If you could change only ONE thing in the world, what would it be and why?

If I could change one thing in this world, what would it be? That is a very good question. It's very hard because honestly there are so many things I would like to see changed in this world. No longer would there be a need for racism personally and it is something that should be eliminated and everyone can get along without it becoming a race issue depending on circumstances. There is also the option of wanting to see crime eliminated and never having fear of being outside of your home in a large city and all of a sudden getting hit with some criminal robbing you or even attempting to kill you. Wouldn't you like to walk around free of that? I know I would personally but that is just me.

Picking one item isn't easy but as I said, there are a few things I would like to see changed and go over why that would be good. In the end however, you will see what has been picked.

Racism: Face it, as long as the media is around, you will hear it time and time again. It is sad that it continues but a reason for it to go is that everyone can respect another without fear and suffering the consequences. It has more to do with running into the wrong person and that isn't something that anyone needs to fear.

Crime: In some areas, it is worse than others and having to see criminals in existence causing trouble whether it is robbing or killing innocent victims. That is something that has struck me like that and also

Poverty: In today's world, you see people suffering and not being able to find work anywhere. Jobs are becoming scared in the United States as unemployment. I can only speak for where I live and right now it is very hard to find work that way. If I knew about every state, I could give a better answer on that. Seeing people on welfare all the time and not being able to find work is just sad.

Probably if anything, it would most likely be a combination of the three combined. Everyone would have an equal chance at finding work without the fear of losing it quickly. Combine that with less crime being around in this world. It is never good news to hear about somebody getting robbed or shot that could lead to death. Add in also that no one gets judged automatically because of their skin color or nationality and just feel like an equal person.

I hope this answers the question and it was something that made me think for a while. To be honest, it was difficult because there are just too many things that would be nice to see changed. Let us hope that one day some of those can become a reality.

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ESAHS 8 years ago

"Just in time this hub talks about an old thought that enters everyone's mind time to time !"

"If I had a choice their would be no hunger in the world and every child would go to school in the world!"

"Two thumbs up!"

"Great hub!"

 CEO E.S.A.H.S. Association 



ESAHS 8 years ago

"Great hub with piece of mind!"

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ESAHS 8 years ago

"This is a hub that questions the heart!"

"Positive writing!"

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Mirriam  5 years ago

This is awesome

Mirriam.m 5 years ago

This is awesome i love this article

somine 5 years ago

that is a verry great answer i love it.

felencia 4 years ago

this is awesome 'great stuff'

unknown 4 years ago

what a wonderful speech

kateperez profile image

kateperez 3 years ago from pasadena, tx

This is an excellent article. Great writing, good question.

What would I change? I would change hate to acceptance. If we can accept that people are different, we will be more inclined to do all the other things that need to be done.

People would talk to each other, people would help each other, people would be able to live and let live without trying to impose their will on others.

Yes, I would change the level of acceptance.

pinapple123 3 years ago

If I could I would eliminate corporal punishment of children. But I eliminated it in my house, so I guess that is better than nothing.

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