Are we Heading towards a Global Homogeneous Society & Culture-Effects of Globalization on Future Social Life our World

If we look back the past history of religion we see that our modern religions are still at very young age and the history suggests that there are a number of possibilities of modern religion becoming future myth. First of all our thinking is evolving everyday and the modern science has the tremendous power of accelerating the mental evolution process of human mind. In the near future, especially due to the development of the medical science,there is a possibility of bringing up the question of death being mandatory or optional to every human. If this happens then the function of our religious belief, in everyone's life, will be shattered or weakened to a great extent which in turn has the probability to cause the death of any or all major religions of the world.

The way globalization is taking place and the way every culture and people are keep mingling- there is a great chance of creating a homogeneous society ,where there will be no fight, at least with religion and race or creed. Indeed that type of social system will offer us a greater level of peace and security. But there will be a problem also like we won’t have to imitate any particular culture or belief system and that might cause a problem of reducing the evolution of our thinking power and our power of absorption of revolutionary concepts from alien cultures. If it becomes the case then someone might opt for going back to the past myth and religion, exactly the way most of our world population is attached to various religious belief systems. Although everything is mere possibility and every possibility has a chance to meet the taste of reality, we cannot fully predict what exactly can happen in system of global homogeneity -though this term is a very broad to visualize with . Maybe time has not come yet to decide which type of world order is the best for us, but one thing is true and that is the way we look at past and think how people used to fight war and caused millions of death was just a blunder, and we also see how any past problem could be solved with love and compassion in a peaceful way. Exactly the same thing the future people will judge about our 21st century people. I would like to ask all one question: are there any true leader in this world who really can talk about the true world peace , can save us from getting the shame of our far far away future generations.I am optimistic and strongly believe that all the dreams of all the great leaders of the world has once seen will come true and there is no doubt about it because in fact we are dream based creature. Do you think that now this world needs any great leader to think about it and act on it in a true sense.

Please let me know what you feel about my article. I will keep updating this topic about as soon as I get new thoughts.

Global Homogeneous Society-Effects of Globalization on World Society
Global Homogeneous Society-Effects of Globalization on World Society

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Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 7 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

As far as I know the plan by the Elite is to do away with all current world religions and also do away with all current national cultural identities, and do away with all different currencies to create a one world new religion, a one world electronic currency, a one world government and a general sameness between people and places! I hope and pray it doesn't happen! We need individuality, personal belief and cultural history and inspiration!

andromida profile image

andromida 7 years ago Author

Bard,Thank you for your comments.I also belive in cultural diversity,which is the mother of our evolution in all aspects of life forms.I also know these elites are not only behind the one world order,but are also responsible for current economic recession.hope to see your more comments in future.

Kelsey Tallis profile image

Kelsey Tallis 7 years ago from USA-Ohio

Honestly, the idea of a "homogenous" society with little diversity or debate seems very boring to me. I would prefer a society in which people "agree to disagree." I think it would be very sad if we lost the stories and traditions of various worldviews and cultures--they are our history, and their lessons should remain a part of our global heritage. We should neither forget them or negate them. However, I firmly believe we MUST stop trying to force our cultural/religious beliefs on others...

Also, the idea of death being "optional" scares the hell out of me. Unless we have a humane and reasonably acceptable method of enforced birth control, it is nothing more than a recipe for disaster. I am so tired of the perception that death is somehow "unnatural"--bullshit. I think life would lose meaning if death were abolished, not to mention the problems of overpopulation...

Nice hub though... I like the questions you raise :-).

andromida profile image

andromida 7 years ago Author

Thanks Kelsey for your nice comments.I also believe is diversity which is the key to our success.About death my fav. quote is:

Death is the mother of all pleasure, if there were no option of death life would be meaningless to us.

\Brenda Scully 7 years ago

Well I liked your hub..... I believe god will intervene in Mans affairs as he has before, he will not let us ruin the earth, and he will put an end to pain and suffering.... my belief is that death is mankinds enemy. Keep writing your hubs are really thought provoking..... you should write about your hobbies too...

andromida profile image

andromida 7 years ago Author

Thank you Brenda for your wonderful comment.Despite many controversary even about the existence of god I believe that sometimes really divine interventions happens to someone's life and it will keep continuing as long as our civilizaton exists in our universe.Death is a kind of wonder to me.No matter how powerful a person is, he always remains naïve of death.My personal prediction is that putting an end of death in any one's life is a question of time only.My concern is death less life will not be as sweet as the kind of life now we are enjoying.

ryankett 7 years ago

If I am honest I find it very difficult to believe that death will become nothing but an 'option'; particularly for anybody except the richest and most powerful. We still have to find away to feed the worlds population as it is now, yet alone try and keep every person on this planet alive indefinitely! Have I misunderstood? Peace, Ry.

andromida profile image

andromida 7 years ago Author

Thanks Ryankett.You are right from your perspective.But that time is far away from our present time when death might be an option.By that time we might have got rid of all our present problems.Who knows what's gonna science give us in the next 50 years.There is no limit to the future possibilities of our life form and our present time is just the beginning of it.

ocoonocoon profile image

ocoonocoon 6 years ago

This is a difficult question. A unified people means peace and prosperity, but we don't want to lose all diversity in the world. Still, you do imagine that individual "identity" is not something that will disappear so easily.

It is fascinating to think about the future evolution of human beings. We have changed so much in the past, and we are bound to change in the future. Our current religions and belief systems are not set in stone.

andromida profile image

andromida 6 years ago Author

@ocoonocoon-I have no idea if humans will keep evolving physically in the near future,but I'm sure a kind of mental evolution is taking place,gradually people are getting all the information freely using Internet-in fact Internet is causing a kind of not only technical evolution but also showing people how to live digital life successfully.thank you so much I will be following your hubs :)

5 years ago

eu concordo

Matthew 4 years ago

There is an archetypical sci-fi story that's pertinent for you to consider. Space travelers land by accident on a far off planet. All the people seem to live in peace and harmony. No crime. No violence. No wars. It seems so perfect. The travelers decide to stay. Who wouldn't, right? But then on closer inspection, the travelers discover that the government of this world has outlawed all human emotion. When someone shows feelings of love, they are carted off, never to be seen or heard from again. The world you envision, one without conflict, is not possible without complete limitation on human liberty.

BertieorBirdie 2 years ago

This is a really inetlligent way to answer the question.

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