Seemingly Endless Isolation



.  © -MFB III

so low,
As the world around
holds countless lovers
wrapped in each others arms.

On every screen, every corner,
one cannot escape companionship,
it haunts their lonely eyes.

Only emptiness
and their shadows
accompany them.

Lips thirst for a kiss,
arms stretch in
the wee hours of dawn
to empty sheets.

Memories plague them,
from some other life
before abcence,
the abscess of love,
a cavity in their soul.

Seclusion, preclusion,
some stand on the brink
of city bridges,
seeking to embrace death.

Others squat in
squallid apartments
totally apart,
but never meant to be.

Some never know love,
and learn to love themselves,
or to love others from afar.

Inside each soul is a Romeo,
a Juliet, but often the balcony
overlooks nothing but despair,
with no one there
to call thier name.

A bald Rapunzel,
a comatose Sleeping Beauty,
a Frog who never gets kissed,
as happily ever after
remains once upon a time.

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magdielqr 7 years ago

Thank you for this informative Hub.

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