go online, deployed in every local, state, and federal law enforcement vehicle, and even at stationary points, like entrance points to a city, what does this mean?

Where does all the data get collected, and shared, and for what purpose? It’s already been established that police can data-mine historical data, and pull up all the touch points of a license plate across multiple systems.

You can imagine how they can cross-reference this information. Was your car parked outside known drug house, or other suspicious location? Where you parked next to someone suspected of a crime, or any other person of interest? Are you known to park your car regularly near political events?

The possibilities to use this placement data to create circumstantial evidence against you will quickly become overwhelming.

Are License Plate Scanners a Violation of My Civil Rights?

No, not according to the law. You have no expectation of privacy while out in public. Courts have regularly held that police officers are allowed to randomly type license tags into their computer as they pass by. These systems are just a version of that on steroids.

The Bottom Line on The License Plate Scanner Explosion

Additional local police departments are setting up these systems everyday, often paid for by federal grants or homeland security. It won’t be long before nearly every police vehicle has a license plate scanner on-board. The web of interconnected systems will mean you won’t be able to drive down the road without being scanned, tracked and logged, multiple times.

And all that data will sit… somewhere. It will be simple for your travel patterns to be instantly pulled up, analyzed, compared, and matched with any patterns that someone may deem “suspicious”, for any reason.

No doubt this will be a significant improvement to public safety in many cases. But someone should be asking what we are giving up in the process, and what, if any restrictions exist on the use of this data to check up on ordinary citizens.

NOT A PUPPET 4 years ago

u guys whine and cry just drive anyway it is a privilege the state gives you to drive we all have the right to travel. U ppl tell me u stop driving because you have no license i've been driving years with no license what can they do take your license again? U ppl are puppets of the masters cant no fuckin body can tell when to drive or not if there is car around and i got to get to work to feed my family i'm going to drive to work this it period. Grow some balls and stop let GOVT. dictate what u do.

been there 4 years ago

It funny how ppl talk about ppl that drink and drive.I seen ppl of all kind drink and drive. Prosecutors and judges talk about your case eating and drinki and go drive a car back to work if u don't like what ppl do when they are on it tell the government to stop make it and sell it to american.

Scott 4 years ago

kelli, can you contact me, i am soon going for my first time and going to higher a lawyer and would like to ask some questions, scottwong98@live.com please, if u get this. thanks.

Kelli 4 years ago

Robert & John ..... Try Frank Ford in Dearborn, (313) 565-9289. He is an attorney for DUI cases & Drivers License Restoration. I am getting ready to go in front of the Appeal Board for my second time. The first time I went, I did not take an attorney with me, but I did take witnesses. My father & husband. I was granted a restricted license with a interlock device. I no longer have the interlock but am still driving on a restricted. Hopefully when I go back in front of the Appeal Board, they'll grant my full driving privileges back. But there is NO guarantees when dealing with The State of Michigan.

john1410 4 years ago

Hello, I had received a my 2nd DUI in Alabama on a Michigan Driver lic. Two weeks later I became an Alabama resident and received a Alabama Drivers Lic. My DUI was dropped to 1st offense and 18 months nonreporting probation, also my lic would be suspended 90 days with $125 renew. What I didn't know was Michigan had put a hold on my Alabama driver lic in 2009. In 2010 I was stopped in one of those check point stops, and found out I had a revoked lic. I work on the road for a hotel renovation company and I am only home for 2 or 3 months out of the year. I live in the middle of bfe and nearest aa is 26 miles from my home. Also it is very difficult to set up some kind of program to attend with the type of work I do.I have not drank since 4/10/2007. Now they are telling me that they might have to let me go from work if I do not get this straightened out. So really I guess I am screwed either way, can't work if I am treatment. Has anyone had any experience with problems such as this? I currently am in Michigan for holidays trying to deal this. I also am looking for a DUI lawyer if any recommendation thanks for reading.

JIMMY D 4 years ago


Robert 4 years ago

Yes, Michigan does suck in affairs of DUI. Yes, it's all individuals and case dependent. Anyway, I'm seeking a good attorney for License restoration...I'm in royal Oak.

Any ideas I welcome.

anyone? 4 years ago

so has anyone gotten there license back yet or no? what's going on?

barb 5 years ago

people make mistakes.i have a 2nd dui.scary not having a liciense.depending on others 2 get you to work,grocery store,child activities.i apply for my liciense in june,of 2012,& am scared to death i will not be granted my liciense back.i have not drank since this ordeal,& don't ever plan on it again.a few drinks,then driving is nothing compared to the stress & financial heartache it gives you & your family,friends.

Norma 5 years ago

I have a friend who lost his license due to 2 DUI's in a 7 year time frame. Last DUI was SEVEN years ago. He has NOT had a drop of alcohol since Oct. 2009, paid his $2,000 fine (even thou his only source of income is social security), has lived in another state since March 2009, went to MI to ask/apply for a release ... #1 state would NOT provide a receipt for the $2,000 payment (thank GOD ... I paid the fine with a check just for proof)#2 will NOT provide a release without mountains of paperwork being submitted and lab tests/results. His DUI's were related to his wife being diagnosed with cancer and dying in 9 days!!! Anyone can make a stupid mistake ... he owns up to it. But the state of Michigan is forcing innocent people who have made mistakes and paid for them ... to become criminals if they drive. Something needs to be done. It appears the state is only interested in receiving fines, restituion money, reinstatement fees, mandated lawyer fees and all of this to no avail in getting your license back. Can anyone explain this to me and/or advise. True criminals are not as severely punished.

renee 5 years ago

I went in front of the drivers board for the fourth time yesterday provided them with all they wanted again and had a high priced attorney with me....its all a sham and i feel a violation of our civil rights. the man was asking if i did mushrooms...r u kidding me,,,and he was prying about who my childrens dads were,,,my kids r 19 and 26...what bearing does how many times i have been married have to do with my sobriey,,,60% of the drivers on the road in michigan do not have a liscense and it is in the states best interest not to give them back,,,drivers responsibilty fees driving on suspended fees and court costs more important to them...well if we cant drive and work we not contributing to michigans lagging economy. and it has been all about AA with me,,,AA is a non profit annoymous agency..annoymous until i take a sheet full of names and phone numbers into a court room...i feel they are violating our civil rights..anyone who deos get their liscense back has a blow machine in their car...so they are paying for thier own sobriety,,,so why are they denying people three and four times down there and asking out of line questions?

#_!@# michigan TX 5 years ago

There are millions and millions of people on the computer.There thousands of people who hack into banks and store computers and steal millions of dollars.Do you think you could find a hack for dmv?Let them make thousands for services rendered.Just a thought.People we can find one I have 2 dui 1 impaired all 18 years ago and tried 3 times for license no luck.

Tina 5 years ago

All the comments seem so depressing, my husband got his 2nd DUI, the first one he absolutely deserved and as a member of MAAD I and our family discussed the reprecussions of his actions however, he got his 2nd (3 yrs later) when a teenage driver (who just got his picture ID license in the mail that day) swerved into his lane and rolled over his vehicle, my husband was tased and in the hospital with barely a .08 now we have paid all of the fines for the last incident ($6,000) and do not know how to go about asking for the license back. He has since lost his job (1 month after we bought our first house) and has not been able to get another job because he has no license. The statements I have ready give me no solice or comfort because it looks like I will have to be the bread winner for quite some time. I work in real estate and anyone who has seen the new lately knows that real estate in Michigan SUCKS to say the least. I am doing what I can to hold on but any advise would be helpful!

aminfh 5 years ago

I got my 2nd DUI in 7/2007. I was sentenced to a Sobriety Court program (which conditions included daily breathlyzer testing and random drug testing (even though I never did any drugs or ever was convicted of a drug crime) therapy, weekly court reviews (missing 1/2 day of work every week)signed meeting sheets, weekly probation appts-think you get the idea) for 2 years and of course indefinite license revoked. Both times I was busted it was within 1/4 mile of my home, and they were almost 7 years apart. No accidents or any other record. YES I take FULL ownership of this- I MADE the stupid choices to drink and drive. I AM an alcoholic- I knew this well before I ever got into this trouble. Theres a lot more to be said about all that but just giving a little background and now to stay on point...

I applied for my license in 2010. I was eligible to reapply in 2008. I did not do it then bc I was discouraged by the costs and the thought of automatic denial, plus I really didn't think I was ready.

Finally, I was off probation (with flying colors) and decided it was time to try. I got all the stuff they wanted and completed all the forms myself. I DID NOT have an attorney. I went before the DLAD and was approved for a restricted license with the interlock device for 1 year. ALL people convicted of 2 or more have to have an interlock for 1 year by law now. Yes, I think its dumb bc if you have to have an interlock, they should let you have a restricted from the jump- but this is their playing field, so you gotta follow their rules.

I will be up for my 2nd review in a few months...I haven't found much info on the 2nd review. I think its really unfair the State makes it so difficult to understand the process. Their own people do not know it- how is someone reapplying to know??? I get different responses each time I inquire. The info the DLAD agent told me at the end of the interview does not gel with info from the State or info from the interlock company.

If you are doing the right things, the interview does not require an atty and you can get approved.

Does anyone have any experience with the 2nd half of restoration???

?? 5 years ago

A lot of you say you have no sympathy because you're in a relationship or you're close with someone that can't control his/her alcohol comsumption. That doesn't mean the rest of us that have made dumb mistakes are in the same category. judgemental ignorant people are far worse then any alcoholic I've ever encountered

barry lowe 5 years ago

Well its been 8 years clean trying to find me. Sponsor in detroit michigan just got a ticket driving on expired can anyone help me? My name is byron 313 523 5635 someone help me please!!!!!!

barry lowe 5 years ago

Well its been 8 years clean trying to find me. Sponsor in detroit michigan just got a ticket driving on expired can anyone help me? My name is byron 313 523 5635 someone help me please!!!!!!

barry lowe 5 years ago

Well its been 8 years clean trying to find me. Sponsor in detroit michigan just got a ticket driving on expired can anyone help me? My name is byron 313 523 5635 someone help me please!!!!!!

barry lowe 5 years ago

Well its been 8 years clean trying to find me. Sponsor in detroit michigan just got a ticket driving on expired can anyone help me? My name is byron 313 523 5635 someone help me please!!!!!!

simplystella 5 years ago

My license is suspended for five years it really sucks but I did get the dui's paid off everything and I cant appeal I have to wait til 2013 to get mine back and not knowning if I will be able to get it back really stinks. I wish they would let me get an interlock device on my car. I have changed my life around and now know how crappy my life was when I drank. but it still will not change time......so I will have to wait. Depressing but I will get it back eventually......

Screwed over 5 years ago

I've never been an alcoholic, just too stupid to plee not guilty. I Always figured it would be less expensive to do the time. I got a dui for sitting on the hood of my car at a party in 1998 because my keys were in the ignition. In December 2003 I was driving home from a Christmas party, a block from my house was stopped and blew a .11 the old legal limit a month before. While out on bond I got stuck in the snow in February 2004 and got hit with a third DUI. I spent 6 months in jail and got 2 years probation and like 3000 in fines and costs. I refused to pay the fines, I absconded twice and served a total of 14 months in county jail with 0-11 month guidelines. I was discharged from probation without improvement and haven't driven a car or touched a beer in over 7 years. I WILL NEVER pay the 2000 dollars, and I don't care if I ever get my licence back. I was made a felon for getting stuck in the snow. I hope this country gets nuked.


I received my first dui when i was 20 in 1993, i received my second dui when i was 21 in 1994. Both were because i was young and stupid and into the bar scene. At the age of 27 in the year 2000 i had a little boy and one on the the way,i received a call from some buddies i haven't seen since they graduated from college and we went to a welcome home party. I also started a new job as well that day. When the party was over i grabbed a cup of coffee from the local seven eleven and drove home. I got pulled over doing 50 in a 45 at 2 o'clock in the morning still the hot cup of joe in my lap.

To make a long story short i plead to a felony 3rd per se, spent 30 days in jail, took my life savings and paid all my fines and cost (over $5000) and since i started a new job that money was the buffer for a severe pay decrease on my new job. I lost my house.

I fulfilled all my court obligations i.e. aa, probation and abstinence. 5 years after that incident i applied for my license and was denined. I am now going on 11 years since that incident, my one son is now 12 and the boy that was not even born yet is now 10.

I know in my heart and soul i will never drink and dive again because i would lose everything i have rebuilt since. I know if i get caught again i will do a least a year in jail, my wife WILL leave and my career is over.

I'm not going to lie, i've been driving since i got that first denial (to save my job) but now i face face losing that job i've held for ten years because of this.

When is enough enough

woman in michigan 5 years ago

I have been without my license for nine years..I do not drink,but most importantly know that i am to blame for my situation and drinking and driving again is not a possibility,nor is it an option for me knowing what i have to lose...If I were given the privilege to drive again,that alone is an incentive to stay sober every day of the week. I believe those that judge others for this should perhaps read up on Karma.

John 5 years ago

I got a zero tolerance when I was 20 (blew a.03!) and a dui back in 2006 and still no license! I don't drink anymore and yet I am still treated like a criminal! No license and it's almost been 5 years. People don't understand the hardship you go through having to try and find a ride everywhere! I know i did wrong in the past and i'm sorry for it but please let me get my life back. I can't believe what they do to people who get a dui. The punishment does not fit the crime!

JT 5 years ago

Most of us learn from drunk drivings I know I did but they are still hesitant to restore it and when people get it back and get popped again those stats are what's killing us.When one of you guys gets a 2nd chance remember your representing all of us! So if you start getting brave behind the wheel stop and think how it felt walking or bumbing rides.Plus I think we all deserve an opportunity,to those who never had this problem suportive coments only.This throwing us under the buss shit got to stop.

Bryan 5 years ago

Most of you are all making vast assumptions and drawing stereotypes left and right. We are all people and need to be more tolerant of one another. I have had two DUI's. The last one was in 2009. I deserved all of the punishment I received; three days in jail, tether, and probation. During tether I absolutely needed rides to go anywhere, I lived with my mother since she would help me out. I lost my vehicle also. I took it upon myself to start AA and a one on one substance abuse program.

After tether was finished I moved uptown to ensure I could get to work, grocery store, and the bank on my own. I live alone in an apartment and do not want a roommate. Most of my "friends" do not talk to me much anymore. After I quit drinking and they seemed to fade away. I take care of things in my life now like my apartment, bills, work, and myself. Biking was never something I would call fun during the seasons here. I am ridiculed from passing traffic and sometimes it hurts. Now it's mid-winter and I would take the taunting over this freezing cold weather that I now walk in. Once a week I am guaranteed a ride in a vehicle from my mother to AA. I have gone to one meeting probably 50 times over the last year and a half. I have also stayed completely abstinent from alcohol since the day of my DUI. Prior to my offense, I had just received two associate degrees. I really want to start my life again in that direction. It seems so far fetched though when I struggle sometimes greatly to get a half gallon of milk. I try to keep my spirits high, although it's very difficult at times. It never seems to end. I haven't drove a car or drank in over a year and a half. My lawyer forgot to send in my license restoration request and finally now I will have a hearing in four weeks. People around me and I have a lot of faith in myself. I really hope the system works. If not I will be a little disappointed to say the least. I don't know if I can maintain this immobile lifestyle forever or even another year.

Keep the faith everyone, and if someone has a problem try to help them help themselves. Don't hate on them. We all have problems and mistakes.

kyle 5 years ago

If you dont change a license will do you little good cause without change your no better off than before.I know it took me 9 yrs to realize I was the problem.

Jamey 5 years ago

Judy you are absolutly right,100% right,thank you for giving these people the real truth on how the system operates.I experienced it, I know exactly what you are talking about.It's sad but true.

greg 5 years ago

If you are denied u have the option of appealing it to circuit court in which you can discuss it with a judge not the state of michigan.

fd in mi 5 years ago

Is not this double jeoparody? being punished in court the again by the state after you have paid your debt to society? has anyone asked a lawyer this? every lawyer I know has a license even after two dui's. one got dui lowered or switched to public endangerment. how is this fair?

judy 5 years ago

All of you are missing the point,Wether or not a person should drive is based on individual cases. I have been a substance abuse therapist and worked with MDOC for years and understand that the DD laws in MIchigan were implemented soley to create revenue and to keep people feeding into the system, period! They are not here to protect us or make our roads safer. Most habitual dd will drive regardless of licensing issues.When a system is set up so 3rd offense dd are getting more prison time than 3x convicted criminal sexual misconduct offendr are you have to see the reality of these laws.Paroles are being based on W-2's and the ability of the offender to pay supervision and court costs. For those of you that think that alcoholism is not a disease...and everyone can control it...Take a genetics course,see what I've seen and learn the ugly truth, not EVERYONE can control it. For all the hypocrites who have had 2 drinks then drove that's dd, you just haven't been caught!!

michelle 5 years ago

Why do you idots group everyone together? Your so stupid!! Some people just make mistakes it doesn't mean you have to be punished so severly. There are way more worse crimes and aids is not the only incurable disease!

BS 5 years ago

I'm with you jojo. I have been clean and sober for 3 years. 2 DUIs, which I truly regret and I am a better man now and still cannot get my license. No accidents no one got hurt.I was in rehab with a Mexican citizen who still can not get his back after 20 years. If I had drug charges, I would have been cleared by now. The Interlock System is so flawed that I would rather walk than risk going to jail. We are scarred for life and yet we have repaired our ourselves.

We are like the broken machine in Midnight Cowboy. Bad Machine!!! And for all you fucks out their that think you are beyond sinful behavior. Your time is coming soon. At least we admit ours openly and try to repent of it.

I guess we are not as perfect as the people that do prescription drugs and masturbate to porn all day

jojo 5 years ago

its been 4 years since i lost my license. i followed all the rules for the first year. i was an angle for the first year. i was told i had a 1 year suspension only to find out they entered it as a revocation. the first year the courts and my PO were out to get me every step of the way. i was smarter then they tought and managed to stay out of jail. they said one thing and did another. after a year i was done with them. they still tried to play games like issueing a bench warrant for failure to pay fines. i had the reciepts to prove i paid them. it still cost me to prove that i paid them.

after getting shot down with my first attempt at getting my license back all hell broke loose in my life. the strain on my family was too much and eventually i was left with a few cloths, a 1970's camper, my dog (only thing that kept me from suck starting the barrel of a shot gun), and my dad's truck that he left to me in his will. i was forced to drive out of my familys life, literlly, cop gave me the choice to drive away or go to jail. i drove away, and haven't stoped since. i travel where ever i need to go to find work. only 2 states that i haven't been to in the past 3 years.

i try and try to get my license back but even though i can prove that i can drive without drinking, they still wont budge. i really don't care any more. it would be nice to be legal. but i can only do so much. im to the point that i pray that the government will fail just so i wont have to worry anymore.

ricky b 5 years ago

i been sober 13 months after my 3rd dui im still tryn to get my license back i was a hard head

Ms.  5 years ago

Not all Alcoholics lie. You should really know what you are talking about before you speak. Judging these people here for trying to get help is not very smart. I recommend that you sign up for treatmnent. All the mistakes you made in your life, you have no right to call down judgment on others. What if you were never giving another chance for all of the stupid mistakes you made, and I know you made them!

bob 5 years ago

if you live in michigan your screwed!my son has 3dui.charges,the state goes back 10 yrs.he lost his cdl lics. revoked for life! even though he wasn't working when he got stopped,he was in his own car!there isn't any public trans. where he lives so hes forced to drive when he gets work,or goes to do community service work! hes facing a 5yr felony if he gets pulled over for any reason. every day he wonders if today's the day his luck runs out!!

used to live in Mich 5 years ago

I'm reading all of this and now have doubts that I will ever get my licence back in Mich, I live in CA now...sense 1986 at which time I got my 3rd DUI in Michigan. I moved to CA and got my licence right away. I guess the systems were not connected back then. I don't think you could do it now a days. Its been almost 25yrs and I want to try getting my licence so I can drive in Michigan while I visit, which I do anyway for the last 25yrs. I have never gotten pulled over here thank god. So I stated doing research on the web. Looks like even I will have a tough time. I don't have any current AA meetings. Nor do I remember the twelve steps at this point. Has anyone used a successful lawyer? Can you post his name? How much did it cost?

Robert 5 years ago


I found this and thought you might like to read it.

AA was founded by a stock broker and a doctor. It is very much like Amway; only that is is a pyramid scheme.

Do you think these two people died broke? I don't know but I doubt it.

Dave 5 years ago

Move to Chicago...nobody needs a car there, and all take the subway.

jayballer 5 years ago

Yes Tammi is in fact a self-righteous, ignorant person. Things are not as cut and dried as she would like to think. There are many reasons a good, law-abiding, hardworking citizen could find themselves with a dui. Alcohol is one of the most socially acceptable activities in the world and pushed on people everywhere they go. A person could easily find themselves over their head in a given situation and make a bad judgment as a result. We all make mistakes. Its how we react after we make them that matters. We all have our problems Tammi, and so do you.

Guest 5 years ago

From WG Sumnter's "The Forgotten Man":

The fallacy of all prohibitory, sumptuary, and moral legislation is the same. A and B determine to be teetotalers, which is often a wise determination, and sometimes a necessary one. If A and B are moved by considerations which seem to them good, that is enough. But A and B put their heads together to get a law passed which shall force C to be a teetotaler for the sake of D, who is in danger of drinking too much. There is no pressure on A and B. They are having their own way, and they like it. There is rarely any pressure on D. He does not like it, and evades it. The pressure all comes on C.

The question then arises, Who is C? He is the man who wants alcoholic liquors for any honest purpose whatsoever, who would use his liberty without abusing it, who would occasion no public question, and trouble nobody at all.

That is what is happening with the overdrive of drunk driving campaigns, which appear to be thinly veiled prohibition drives.

Using MADD logic, those caught texting should have the same punishments, for we have seen horrific accidents by those charged with public safety in the last few years. It is very difficult to drink, drive and remain employed.

I think the law has gone too far, I have not any driving record, am a 53 year old woman. Would I like to meet a drunk on the road? No, then I'm not out very late either, but a texting requires less effort to place a car on the road as a weapon than a drunk driver, and evidently is as dangerous, if what we are still discussing are the effects of human choice.

How about tending to kids, or kids fighting? Animals? eating? being upset? driving while sleepy or ill?

There is a point of diminishing return in both economic and social costs.

It is a good income source for counselors, lawyers who's services are mandated in order to re enter adult life.

Every rejection is a pretty good gaurentee of future income, and therefore job protection, not public protection, for many become discouraged after a while and drive anyway.

guest 5 years ago

judges get DUIS ALL THE TIME I guarantee they have strings pulled not to go through all the bs to get license restored

Michelle 5 years ago

You can't even go to a wedding and have a few beers anymore. For the people who say "don't drink and drive, dumb-asses"; you probably have drank and drove as well, you just haven't been caught, you jerk. Also, people who have had drunk drivings, I think that we more than pay the price for it, they shouldn't make getting a drivers license back so hard, all they care about is money. Also, half of those ridiculous mothers against drunk driver wenches are drunks themselves!

Nick in Michigan 6 years ago

All crimes deserve punishment with that I agree. If violent offenders are allowed to walk free after “time served” why are drunk drivers sentenced to indefinite sentences? 5 years should be the maximum sentence for a driving a vehicle while intoxicated. Now if someone is injured or killed because of your stupidity that’s different and should be treated different. Most violent crimes come with a 5 years sentence and in most cases the offender serves much less time than that. Truth is in Michigan drinking and driving is big business and one of the few businesses that are actually generating revenue in this dilapidated state. Please do not misinterpret what I’m saying, if you drink and drive you should be punished, but like all legal punishments they should have a maximum time lime.

Apple 6 years ago

I have a friend who got 3 dwi in 8 Months in Micigan and he moved and got his licenses back Operators when he applied for commerical Mich, revoked it back 2005 he is now trying to get all of this fixed. I myself do not drink and drive. I think Michigan SHOULD not give them back, 1st off he has not earned the PRIVILEDGE to drive again, and Tammie u r rite the lied they will tell to laws to do so, I am not against drinking but most people are not doing it RESPONSIBILTY

For a Fact 6 years ago

HomeAttorney ProfilePractice AreasJustice CenterLettersSuccess StoriesLinksBlogSitemapContact

Michigan & Detroit Driver License Appeal Board Lawyer

If you are eligible for a drivers license appeal board hearing, you need an experienced attorney who can guide you through the appeal. You can go it alone, but if you fail you cannot reapply for a year. You want to get it right the first time!

If your Driver License is Revoked, Getting it Back is not Easy

Many people think that getting your license restored is an easy and casual process. Don't believe it. Under the guidelines, you must present "Clear and Convincing" evidence that you won't drink and drive again and the hearing officers are trained to be tough and make sure you present that evidence. They will look for any reason to deny your request to have your license restored.

Before the hearing starts the examiner has already decided that you will not get your license back. Your job is to change his or her mind.

In a criminal case, the burden is on the prosecutor to convince a judge or jury that you are guilty “beyond a reasonable doubt”. In an Appeal Board hearing, the opposite is true, the burden is on you to convince the hearing officer, who has already made up his or her mind not to restore your license, that he or she should change that decision. And you must do this with “clear and convincing” evidence which is almost as high as “beyond a reasonable doubt”. An experienced attorney who understands the process can help you do it.

We Will Help You with the Appeal Process

We will guide you through the process and make certain you have the tools to best present your case. We will prepare you for the appeal hearing by making sure you know what to expect. We will assess your application to make sure everything is consistent. We can recommend an Alcohol Assessment Therapist and will work with you to make sure that your Assessment is the best it can be. We will examine your reference letters making sure that they are effective and will help persuade the Hearing Officer to restore your license. We will review your proposed testimony, alert you to danger points, and provide you with valuable tips designed to make sure you have the best chance of winning.

Even more importantly, if we don’t think we can prevail, we tell you

If we think you will not prevail, we will recommend waiting rather than taking your money knowing you will fail. For instance, if you are on probation during the year before your hearing, it is unlikely your privilege to drive will be restored. The hearing officer will believe that the only reason you have abstained from alcohol is because you are being tested. Or if you have not been going to AA, don't know the twelve steps, or don't have a sponsor, don’t bother applying.

NickJr 6 years ago

You must apply for your licence. It does not matter how long you wait. 10 years or 30 years, you still must apply.

You must prove without a shadow of doubt, that you have not touched alcohol, for at minimum, 12 months.

You must have an alcohol evaluation. You must prove that you will never touch alcohol again.

It is a big money game. If you want your licence back, you must pay big money to get in the game.

Been 6 years for me, and I still have not won the game.

Good Luck to those of you, if you decide to "pay" the game. Pay to Play.

kathy 6 years ago

Every single person that gets a DUI is not a freaking alcoholic! I drink about once every three months, because I go to school, work and take care of my children. I just got a DUI a few weeks ago for.08. People are human, humans make mistakes. The system does go above and beyond when they shouldn't, because they are ALL about money, money, money

bob smith 6 years ago

all these people angry at the offenders are pissed because 50% of them are on pills. Hey lets test for pills. Booze can't be bad for us it legal, its sold in the open right, advertised on TV right, a nice frosty one. YOU ALL ALLOW IT RIGHT! TEMPT THEM GET THEM it's your fault too ADDICTIVE? you think this fine country thinks it's addictive na they couldn't. But you all drink 2 wines or drinks at dinner 90% and drive home HEY YOU ARE DRUNK you are the same as the ones you hate with such passion it always seemed to me the one who bitch the most are the ones with much to hide. Your time will come!!! which about 25% of you over your lifetime.

5 yrs without 6 years ago

2005 I received my 2nd dui and have had my license revoked since then.I live in Iowa and the sos say's that Mi has a hold on my license and I have to go through daad again to get it back.I stoped drinking 3 years ago and the state is still @#$%ing me.They keep you in the system until someone who does not know you says with a clear consciecne "no" revoked.It does not matter that I don't drink anymore.I choose no to every day just so they can't have the satisfaction of being right a bout taking my icense away.It also saves me money to and it is the right thing to do for myself.

Detroit 6 years ago

I am shocked at the fines you receive with a DUI, the city fines, jail fines, alchol monitoring fines, the driver responsibility fines, and they all want their money NOW!!!!!!! and then, how do you support your self with these conditions, how do you find the strength to stand up in life, pay fines from hell, walk to work, ride a bike, in the winter!, feel like a human being, I think that the drivers education courses should have hours educating the young drivers well before they get a license, of case studies, drill it in and drill it hard, because the police DO target the young drivers, so the more they are educated at what is ahead of them, the fewer DUI's in Michigan!!! I wonder what that would do to the state! they rake in sooo much money from DUI's, you can't convince me that some police don't drink and drive, heck, some don't even use their blinkers. Yes, the state does not want drunk drivers on the road, they do not want people killing inocent people or themselves, and I think 1 year is long enough, if not too long, anything above that, well, just leaves a bad taste in your mouth about the consequences, as the state wants you off the road, and a whole lot of your money, the state, the city, the monitoring devices, the assessments, heck, just have a blower on the car and be done with it. Why all this bull shit fines to be placed on someone trying to survive in a dreded state of bad economy, yes, there are alcoholics, and yes , there are those who just want to drink a bit from time to time, which seems like a social thing in Michigan, then they hit you! I think that they should arrest you if you are over weight! over weight people could bring in a whole bunch of cash for a dreded state, just a bunch of money that the state can miss use, which it seems like it is ok for the state to miss use our money, as they are broke, and how about being able to have an account on line that you can monitor your drivers responsibility fees, every person in Michigan should be able to log into their account with the state to monitor their payments, make sure they are there on time, watch their balances go down, make sure that their payments are credited to the correct account, just seems like a very important thing, yet they do not offer! CRAzy. Who writes these laws? Money makers? Education is a big big big problem here, if nothing else, parents, families, people with DUI's, should volunteer at the drivers education center to talk with the young drivers about the seriousness of DUI's, as young drivers, they really do not grasp the concept that they will be targeted on the streets, they will be pulled over, they had better have the facts, because they sure are not getting it from the drivers ED, they get it too late, then you pay, and they pull over the next young driver. What a cycle the state has implimented. "What a money maker it is. I don't want any driver to hurt or kill someone, and I wonder what the percentage is for drivers who still need to drive, and just do so because they are a tax paying citizen and need transportation. The state seems to love keeping people in the claws of their sucking machine for money, and it just seems so wrong to have to pay the state, and the city or county fees, and all the other fees, I guess a good solution is too pay what you have too, then go on public assistance, go to college, live as poor as you can, for a couple of years. then move out of Michigan.

Guy from Michigan  6 years ago

I would like to state that anyone who says that someone who has ONE dui should never be able to drive again is obviously an idiot. So you make one mistake (not harming anyone of course) and it should dictate the rest of your life? Hell no!! If you could never get your license back then what's the point of quitting drinking???? Isn't that in itself the incentive??? Also as churchy as AA is Im surprised they can put such weight on it during your hearing, I personally went, but decided private counseling sessions paid for out of my pocket were a much better tool in my recovery. Hoping to get my license back next month!

Allen 6 years ago

Well I'm on probation for my 2nd offense. I took a jail based rehabilitation program for 90 days. So basically I chose to go to jail to fix my mistakes instead of sitting at home for 30 days on tether to get by. During my time in jail I attended AA meetings every day that I was in and started out patient counseling while on the outs. The problem is that the alcohol testing administered by my probation office is this etg bullshit and it can test if you came in contact with any alcohol (e.g. listerine, food based alcohol etc.) I didn't consume alcohol after I got out and my tests have a 500 cut off for a fail and I received a 40 and a 120 which is well below the cutoff. The problem is if the courts are anything like my probation officer they will suspect me of drinking. It has been proven that these tests are scientifically unreliable so why do we even use them. I would rather just go down and take a breathalyzer everyday or a regular UA that tests me. I don't know, I don't mean to bitch but I feel that I did my time for my crime since no one else in jail with me had less than 3 and I volunteered to go. Who knows, I'm just nervous about my upcoming meeting in about 3 weeks because I don't know what kind of reaction I'll have if they deny me after everything I've done. As for the people out there talking about people being drunks...... The fact of the matter is that 20 percent of Americans get a DUI in their life and getting my second was my own mistake. In no way does this make me a lesser person than you just because you get away with it. My dad drinks and drives every day well over the legel limit and hasn't been caught in like 30 years so don't give me that holyier than thou mumbo jumbo. The fact of the matter is that the people on this website know they've made mistakes and have tried with everything in them to recover from these mistakes with shallow minded people at every turn calling them drunks. If you could walk a mile in my shoes you probably wouldn't but if I didn't endure all the things that I have because of this I would be stuck being a judgmental person like everyone else. Drinking and driving is dangerous and should be punished but it is a law that is defined by what if's instead of what really happened. I feel for those families that lost people because of it but the fact of the matter is that I harmed no one and yet I am being treated the same way as someone who has. Just try to have a little compassion for people as the people who have this problem have compassion and true regret for what they did.

steveou2279 6 years ago

don't get discouraged take your time pay for a good lawyer tell your sub. abuse eval.everything,everything!get your aa sheets real or not come-on we all have friends in aa.know all the steps forward and back. make sure your sobriety dates are all consistant.admit resonsiblity no gaurentee that you'll stay sober but will NEVER drink and drive ever!got my lic.on first try.oh and tammy?i know your problem the only orgasm you ever had was from some drunk barfly who sobered-up and ran like hell..

icarus 6 years ago

I heard about the accurate group from a friend. Says a real nice guy runs it and that random breath screens helps him stay sober and proves to himself and EVERYONE ELSE (like the court and his attorney) that he is clean. Accurate can really help...big step in getting the license back because you prove you are not drinking.

Ed Primeau 6 years ago

Its complicated to get your license back. This website will help.


good luck!

AccurateAnalysis 6 years ago

Caster, You can PROVE your staying sober with out going to AA.If you want to document your sobriety with court admissible evidence,give us a call! AA slips and a couple of letters from your Mom and good friends does NOT prove your sober. D.A.A.D can sill deny you with your slips, all they prove is you have a support group. D.A.A.D wants you to PROVE your sobriety, accurate analysis is exclusively designed to provide scientifically measurable data of sustained abstinence from alcohol and/or drugs. We can help you if you can stay sober!!! You will have documentation of your sobriety, all the results, times, dates, with a 100% accuracy of the program. You can get your Assessment and 10 panel urinalysis all from one center. Contact us at 616-299-2526 or accurateanalysis@aol.com Were here to walk you through this long journey. If your ready to Prove Your Sobriety... get in touch with us.

caster66 profile image

caster66 6 years ago

Their should be other ways of proving sobriety other than AA

jason 6 years ago

does anyone know anything about accurate analysis

TM 6 years ago

People need to be more educated about the consequences of drinking and driving. Many people don't realize everything they will have to go through after they get arrested. Instead of saying everyone who has a dui is just a good for nothing drunk, why not let people know exactly what they are in for when they take the chance of driving after drinking. That right there would deter drinking and driving.

Pamela 6 years ago

I am in the process of getting my license back after 2 dui offenses. It was clear that my life had become unmanagable. It has been over 18 months since I took a drink or driven, I have put over $10,000 dollars into this mistake, been going to AA, NA, and relapse prevention many times a week, I have been jumping through hoops ever since my conviction so I may reach my goal of driving again. I am a mother now and I have changed EVERYTHING in my life for the better, I have a new outlook on life because I don't want to go back to the Hell that God took me out of. I have busted my ass with getting 4 letters of reccomendation, counsiling, assessments, drug tests and everything else that I need to do to get my license back. I can see why so many people give up, I'll be damned if I give up, I have come so damn far that I will succeed! Alcohol has taken everything I love away from me and I enjoy my new life today!!!! I deserve to drive today, there is no way in hell that I would ever gotten this far if I was still drinking. I have done my time, now I am ready to abide within the laws.

quest 6 years ago

denied 3 times to restore my license have not drank in 8 years and now moved to virginia where i still cant michigan to restore my license now i have no money to hire attorney to try for a fourth time. losing a drivers license is a prison sentence

6 years ago

you have to know all of your aa steps and how to apply them to your every day life , proof that you have been sober for at least a year and prove it , they ask all kinds of questions that apply only to you and your life ,get a lawyer and that is still not going to good .. they will say no ....

good luck

sharon of mi 6 years ago

what are the questions asked piease help gotta get my license back

Bob, comment 6 years ago

I am surprised after reading all comments. I came to this page to see about helping someone who lost lc 22 yrs ago, moved away and recently returned. He figured he was good to go. His incident was cops chasing him across a field on his motorcycle, the state did not forget. He tried to pay his $125. reinstatement fee, then was told about the review. He was given a phone number. Reading your comments, not so EZ.

As far as my opinion, the legal limit is unrealistic, why can you buy alcohol in so many stores and why are there so many bars. Put 4 bars in my town and tell everyone to stay home. Sure there is a point where you shouldn't drive, but you can't legally safely enjoy yourself with friends, or family and especially at a bar, don't close it it's a trap. And to all you cigarette fumbling, phone first, caffeine guzzling, and just plain aggressive or stupid drivers, how proud you can be when you cause and accident and simply go on. How would you feel if you had to go to court, classes, probation, fines, insurance hikes and told you can never talk on your phone again, at home or elsewhere, get it. It's stupid, Be like me or don't be free is country's motto.

Steve 6 years ago

I don't care what most of you say. I was in my early twenties when I got 3 Dui's in a 6 month period. I did a year in jail and have not driven or drank since. I now have kids of my own and am now on the other side of the fence. But because of what I did when I was younger I have a hard time supporting my family the way they deserve to be supported. To all of you who say we should never get our licenses back you cant tell me you where all saints and never did something stupid when you were younger. I have more than paid my debt to society and feel I deserve a chance to prove that I am a different man than I was back then.

keith 6 years ago

Hey people of michigan! I have two drinking offenses with in seven year. The first was when I was sixteen and the next was six years nine months after that. I lost my drivers license and CDL certificate. I lost my job, heath Care, my truck, car, home, freedom, and money. I"m not mad at what I lost because they're thing I will get back. I've payed my dues and I've truely turned a new leaf. I will be finished with my degree in land surveying this summer. I managed to pay off all my fines and responsibilities fees while going to school. These are things that could not have been done with out the full support of my family and friends. I would never give up on life because I've made a few mistakes and neither would anyone who knows me. I want my license back now I deserve it and worked really hard for it. What kind letters do I need and what do the consist of? Thank you.

keith 6 years ago

Hey people of michigan! I have two drinking offenses with in seven year. The first was when I was sixteen and the next was six years nine months after that. I lost my drivers license and CDL certificate. I lost my job, heath Care, my truck, car, home, freedom, and money. I"m not mad at what I lost because they're thing I will get back. I've payed my dues and I've truly turned a new leaf. I will be finished with my degree in land surveying this summer. I managed to pay off all my fines and responsibilities fees while going to school. These are things that could not have been done with out the full support of my family and friends. I would never give up on life because I've made a few mistakes and neither would anyone who knows me. I want my license back now I deserve it and worked really hard for it. What kind letters do I need and what do the consist of? Thank you.

AccurateAnalysis 6 years ago

We have a program you can join to prove your sobriety. We are up and running in Grand rapids MI. If your staying sober and want clear and compelling evidence for your hearing, contact us through e-mail. We will supply you with data proving a history of absence from alcohol and or drugs. Our method is court approved. We will work with you and your schedule. Any questions contact us at accurateanalysis@aol.com Your name and e-mail address will not be shared or sold! Thank you. and good luck.

Jerry of Michigan 6 years ago

Well it seems to me you all have a good point.It's like my parents always told me "Don't do the crime if you can't do the time".My last drink was on Nov 14, 2004.I rember that because that was the night I got my 2nd DWI.It was all my falt,I broke the law.I drank for 22 years,and alcoholisem is not a Disease, I don't care what AA or rehab saids,It's a choise.We all chouse to drink and drive.It's a willpower thing.The sooner you figer that out the sooner you can get on with the rest of your life.I don't have a drivers license back yet, I hope to soon,and yes it is a money thing I've spent over $6000 so fare,but I only have myself to blam.So all you people winning on this page.You want to blab someone,LOOK IN THE MIORER!!!

Jim 6 years ago

Im in the same boat. 2 dui's, first, July 2004 was on an atv and the second Oct. 2006 i took off from an out of control party and drove 3 miles down the road the first parking lot, a closed store, and parked. blew a .11. ive done everything i was asked to do and more. ive got a one year chip from AA (not AAA) with contacts, sigs, and phone numbers to prove it. I lost my wife and 2 kids, house, job, all my friends, and even my health. i ended up going on disability and moving in with my parents out of state. i sent in my first appeal last march and lost. reason was that my evaluation didn't say i would never drink again. it said as long as i don't drink i pose no problems. after i lost called the guy that did the evaluation and asked why he said that, his response was that he could not legally say that i would never drink again. his report said that i was a moderate drinker and he did not feel that i had a drinking problem (i heard that in AA all the time). but the state wants it clear cut.

ive asked my state worker for help in getting my license back and then i could go back to work (making $80,000 a year vs $8,500) no such luck. my ex was able to use my convictions against me in court and i get to see my kids 1 day a month, supervised, and after passing a breath test.

Ive got a fund going right now to try and cover the funds of a lawyer. im almost there. my hope this time is once i have the lawyer, if i loose i will take it to court. there is a long list of appeals that i can take, hence the collecting of funds. what it all boils down to is money. ive meet guys that went as long as 13 years before getting there license back. a really good lawyer and the funds to take it beyond the review board is what its going to take to get my license back.

PS: tammie u, go fist yourself you self righteous cow. Pat and Alcohlics wife, your stupid too. Karen, that's the nature of the beast. if you knew all that then you should of spoke up. tell a cop or call 911 at least. then if something ever happened you could at least say you told them so.

john 6 years ago

I moved out of state and having a hell of a time trying to get license back after 2 dui s the last one being 8 freaking years ago. I seriously need a license to have a job down in virginia

Steve in Michigan 6 years ago

I will agree with most of the responses on this board. Although Tammi is just an asshole. People do make mistakes and some don't learn from them.However people such as myself have learned and am currently in the works (again) of trying to get my license reinstated. When i was 19 (am 26 now) i was young,immature, and yes an idiot. I was fresh out of high school and of course loved to party which lead me to getting 2 drunk drivings at age 19. But now that i have grown up,have a 3 year old son and am trying to better my life not only for me but for my familys sake and future and start a business,it's almost impossible at this point.

The bottom line is is that money talks and BS walks,If you can save enough money to hire a good lawyer the chances are good.

My fathers neighbor is a full blown alcoholic and was kind of in the same boat that i am as far as driving privileges.He somehow charged his 5 credit cards and hired a lawyer costing him a total of about 2500 including all the counselor fees,didn't have to get AA sheets but just letters and have an evaluation done along with passing a drug test and guess what...his is reinstated with a breathalyzer thing on his van and can drive anywhere at anytime as long as he blows clean.

My only problem is with that is the people in my shoes that have made mistakes years ago and now have a descent job and a son to support have to go through all of that to get it back.But that's the law and i will deal with it.You can bet your ass i don't do it again.

j-mich 6 years ago

losing your license is the worst thing ever. i know first hand. i got a dui when i was 18 years old, wasnt drunk, just was not allowed a drop of alcohol while driving. six years later i got a second dui. i've lost my license for a year im up for renewal in march and i pray to god that i will get my license back. a drunk driver doesnt mean there an alcoholic, it means they have been cought two times. back in the day when mom and pops were driving they would have to poor their beer out and go on there way thats it. if you never harmed anyone and you did everything in your soul you know you needed to do to get help you should most deffinately get your license back. its impossible to contribute to society without the option of driving. you just cant do it. i cant go to the store for anything to eat, cant drive to the doctors when im sick. nothing. people should get a chance. if it happens three times, your a piece of shit. thats all there is too it. when your young and nieve your gonna make a mistake. it shouldnt punish you for more than a year, after a year of truly not driving you have definately learned your lesson. trust me. its horrible. no radio, no freedom, no job, no life. dont judge what you don't know

j-mich 6 years ago

losing your license is the worst thing ever. i know first hand. i got a dui when i was 18 years old, wasn't drunk, just was not allowed a drop of alcohol while driving. six years later i got a second dui. i've lost my license for a year im up for renewal in march and i pray to god that i will get my license back. a drunk driver doesn't mean there an alcoholic, it means they have been cought two times. back in the day when mom and pops were driving they would have to poor their beer out and go on there way that's it. if you never harmed anyone and you did everything in your soul you know you needed to do to get help you should most deffinately get your license back. its impossible to contribute to society without the option of driving. you just cant do it. i cant go to the store for anything to eat, cant drive to the doctors when im sick. nothing. people should get a chance. if it happens three times, your a piece of shit. that's all there is too it. when your young and nieve your gonna make a mistake. it shouldn't punish you for more than a year, after a year of truly not driving you have definitely learned your lesson. trust me. its horrible. no radio, no freedom, no job, no life. don't judge what you dont know

doug 6 years ago

you can still vote lets vote these a holes out of office

grand hole your nuber is 330 days left

charles 6 years ago

In Michigan can you wait a period of years and just ret your license back without appealing for it?

chris 6 years ago

fucked in michigan--- i couldn't agree with you more. im about to make the big jump and try to get my lecense back. I don't think i have a chance in hell without a lawyer on my side. the last thing i want to do is go into that hearing and get my dick stomped in by the board. and by the way people.... not everyone that gets a dui is a fucking drunk. most time it just people that made a mistake. and yes i do enjoy a drink every now and then so get over it. it sucks when small groups of people (like madd) can dictate what happens in lansing. its like these new laws they have put into place have even worked. people still drink and drive just as much as they use to. sure take my license away for a year. that's cool.... i fucked up... but after a year....GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!

Ginger 6 years ago

I am eligible for reinstatement in February but it sounds so discouraging to even have a chance at getting it back. I lost a good job a little over a year ago and now with that on my record and not having a license it's made it very difficult to find anything. With all the monies the state collect for fines and responsilibilty fees at least after one year they should give you a restricted license and require the breathalizer in your vehicle. This would actually bring in more money for the state and also allow better employment for past offeders.

fucked in Michigan 6 years ago

still wondeing - the person that will be doing your video interview is a lawyer and you will not have any chance in hell without one. Its a money game. They see you have paid money for your cause and that earns you the right to play in the big game. More than likely you will be denied and you will have to go in front of a judge to fight for your right to drive. Been there done it and going to fight for my fucking rights.


So do I wing it or get a lawyer for when I go to my review to get my license back. Does anyone know what kind of questions are asked at these reviews. When reading these forums it feels like Michigan don't give back licenses easily.Someone please advise


Teresa T. 6 years ago

I have 3 DUI's from when I was younger. I have been sober for 6 years and I will agree with most of you that most alcoholics choose not to get better. They blame everything that happens to them on everyone else. And I also beleive that about 80% of people who have lost their license because of alcohol should not get it back. Then there are the other 20% who do not fall into that category and have actually turned their life around and really do not drink anymore. It is all a choice. You either choose to waste your life or choose to make the most of it. And I choose to live. I am not angry that Michigan took my driving privileges away. I deserved it! I could have killed someone. I have changed and my revocation period is over and hopefully Michigan will let me drive again.

jill 6 years ago

Hey tammie U, your an idiot. Your probably one of the assholes who texts and drives. You idiots cause more accidents than drunk drivers.

matt 6 years ago

ok number one just because you get a dui DOES NOT make you an alcoholic... anything over .08 is considered drunk driving...that's not very much so even having a couple drinks at dinner with some friends can label you an alcoholic in the courts eyes (as well as all you judges on these forums) you could 364 days a year without drinking and that one day can destroy your life. Number 2 how do you know he faked all his AA signatures? after all the second A stands for annoynymous so the fact that they even require you to have a contact name and number seems a bit infringing if you ask me. all this aside yes there are many repeat offenders who don't deserve their lc back... but that's not everybody i know people who deserve it back they've turned they're lives around and are working hard and for those deserving...it is VERY hard to get it back...they make you disrupt other peoples lives just so you can get to their courthouses, their meetings, their community services, all sorts of things that you pay money too... all the while paying someone to drive you to all these places, AND keep a steady job while walking to work if that options available, in the end nothing comes free or easy but they make it damn near impossible

pat 6 years ago

if a judge never removed your license in court then is it easier to get your license back

Karen 6 years ago

I beleive you you have had offenses in the past you should not be able to get your license. I know of on man who forged signatures for AAA and got away with it. He only attended one class and forged all the other signatures and dates that he atteneded the classes and he never did and the judge did no even check to see if this was true and he got away with it. He is still drinking to this day. Does not attend AAA and says he does not need it. They are in denial and that is a shame.

Mary 6 years ago

If you are caught under the infulence of alchol more then once then you should not be allowed to have a vechicle and drive in Michigan or any other state as far as I am concerned. . Alcholics will lie and constanlty, make excuses for there mistakes and blame everyone but themselves. Iis a disease. They will end up killing an innocent person because of the bad choices.

Deborah 6 years ago

I don't think if you have three DUI'S you should not be able to get you license back. The problem with alcholics is that they will lie. They have been given chances and still get behind the wheel drunk. They will blame others for ther mistakes. I have no sympathy for alcholics at all. You have to go to AAA for the rest of there life and stay away from drinking.

Alcohlics wife 6 years ago

I totally agree with Tammie U!!! My partner is drunk everyday by the time I get out of work. She stumbles up the stairs to pass out for a couple hours only to wake up and want her keys that I have taken, so she can go start all over again. If I don't, then it's a huge blow out! I called the cops on her and now she is going through hell and blaming ME!! I called only after she hit my car and took off and 2 seconds later hear a lot of wheels squealing. Was I wrong? Do I have a disease for putting up with this shit for sooo long? She needs to be taken off the roads! But she also needs a job to stay strong.... And occupy her time. For that she needs a license. It's a catch 22. But Tammie is right. It is a disease. Last I checked the only incurable disease was AIDS. Get a grip!

Tammie U 6 years ago

I found this site because I was looking for who I should contact in the State of Michigan that would be in charge of reinstating a driver's license of a DUI offender. I'm not the offender. I am the one that doesn't want the offender that I know to ever have his driver's license reinstated because he will never learn his lesson. He spent months in a local rehab home using welfare and food stamps to pay for it, then was put on a tether for 6 months only to drink within two days of having it removed. I have witnessed him falling out of his vehicle so drunk he could barely stand (yes, driving without a license), yet he believes he has a right to request his license back. You alcoholics are impossible idiots. You say you have a disease, and you use it as an excuse, yet this disease is curable. The problem with alcoholics is that everybody has tried to give you a chance, only to have you prove you can't be helped or that you don't want to be helped. Poor, poor souls that put other peoples lives in danger and you think you have a right to bitch because nobody wants you on the road driving drunk...boo hoo!!! wah wah!!! Alcoholism is only weakness on the part of the user. Get a grip and take responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming others. Alcoholics are the most disgusting people on this earth. On my list of assholes, alcoholics are at the top of the list.

Jared L profile image

Jared L 6 years ago from Singapore Author

Deb and Vee, empathize with your situation. The system is always harder on those who had a record cos the probability for repeat offense is high. I would recommend getting a dui lawyer to help you and to stay clean from now on. Hopefully the dui lawyer will have a better chance! Good luck!

Vee 6 years ago

I have been trying for years and still no luck. lost DL in 2005. Live in CT now with parents. I've been clean and sober for 2.5 years. Its outrage. I cant get my life on track because of stupid paperwork. I agree with Deb... People without addiction always say: JUST SAY NO! or JUST DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE... If you don't know what you are talking about.... don't say anything at all. Its a struggle every day. Good luck everyone.

I am finally getting a lawer... saved up some money and going to try again.

deb 7 years ago

i lost my drivers license last year and had to move out of my home in a rural area to a city several miles away cuz I couldn't drive, i know it was my own fault. If i didn't move I would have lost my job, then how do i PAY ALL MY STATE FINES AND FEES. pEOPLE WITHOUT A ADDICTI0N DO NOT UNDERSTAND!!!!wE NEED HELP NOT JUDGEMENT,PERIOD.

caster66 profile image

caster66 7 years ago

I don't even know where to start.. i want my license back but am i really ready to stop drinking. Life just gets so damn boring and drinking is a cheap way to have fun.... Ive done alot or reaserch and will be doing a hub on the same topic.

There are other avenues then just going to AA.... Caster66

Dave 7 years ago

is there anywhere online that I can print up an AA meetings attendence sheet?

Pat 7 years ago

Don't drink and drive dumb asses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

joe 7 years ago

bullshit, been sober 7yrs had a conviction when I was 17 and 21 just applied for a second time with an attorney and still no license, fucking nazi bitchs. I haven't had any legal issues and all both of my ouil's where regular traffic stops no accidents or anything, I moved away and still cant drive. I would like to run over they'r family members and make them suffer like I have

mike 7 years ago

yea but good luck getting a drivers lc in another state trust me i know

Jake 7 years ago

I agree

KC 7 years ago


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