Trump's Wacky Mexican Immigrant Comment

There are many who find Donald Trump refreshing. After eight years of a president who bends over backwards to be politically correct and appeasing to everyone, Trump's brash bluntness is like a breath of fresh air in a stale room. It feels good to many. Even Jeb Bush is less brash and more PC making him a little whishy-washy. His surge in the polls among Republicans makes him the #2 person in the vast candidate field. He is taking votes away from other candidates that are more viable. He is popular despite how his temper and brashness gets him into trouble. Trump is like a General Patton, he could give a shit how you feel about him. He is so rich, funding his election is not an issue. Because of this combination, maybe he is the better Republican. Even if business supporters abandon him, it will not impact him.

Trump's statement about how all or most Mexican immigrants are rapists, drug dealers, criminals, was wrong. The broad paintbrush is just too broad, but there are those elements in those crossing the border. To say that rape is caused primarily by rapists that are crossing into the USA, based on the Fusion report. Trump stated that 80% of the women are raped trying to get into the USA. Who is doing the raping? Trump thinks it is illegal immigrants. The Fusion report states that most women and girls, some 80%, are indeed raped in Mexico as they try to reach the US border. Many of them are from other Latin American countries south of Mexico traversing Mexico. They are not Mexican immigrants crossing the US border that do the raping. Despite this, Trump has used the report as siren that most Republicans are concerned about: the immigration issue.

There are many criminals and scum crossing over the border, but there are way more basic, good, people seeking a better life. Not all will succeed and may become criminals. Those that do succeed, do the jobs that are the lowest paying and hardest. America's prisons are filled with people from Mexico and Latin America, which adds fuel to Trump's discussion about immigration. So, even though Trump misrepresented what the Fusion report actually said, there is an element of truth in his argument. That is why he did not back down. He was only partially wrong.

Ah, what the hell, no big deal. LOL.

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Comments 4 comments profile image 18 months ago

Looking at people in terms of their nationality is so low-life and classless it doesn't bear thinking about. Most of the issues in the world come from stupid people doing this to others. It means a reputation arrives before a person. So you kind of are righting off (and probably pissing off, for that matter!) innocent people you don't even know. Really dumb way to view people.

perrya profile image

perrya 18 months ago Author

Well, of course. But Trump doesn't care and this appeals too more people than not who are sick of being overly PC about everything said of another. The facts from the Fusion report are misrepresented for political purposes but there is an element of truth. Many criminals are entering from across the border from all over places other than Mexico. If 80% of the rapes occur in Mexico as women and girls try to get to the border from criminals in Mexico, that is another matter and is probably true, but that does not mean, those crossing the border are the criminals probably more like the victims. profile image 18 months ago

Yes, perrya , if they are more likely the victims - do we need to make it harder for them by treating them guilty first - our society seems to be going more the way of guilty until proven innocent and the ramifications of that are we end up with more trouble because it's really frustrating for good people who are just trying to get along without stupid people trying to put them in a box which doesn't fit - it gives a person no way out and does not consider the social reasons for an issue like the treatment of women in Mexico. If we keep playing the nationality card, it's called RACIAL STEREOTYPING. Hitler did the same with Jews and gypsies and disabled people. That's why it is so offensive when people start thinking in this way.

perrya profile image

perrya 18 months ago Author

I do agree with you, it is a double edged sword. The large numbers is not helping the issue either. But, I would say that most trying to cross are those poor and uneducated. You seldom see educated or skilled professions crossing in such large numbers because they make a decent living there.

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