I am a White Cop, and I hate nig.....

Black Kid in an Aquarium.

Enter Racial Joke Here.
Enter Racial Joke Here. | Source

Police Brutality at its Best.

Prejudiced: pre-ju-diced Noun
1. an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

2. any preconceived opinion or feeling, either favorable or unfavorable.

3. unreasonable feelings, opinions, or attitudes, especially of a hostile nature, regarding a racial, religious, or national group.

You Just got Mirandized.

If you are too weak minded to read someone's opinion without being a whiny chump, read no further. This pithy article contains vulgarities and words that should not be used by someone in my area of work. I need to say it!

As the title would indicate, there is something I dislike extremely. I do the best I can and try with all of my being not to say something, the time is nigh....and damn it I'm saying it and will have no regrets! Unless my boss reads this.....

"I am a White Cop and I hate night shift"! For starters you only see daylight for about an hour a day and then you sleep all day...If your lucky. When you wake up at 6 PM, nobody is serving biscuits and the coffee is about 9 hours old. When you finally make it to your off days. The first off day, you have a choice to make; stay up all day miserably sleepy, or sleep the day away. Those choices suck in my opinion.

The White Cop Proved You Are Prejudiced

What did you think I meant?

I just proved to you everybody is prejudiced, at least you are anyway. You can't deny it, you saw half of a word that you presumed was a different word, then you saw the picture of the black kid in the aquarium, then you noticed I was a white cop from Alabama and you think everybody in the south is a racist. So, now you have been exposed as prejudiced (See Above Definition, in particular #1 - #3) and to that I say, you are welcome for my eye opening services brought to you straight from the southern U.S. of A.

Help the Police.

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Do You Hate Nig......?

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ellie 9 years ago

there was a south park with the same theme it was funny

jigglebilly profile image

jigglebilly 9 years ago

lol, nice

Ole Number One profile image

Ole Number One 9 years ago from Louisiana Author

carol 9 years ago

you suck cause u are a fucking cop and i hate all cops

profile image

One Day 9 years ago

lol:), a damn good joke sir. I understand how you could feel that way. I was not a cop, but worked the night shift before. Your service is appreciated. Why can't someone make sure workers of the night shift get fresh coffee and doughnuts.

common good for man kind 9 years ago

When are you stupid ass cops going to realise that you are the ones that are contributing to, and causing the decay of freedoms in the US and around the world. What you have to do is open your eyes and see that all you are doing is working for the people that want to control everybody and thing. Stop being such a follower, use your brain for once without your "boss" telling you what to think! (You can'T do this, you can't do that, you can't go here, you have to wear a seatbelt, you can only vote for this party or that party) THINK FOR YOURSELF AND SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON, OR WE ALL ARE SCREWED, YA YOU TOO! P.S. do you still think that "terrorists" flew jets into the towers? think for yourself, do some research, then tell me that we're in danger from some "terrorists" from another country, get real, think for yourself!

Ole Number One profile image

Ole Number One 9 years ago from Louisiana Author

Dude, I don't like night shift. Why in the world are you ranting about airplanes and terrorists?

Are you taking the pot?

Take a deep breath, post your bail, wait for the court date to arrive, tell the judge you don't have the money for the fine, I'm sure he's lenient on repeat customers such as you.

AEvans profile image

AEvans 8 years ago from SomeWhere Out There

I am far from a racist however if you don't like the Night Shift tell them you need a change. You should ready my article... Why Racism?

mortimas profile image

mortimas 8 years ago

I wrote a hub called white power that drew some of the people that just looked at the title and replied with b.s. like common good did. This was a good article and I enjoyed it, good luck getting to day shift.

beebopcop 7 years ago

I too am a cop. I came across your article while looking up why we have become hated so much. I prefer nights over days, not sure why anymore.

onyxxx 6 years ago

I too am a cop and love criminals cause they keep me employed however night shift does suck

dman 6 years ago

65% of cops are good

15% are looking action

10% are looking trouble

10% evil but a good IQ can

Defeat them all

Deborah 4 years ago

Personally I don't even find this funny. I think its sick. This is a pure and simple *set up*. Take a photo, of a young innocent child (black, white, red, yellow)placed in a fish tank, its just downright degrading. How sick do you have to be ?? I truly think the morals of the human race have degraded so low, that people can't even see what is right from wrong anymore. Even a cop who is supposed to be the epitome of morals. What a joke !

Deborah 4 years ago

"Enter racial joke here." SICK, IN ANY COLOR.

Ole Number One profile image

Ole Number One 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

You are angry because I proved to you that you have prejudices. You formed an opinion before you read the context simply by looking at a picture that was given to me by a black man. There is a joke to the picture.

Prejudiced: pre-ju-diced Noun

1. an unfavorable opinion or feeling formed beforehand or without knowledge, thought, or reason.

B-Dawg 4 years ago

Ole Number One,

I have a plan on how you can stick it to the black man. You need to figure out a way to disguise yourself as a black man. Get a black spray tan and cut all your hair off and pass as a black man. Get a new Drivers License with a new picture live as a black man.

If you are a black man you can get all that black criminal scum off the streets w/o dealing with racial politics. Black skin would be a SHIELD for the white man moving forward. Peace

Ole Number One profile image

Ole Number One 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

Apparently, you didn't read anything but the title. So, you can find a way to disguise yourself as a retard by commenting on something you didn't read. Then you can walk around feeling like you stuck it to the man when in reality you only kicked yourself in the balls. Peace.

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