How To Attract Your Dream Guy

How to Attract a Man

    Attracting a man has to do with learning many things about men. These include, learning how a man thinks, how a man reacts to things and even his personality in general. Some of these secrets or tips that I am going to reveal here, works for almost all men, including the one you are currently dating now or the one you have been eyeing, so rejoice!

    Attracting men comes in two different manners, physical attraction and the moral attraction. I know quite sure that before mentioning this, you know already about attracting a man physically. This has to do with your physical appearances like, the kind of cloth you wear, your body movements and steps, through eye contacts, and may be touching the man in a manner that sets his heart desires burning wild. Btu I am telling you today, as somebody who researched about this using himself as a case study, that these things doesn’t always move a man to a very lasting level.

      Therefore, I will rather advice you to do away with the physical attraction of men, and focus more the moral attraction, because this has a greater impact on men, and also last longer. This form of attraction, will cause the man to seek for a way of getting more and more intimate with you, no what it takes him, he is not ready to loose or experiment with you. Unless, may be you are not ready for a long lasting relationship, and you are ready to do with a fling, then go for the physical attraction.

     But if your are ready and determined to attract a man that will stay together with you forever if possible, then you must let go the physical attraction, though it works very fast and it also goes very fast.

   Therefore, let us now talk about how to attract a man morally, which lasts longer. In order to attract a man morally, you must possess some level or natural traits or behaviors that conforms to men’s desires. These traits include, being independent,, compassionate, confident at all time, and may be adventurous. These things are called irresistible traits that attract men. Every man likes an independent woman, they also enjoy a company of a confident and adventurous lady.

    As a matter of fact, for you to attract that man of your desire, do not make the mistake of trying to let him know or have the impression that you need help or that you are feeling insecure. If you do, you have definitely sent him off, and if he do stays, it is for a while and may be, for a fling.

   Again, to attract a man, like I said earlier, you must show confidence. To prove this, do not commit this other mistake of condemning your past or previous dates (boyfriends) to his hearing, this will give a feeling of insecurity with you too, and he will now see you as a big baggage and liability to carry.

   If you must also attract a man or make him love you the more, you must avoid too much physical contact with him. This is especially in public places and arenas, because he may see it as a prove that you are too possessive of him, though he might not let you know, but he will be feeling this deep inside him, and this might send him off.

   I must also point out clearly here that most ladies send me off their ways through some of their arrogant and selfish behaviors like, condemning or criticizing other ladies in his presence. You might think that you are doing the right thing, but this repels men off you, especially when you do this, to kill his interest in a certain nice lady that passes by or lives close by.

    Another great mistake that most ladies do, which sends men off their tracks, is the mentality of seeing men as being only driven by sexual satisfaction and urge. If you know a guy or you have a guy as a friend, and you want him to fall in love with you, please, don'’ do this through sexual appeals, instead, follow the emotional and moral appeals.

   So, if you must capture a man’s whole love, you must capture his emotional and sexual appeal at once, don’t start with the last, it will ruin your efforts. Yes, men are highly driven by sex, it is natural in them but this is not a sue way of nailing a man for a lasting relationship though.

  While lecturing you on the need for attraction, I must also let you know that this is most times dangerous. It is dangerous in the sense that most times, when we are attracted to some one, we forget ourselves so fast that we even ignore their bad sides, which might be a source of leakage in the long run of the relationship. Examine your current relationship now, this might be the cause of its difficulties and bad times. So before making move to attract a man, please do not forget to consider both his good and bad sides, and check if they can be compatible with your own. Don’t be fooled by the desire to be in his arms.

      Now, let us look at those things you need to do as a woman, lady or a girl to attract that man of your dreams without walking up to him, to tell him that you admire or love him.

Number 1. Pleasant smile: giving him a pleasant smiles, whenever you see him, either in the office, at school, shopping malls or on the streets, will make him think, “this lady likes me” definitely, that is the pure nature of men. And this would make him think of you, whenever he is alone.

Number 2. Friendly greetings: if you are the type that believe in frowning face whenever you come across that man you have been secretly admiring, please avoid it from today, because this repels most men off you. Men exaggerate many things about ladies, so he might think you hate him with passion, when the reverse is the case.

Number 3. Buy him gifts: please don’t try to misunderstand this point, when I mention, buying gift, I do not mean you should start enticing him with constant gifts, please no. But you can attract him by buying him inexpensive but valuable gifts, at special occasions. You may buy him a perfume, a sports magazine or its equivalent, depending on his interest, which must strive to discover. Please don’t buy him underwear, as this may portray a wrong impression of sexual interest to him, which may either repel him off, or make him take advantage of you and dump you later.

Number 4. Invite for religious programs: depending your denomination and his, you can always invite him for a religious programs at your church, this will give an impression that you are decent, and that is what most men like most, when searching for a long term partner.

Number 5. Whenever you are with hi, discuss current events like news, science and technology, or even sports: this another good way of attracting a good partner to your life, because this will give an impression that you are current, intelligent and trendy, which is what every man love most in ladies. No man wants to get involved with a zombie or a dummy. But don’t show too much of it, always give him a room to prove that he knows better than you do, men likes to think that way anyway.

Number 6. Always send him text messages, reminding him to take lunch, shower or an appointment (if you have his phone number, which you must strive to have). This makes him believe you care of his well being, and no man likes to miss a lady that shows concern

Number 7. Always ask after his mother. It is quite obvious to us all, that men love their mothers more than their fathers, so for you to make a man think more intimate and passionate about you, try show concern about his mother, you will see him come running to you for a marriage. Because this will give him an impression that you care about his family, and he will be happy to have someone who will help him care for his mother.

Number 8. Pay minor bills for him. And please do not misunderstand my point here, I do not mean you should pay his electricity, water, gas, feeding bills. Please do not do this, this is his responsibility as a man. But if you jam him incidentally on a public bus, train or the likes, offer to pay his fare. This will kill his innermost desire to have you as his partner, at least, you have showed him you would not only be a liability to him, if he takes you up, but a source of assistance to him, so he won’t love to miss you either. You can also do this at saloon, but not often, so he won’t think you are buying his love with money, men think wrongly most times, ofcoourse not their fault anyway.

Number 9. Visit him whenever he is down or sick. But please while going, do not buy a flower, instead buy a book that you know that he enjoys or may be a magazine. This will keep him wondering what you are up to, so he would make more effort to know what you have in mind, which is exactly your desire anyway.

Number 10. Do not dress provocatively whenever you know you must see him. This might make him see you as every other girl in town, and hence repels him off, or make him use it as an advantage over you, and dump you later. So make a distinction, if you must attract that man of your dreams.

Number 11. Pay close attention whenever he is telling you or some else something, and smile politely at every polite speech he makes. This will make him believe you are endearing and as well enduring, so he will like to share or two ideas with you most often.

Number 12.  Please avoid physical contacts with him. This is very dangerous, so avoid it entirely, so he won’t develop just a sexual attraction towards you, which is not likely to last, once he get laid with you. Keep him in suspense, men love it most, because they like trying difficult things, to at least, prove their prowess to their friends and their selves.

Number 13. Never argue his words or with somebody else whenever he is around. This will make him believe you are wise and understandable lady, which is what every man likes in his woman, but if you argue, you are trying to tell him that you are wild and know a lot, this might send him off. Instead throw in friendly suggestions, he will like you the more.

Number 14. Always glance at him with a friendly and charming smile whenever you meet him, whether on the street or at a shopping mall (of course you know how to use your wits, I don’t think I should teach you that too). If you do that, you have set his heart on flames of utmost desire to get closer to you, and if possible, to have you all together. But please don’t initiate the first move, no matter how much you feel for him, don’t go, instead attract him just like the female Eagle attracts the male one, and then allows him to do the rest work.

    And please if he comes, stress him a bit, but still show him you are interested, don’t be scared to loose him, but please, be wise when doing this, so he won’t get pissed off and run, but I promise you, he will hang on.

Good luck in your romance life, and please don’t fail to let me know about your successes with men through leaving me a comment. I hope to hear your successes very soon.  


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jxb7076 profile image

jxb7076 7 years ago from United States of America

Great insight. However I have a few issues with number 3 and number 8, although I have an open mind based on your explanation. Call me old fashion but I met a nice woman once who wanted to buy me gifts but I refused them simply because she had kids and I would rather have her spend the money on them than me. Even if she did not have kids I would have refused. Besides, I would rather we build a meaningful relationship first. On number 8 she wanted to pay a bill for me and I refused as I did not think that was appropriate (as a man) to have her do this, particularly since I was working. It was silly because I did not have the money at the time to pay it myself but I would rather it go to collections than to have her pay it. Perhaps it was pride. However, I just don't believe a woman should buy men gifts or pay their bills, or spend money on them unless they have a meaningful relationship.

Your explanations however are acceptable!

Thanks for sharing.

msmoneturdream 7 years ago

I recently met a guy and fell for him too quickly. And he did just as you said, Run. I was the one to call the whole thing off because I couldn't stand the thought of another failed potential relationship, so I told him that I'd rather focus on school and my career right now and I'd rather that he not call or come by anymore. He tried to call a few times but eventually the calls stopped. I found myself falling for him too soon and noticed that he wasn't feeling me the same way. So to avoid the whole act of trying to do things to make him feel the same I just called it quits. Because if he truly liked me I wouldn't have to do anything extra. But now I am lonely and I miss him but I think it's because I'm in a new city without my friends and nothing else to get my mind off of him. blog later

Annie 7 years ago

Great tips. But I don't think they are teachable. Those ladies who know how to attract men do it so naturally which makes their attraction irresistible. Those who don't will never get it no matter how you teach them.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 7 years ago from L Island Author

Hello Annie, you are right, such trait is an inborn one, but yet some ladies acquire it by mere practice and exercise, so i still believe it can be learn, i have an evidence, my cousin, JOY, i know she have red this, and she asked me if i wrote it from her own experience, partially yes and partially no. so thanks for reading and taking out time to comment, God bless you. keep reading my works, i do appreciate.

me  6 years ago

I loved these tips. Thank you for posting!!

LaReyna 6 years ago

Thank you for the tips.

kdk 6 years ago

Any trait is teachable. The idea of stressing a guy sounds good, but most often it back-fires against the lady. It is better express what you expect from him that to try and play games.

Even when you later agree to date him, your relationship might still be a game in his head.

SO as much as possible, avoid playing games.

gracefaith profile image

gracefaith 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Agree, a relationship with game playing is just a heartache waiting to happen. It breeds mistrust and resent as people never know where they stand and this gives rise to insecurities and the need to better selves in order to be good enough. To be a little mysterious is interesting though. There are good types of mystery and bad types.

Fi :)

deeders84 profile image

deeders84 6 years ago

I have come to realize rules for finding someone and keeping them are not the best route to go.Would I really have to change everything about me for a man to seriously love me? Or is there a man that pays his own minor bills,or loves to debate with me? Seems like way too much but love the article and I am sure there are plenty of women that will make it their manual on love?

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

Deeders84,i understand your point very clearly,and i would say that you are very correct. But for our relationships to work out successful,we must make sacrifices,which can be found within some of the ideas i shared above. I have been researching day and night on the things we do that work and do not work in successful relationships,and i have discovered some top vital secrets,which i have taken time to explain in my first ever published online book titled; "Top secrets to connect with & keep the man of your dreams", "make him begg for commitment and marriage" "he is a playboy" coming out soon! Please keep checking on my love/relationship hubs,blogs and articles for the link to the books coming out before July ending. Anyway,thanks for reading and commenting,please keep checking back. I wish you the best of luck in all your life endeavour.

6hotfingers3 profile image

6hotfingers3 6 years ago

Interesting Hub. Good and useful advice.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@6hotfingers3, thanks for making out your precious time to read and share your opinion, really appreciate you, remain blessed.

ItsThatSimple profile image

ItsThatSimple 6 years ago from Florida

I like your insight. I agree with some of the posters above, connection is important as well. We can be the architect of the relationship in some ways by planning out how to attract our dream man, but it is important that we have a connection where communication is open and honesty and trust are present.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@ItsThatSimple, i am glad you stopped by to comment...yes you are right, connection is very made some vital points here..i quite agree with you...once again thanks for contributing.

saaasdf 6 years ago

please do not call him reminding him of his appointments, this sets a tone and you become a mother hen. Also do not ask after his mom everytime you see him, he does not want to think about his mother while hes with you. Not calling him often attracts him as you become hard to get.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@saaasdf, thanks for stopping by to make a significant contribution, but it is vital for the lady to show concern over his mother....anyway, thank you once again for contributing, i really appreciate.

angel 6 years ago


i really liked your article...hmmm...could you help me out in my situation? Im currently in a relationship with this guy..he was really sweet and caring but recently he seems little can i know if he wants to breakup?

accofranco profile image

accofranco 6 years ago from L Island Author

@Angel, thanks for reading and dropping a comment...anyway, i have answered similar questions, please kindly go to this article: ( and (

read them all through including the comments and my will find out what you asked. But if you really want to gain a broarder view of your man and men in general, get a copy of my e-book, it has helped a lot of ladies who wrote back thanking cost below $12, if you are interested in purchasing the ebook, get back to me through this place and i will direct you.

Good luck and happy new year...please forgive my late replies...high volume of work and research thanks.

Tahlia 5 years ago

Thanks for the great tips. :) haha!

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Tahlia, glad you enjoyed the hub, you are highly welcome...and thanks for the positve feedback.

Gabe 5 years ago

Hello, I liked your article. I suppose all of them are good advices, though I am in disbelief with number 13, but that's because I tend to always speak my mind. Therefore, if I have a different opinion about something, I'm gonna let him know. I just wanna be me. We can agree we disagree, but not pretend he's right meanwhile I consider he is not.

But anyway, your article was pretty much helpful. Thanks for taking your time to share it with us.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Gabe, thanks for the comment, i am grateful you did found the article (hub) useful and helpful...i wish you the best in all you do, remain blessed!

joycy 5 years ago

what if maybe this guy already has a girlfriend but stil u like him

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@joycy, he may not be happy in his current relationship, but you must not be the cause of breakup...nemesis is real. though, you can show your green lights, and wait for him to show up...then, you must be cautious so you don't fooled, used and dumped. Good luck and thanks for commenting.

Joy Emmanuel 5 years ago

i love this infant its will really help me as a single girl thanks God bless you. you are too mush

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Joy Emmanuel, thanks for the wonderful comment, please do pass it along to your friends...cheers!

Blessed child 5 years ago

Ur points re nice. Keep it up.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@Blessed child, thanks for the great encouragement...i am glad you found the points worthy...thank you, and please pass the message and article along!

mandy 5 years ago

i love your article, very inspiring and i like the fact that you emphasized more on moral attraction. i have this issue though, there is this guy that told my sister that he likes me and asked her to link us up which my sister did. we met and i liked him but he works in another state but he did not tell me he likes me and i made the mistake of telling him i liked him first through mail and he didn't say anything about it so i felt bad and tried to straighten things up but i mess it up more because i keep calling not to disturb him or tell him how feel but to ask him how hes doing where is and all that and also to get my confidence back. i realised the more i talk to him the more i like him and something tells me he likes me too cos whenever i call him he responds well and tell me about all hes up to but hes not saying anything.

pls what do you suggest i do? i like him and i wish thing should turn out differently but don't know what to do....

he talks to my sister about me but he doesn't say anything to me, could it be that he's shy or he's just not into me?

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

@mandy, how old is he? and how old are you? let me know...and meanwhile, you assumption may be true, it may not...but as a guy too, i have encountered scenarios like this- in which i liked a girl so much but can't go after her...for so many reasons, shyness...etc...but i believe something must be stopping him...either that he is shy, feeling inferiority, maybe your class is a bit higher than his (only you can tell that truth), or maybe he doesn't cherish you so much for a date and he doesn't want to lure you into it just to fool you and to later leave you heartbroken, reasonable and nice guys do that let me hear from you...meanwhile, take care for now and stay calm, all is well.

liz matkovic 5 years ago

6 is wrong, no man wants their lady to seem like their mother ! ever....telling him to dress for the day, or what to wear, or don't forget their cell phone, makes a man feel like a child, and you as their mom !

accofranco profile image

accofranco 5 years ago from L Island Author

Please i want to first apologize for late response to your comments, i am so so sorry for that, i have been so busy with my holiday, and just recently, i lost my most beloved illustrious brother in an auto crash on the 4th of January, and coupled with the issue of strike in my country, i have not found time to respond to your comments, please bear with me, i am sorry. Thank you.

@Liz, it all depends dear, but all the same, you made a nice contribution that worth looking into too...meanwhile, thanks for stopping by. Thank you.

4 years ago

hey sup?

Dan Vera 4 years ago

Ur points are very infomative. Keep it up, l thank God for this discovery l would have be in mese. God bless you. Dr of the heart.

Lisa 4 years ago

Some great tips here, definitely an original Hub. I liked some of your ideas, especially Number 9. Being there for him when he's ill, is one of the best things you can do to show that you care.

Thumbs up from me! :)

Lisa Harris ~

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@4, i'm cool...i hope you enjoyed the article?

@Dan Vera, thank you sooooo so much...your comment really made me feel fulfilled, thank you...i am glad you found the information useful, please share it with your friends.

@Lisa, comments like yours, uplifts the spirit and zeal of the writer to dig more into helping people with relationship challenges...anyway, i am more than thankful...please do share it on your facebook wall...thanks for stopping by, will definitely check on your site later. cheers!

Kaye 4 years ago

These tips are the TRUTH! No question about it. Those who disagree are most likely doing all the things that this article advises AGAINST & are always wondering why none of their relationships ever seem to work out lol. The creator of this page was extremely accurate in what they said in their advice & also in saying that some things cannot be taught & just come naturally. Look around you people: All those women who have guys eating out of their hands (without opening their legs) are the ladies who do all these things naturally & are not clingy & needy. There is nothing more ugly than a clingy, desperate man OR woman. You can even tell who is clingy & who is comfortable in themselves just by reading through some of the above comments.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@kaye, you know, people will always have their individual opinions, and we as wise humans, must strive to accommodate them, and also try to reach a compromise and to also carry them along, all the same, thanks for your hilarious comment, it really inspired me and made me want to do more, thank you and please do share!

Academicviews profile image

Academicviews 4 years ago from Scotland

i'm still a fan of simply "be your self".

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@Academicviews, you're right, but sometimes going the extra miles help a lot too...thanks for stopping by.

Happy 4 years ago

Hi, I saw this article by accident and decided to post my experience.I'v got married very young and now I'm single mom.That marriage was filed with anger and fights.I was hardly breathing,so unhappy and alone.Now for the first time i feel alive.Five months after, i met a man over the internet,to be honest i was just looking for sex,same as he did.We become friends with benefits.I thought i could have insignificant, time to time, relationship,but i was wrong.After few months i fell in love,because he was so smart,caring,loving and considered person what i rely appreciate.I felt he feels something to,but there was so many obstacles between us.Boat of us are from the land where religion and past life status put burden,so we never consider to go on the next level.We even broke up,because i "tested before trusting",and he failed.His act didn't hurt me but his lie did,because i was always honest about my feelings and my thoughts,sometimes even brutally honest and i thought he was to.After a wile i forgive him because technically we were not in real relationship.We continued where we stopped but something changed,he become very very interested in me.The point is that i really did behaved the way you described in your post,it was not planed but i did.I was all that,independent,strong,loving,caring girl,because i liked him, liked my freedom and i gave freedom,in other words i had life of my own.But the crucial moment was when i showed him that despite the fact that i liked him i'm capable to outwit him and to leave him without turning back.I wasn't desperate to put up any lack of respect.Later on he admitted he admires me in every possible way and that he never met person like me.Honestly i don't have such high opinion about me,but it is nice to hear that from someone we love.Now we are really happy together,he loves me in a ways i didn't now it could happen to me,and he showed me what it's like when men really loves and because of that ,respects woman.Even my son likes him,and his mother likes me ;) Now one Muslim divorcey and Catholic patriot enjoy in proving people that anything is possible :)There is love,there is right person,if we love in a right way.It took me years to set up priorities and realize which battles is worth fighting for and which do more bad then good.That is all for now :)

P.S.Sorry if i have some grammar mistakes but english is not my maternal language.

nikki 4 years ago

i want to attract my friend brother how should i behave when i am around him

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@Happy, you are gladly welcome....and thanks for that wonderful story, I am pretty sure it must have inspired many readers who would read this piece.....thanks dearie for stopping by.

@nikki, okay, okay, if you have checked him in and out and he is the kind of guy u would love to be with and you are sure he is not genuinely in love with someone else, and you are sure both of you are mature enough to engage in a romantic relationship with purpose (marriage of course), then apply some of the ideas in this article and also go and read this other article I wrote recently, you can find it by visiting this link:

Angel#2 4 years ago

hi,i am going thrugh a nasty divorce right now. my life is a wreck.unhappyly married for seven years.

i try and did my very best to keep up whith the apareancy

and felt.

i meet a guy three months ago and what in feel now has no explanation. not sure what he feel he had very bad experience from previou relatioship an d i am afrid the i am just another girl in his bed. don`t know what to do.

Danae 4 years ago

Thanks you for this post, I have had many failed relationships because I fall in for them too fast. I recently met someone online and we have been texting for a week and talked on the phone once. we exchanged pictures and he keeps making reference to the way I look, and how he is dying to meet me. I just recently moved from another state into my parents house and still looking for a job. I will love to meet him because he sounds like a fun and genuine guy but Im very insecure about my economic situation and I wouldn't think fair for me to lie to him. I honestly don't know what to do...

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@Angel#2, I didn't get exactly what you want to know or let me say what you want me to advice you on, please kindly come back and make it more clearer for me to understand.

@Danae, I understand how you feel about him, I can perceive it, but please take it slow because he is still a stranger to you for now irrespestive of what he had been telling you. Concerning your economic situation, I am sorry to hear about that, but then, you don't need to hide it from him, just try and be honest and open with your financial status, so that he will know from the onset if it is okay for him or not. Men hardly consider a lady's financial status when falling in love, it is mostly ladies that put such intangible thing into consideration, which is very bad and non-ideal for a healthy relationship. Meanwhile, be very careful and watchful of him, don't be too fast to fall into his arms so that he doesn't misinterpret your personality as a cheap whore....meanwhile, take good care of yourself for now. If you have further questions or need further counseling, kindly get back to me because I will be glad to assist.

2lly 4 years ago

hi ! Firstly i wuld lyk 2 appreciate u,ur article its pretty cul,motivating kip up de gud wrk ! I ws engage neh! an he started cheating on me,i found out an askd hm bt he denied so i cheat bak an he also found out wen he askd me i try 2deny bt he betd me so i broke up wit hm an continued wit de guy i was cheating im confused considering wil dis guy marry me?coz de only thing he talks abt is sex an hw hot i am dat shuld i stik on hm or shuld i leave hm ?

Lia 4 years ago

Hi. I love my bf from last 4 years. The gud thing is that we are in affair from last 2 and half years. We are happy in aur relationship. But there are sum problems. Its sure that I am still a virgin but we had beem too intimate many times. And when he tries to come closure to me I can nt resist myself from being intimate. I know that he is a true partner. Bt I fear that if he loses interest in me. So plz give me some sugesstiöns to retain and increase his interest in me. Plz suggest

Lia 4 years ago

Hi. I love my bf from last 4 years. The gud thing is that we are in affair from last 2 and half years. We are happy in aur relationship. But there are sum problems. Its sure that I am still a virgin but we had beem too intimate many times. And when he tries to come closure to me I can nt resist myself from being intimate. I know that he is a true partner. Bt I fear that if he loses interest in me. So plz give me some sugesstiöns to retain and increase his interest in me. Plz suggest

alex 4 years ago

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accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@2lly, to be frank with you, you made the first mistake of trying to revenge what your boyfriend knowing too well that it is bad. But then, I must be candid with you once again that the second guy doesn't love you but after sex and pleasure, so get it straight. Remember, he knew you had a boyfriend and still went ahead to sleep with, so to say, he will believe that you are too cheap for him to have penetrated you while you were in a relationship another guy, and would also believe that you would do same with another while you're with him. Meanwhile, if I am to counsel you, I would suggest you iron things out with your present boyfriend- sit down with him and define what ought to be done and what ought not to be done, and then cut off further sexual affairs with him and demand for real emotional, mental and spiritual commitment with him first. Once you succeed in building that strong connection without sex involvement, you can then be assured of his love, but if you can't, please dear forget him, he isn't for you. But then, try and reform yourself and never do what you did again in your next relation; I mean paying bad with bad. Good luck and thanks for stopping by.

@alex, I just hope readers find your links interesting and useful....take care.

@Lia, only a man that doesn't love a lady truly will break up with her for trying to preserve her virginity, her pride. pls there's no need being afraid of loosing him because if he truly cares about you, your emotion, integrity and plan to spend the rest of his life with you, he will never break up with you for taking such a laudable decision. so relax and pls stick to your rule, and be steadfast in it no matter what he says, and believe me, he would respect and desire you the more. If you make the mistake of rushing into his arms and lose your virginity to him, I assure you that he will break up with you sooner in the future and you will end up regretting your actions. So stick to your word dearie, he too will stick with you so long as he wishes to marry you. I hope this answered your question?

Saehmie 4 years ago

My man dumped me when I tried to commit suicide. He was gone in the service, and when he finally came home, I guess I was so scared that he would die, I wanted to be the first to go. He asked me if he should go AWOL. I said no way I could stand it if he was behind bars if he got caught. But I cared and still care for him so deeply I cannot even explain it. I am married with a child and so is he. We are friends on fb, but I am so still in love with him. It kills me seeing him and her together but they are sooooo great together and she has his two kids. I wish I didn't have a heart. He told me when he broke up with me that she reminded him of me. He told me I'll se you in heaven. I wish him the best. My heart is still set on what it wants after 12 years. My heart does not lie. What can I do.

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

Please I am lost he legally married to another woman presently? And are you also legally married to another man presently or are you divorced or separated? Till I hear from you...wishing you good luck for now. Thanks for stopping by.

anya love profile image

anya love 4 years ago

hey accofranco! great tips for these rules...although i must say theres this guy i like right now in school and weve had a rough and awkward past 2 years as friends..but its gotten better! when i started liking him i thought i was doing everything right and i wasn't doing anything inappropriate in that fashion. people started to tell me that he just wanted to be friends which is later what he told me that time i was devastated but im better now.. i just don't get it...ya see hes really quiet smart modest reserved and funny and really shy. which is why i like him hes not the typical jerk at school. anyway, so ive tried moving on and i was doing a decent job of this and not thinking about him so much and i was doing well and making progress from healing from all of our drama...and the other day his friend told me he has the biggggest crush on me! HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE no matter what i did he would barely talk to me and sometimes hed be mean to me! (behind my back, he is rlly awkward to talk to me and others at school but hes popular with the guys so its not like hes a nobody)... so his friend says that thats why we were so awkward all the time and he has wanted to ask me out since 2 years ago! its good news for me but so much good and bad things have happened with him i just dont know how to react about this....let alone if its even true or not which my friend said it is cuz he swore on the bible! I just don't know how this happened.... Why did he treat me so badly 70% of the time if he secretly liked me all this time....and oh i left out he knows that i like him. Please what should i do i approach this properly and easily and not awkwardly.... i want to be with him and if this is his big secret that i now know i guess he might wana be with me too! Any advice? How should i show him nicely and thoughtfully that i want to be with him, should i take him out to dinner and discuss this or no..??? i just don't want to go back to school in a few weeks and deal with our drama again. pleaasse helpp!!

accofranco profile image

accofranco 4 years ago from L Island Author

@anya love, I must apologize for my late reply...pls do bear with me. I read through your story, and I saw nothing to worry about. In fact, I need to know his age, your age and your country of origin and present location to help me give a good counsel...for now, stay calm because everything is still in tact. Do have a lovely time over there! BRB

Futamarka 3 years ago

Даже если вы заболеете, вы можете сделать это время, проведенное в постели, моментами красоты и радости, моментами расслабления и отдыха, моментами медитации, моментами слушания музыки или поэзии.

impornelene 3 years ago

My partner and i used to find on top of living although lately I've truly accumulated any resistance.

One of life's oddysey's 3 years ago

Feeling very depressed. Not sure how other guys see me and I'm afraid that no guy will ever understand me. I'm physically attractive and for that reason guys are attracted to me physically. But I have a very strange personality due to a past eating disorder ,which really messed with my head, I'm very intelligent and yet find it dificult to communicate my feelings to other people in a way they will understand.I have deep moral values and am repelled by the thought of any relationship short of genuine love. Your tips are the kind of things I would think of naturally, except for the confidence part. Having said that, I am lot more confident than I used to be, or at least I'm good at hiding the insecurities that are still there. However, a part of me kind of hopes that some guy would be attracted to someone interesting and different, and longs for a guy who would be prepared to support someone who may never fully be able to wave goodbye to a complex kind of depression. More importantly, I want to be able to help a partner as much as possible and stop thinking about myself so much. I can be selfish and self-absorbed, though I'm gradually growing away from this, somewhat. Don't know if any guys would be attracted to this? I know what kind of guy I am attracted to: Moralistic, intelligent, sweet, sensitive, moralistic, passionate, and artisitc

accofranco profile image

accofranco 3 years ago from L Island Author

@one of life's o.....I really feel for you. If you wouldn't mind, do you care for a hookup? I can help you if you will be open enough to tell me tell me your location, age, etc....and if you aren't comfortable with discussing it here, you can write me personally via my profile page. Just click on my username and find the contact me tab.

I wish you the best, and don't give up okay, you aren't the worst...we all have our flaws, and believe me, there are thousands of guys out there ready to accept you honestly and happily just the way you are, so smile dear.

prantika muhuri 2 years ago

he is my classmate, we both were studying n the same class from class 2 to 4 abut i don't know that he loves me or not . today i am not in touch with him. one day in class 4th , after returning from a concert i sat with him in a bus and than he gave me his spectacle. do he really love me? how do i know? how can i contact with him? i have no personal information about him?

accofranco profile image

accofranco 2 years ago from L Island Author

@prantika muhuri, get his real names and search him on facebook....if you see him on facebook, send him a friend request with a short facebook message reminding him where you guys last met....

For now, you can't tell if he truly loves you or not cos you guys didn't dated or had much time to spend to know his true feelings for you. But I think he likes you...or he is attracted to you. How old are you guys by the way?

Wishing you the best and thanks for stopping by.

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