Online Dating Profiles and Photos: The Truth They Hide

The Truth is Out There

Into online dating? Know the difference between an online dating-site profile and what will be sitting in front of you when you meet for coffee. Profiles use certain phrases over and over. They are a code. Read between the lines of a profile -- and know in advance, a little better, what you'll likely to get. (And smile. It's the Dating Game!)

  • "Studying to be a personal trainer" = unemployed
  • "Real estate investor" = house flipper
  • "Ready to settle down" = sick
  • "Not a player" = a player
  • "Seeking soulmate" = a player with 2 years of college
  • "My kids come first" = "Warm body wanted"
  • "shoulder surgery" = obese
  • Photo with pet = emotionally warped or unavailable
  • Photo taken years ago = low self-esteem
  • No photograph posted = obese or married
  • Photo of torso, no head = has STD
  • Photo with cleavage = stupid
  • Photograph with parents/siblings = immature
  • "Likes to laugh" = evil
  • "Free spirit" = unkempt, promiscuous
  • "Christian" = boring
  • Holiday or formal-occasion photograph = male: grubby; female: "Marry me"
  • "handsome" = incarcerated
  • "spiritual" = broke
  • Photo with opposite sex person who is cropped out of the picture = co-dependent
  • "Likes quiet times" = couch potato
  • "relaxed lifestyle" = disabled or obese
  • "to hang out with" = "to provide me with casual sex"
  • "lonely" = mental patient
  • Photo in mirror = desperate
  • Webcam photo = nothing to offer
  • "sensitive" = alcoholic or dry drunk
  • "shy" = asocial
  • "seeks special lady" = sordid marital history
  • "seeks fun gal" = old or impotent
  • "age 54" = age 64
  • "No games" = games
  • "open-minded" = perverted
  • "Romantic" = one dinner before expecting sex
  • "Very romantic" = two dinners before expecting sex

Smile! Copyright 2012 by Rulalenska. All rights reserved.

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