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Luang Por Pahn


Life of Luang Por Pahn

I like to introduce one of Thailand famous monk who had done a great deal for the people of Thailand during his 63 years. This Thai monk is none other than Luang Por Pahn. He was born on 16th July in BE 2418 in the village of Jangwat Ayuttayah. His parents were farmers during his birth and they had given his nams as Pahn because he had a red birth mark on his left hand. The word Pahn in Thai language is meant for birth mark. In 1st April BE 2438, Luang Por Pahn was 21 years old and was ordained as a monk. After his ordained, Luang Por Sun was his first preceptor who was from Wat Pahngplahmor.

After being a monk, he had 2 dhamma teachers and they were Luang Por Joi Wat Bahnpaen and Pra Ah Jahn Oun Wat Sutahpoh. He was given as Shohnantoh for his ordain name. Luang Por Sun had started to teach LP Pahn Wichah (magic chanting). Luang Por Sun liked LP Pahn and had educated LP Pahn about everything in Wichah, sammahdti, skills to cure people from illnesses and black magic. In that period of time, only a handful of doctors were available to cure illnesses so monks were needed to learn healing and curing the sick people. When LP Pahn had mastered all those skills from LP Sun, he went to the deep forest alone to do his Tudong. Along the way to the deep forest, he had met a few monks who had became his disciples. He went from Ayuttayah to as far as Burma in the North-West of Thailand for his Tudong. He had another 2 teachers and they were Luang Por Niem Wat Noi and Luang Por Nong from Wat Kongmahdan who had taught him Wichah and sammahdti skills.

After some years in his Tudong, he had returned back to Wat Bang Nom Koh and had built a new school to allow novice monk to educate themselves in Pali and Dhamma. During that period, he had rebuilt the small temple in Wat Bang Nom Koh into a big and beautiful temple that is still existing till today. During his period of monkhood, LP Pahn had helped to rebuild as many as 41 Temples in Ayuttayah.

Luang Por Pahn was highly respectable monk and had earned many great respect by people who knew him. People who had heard that LP Pahn wanted to rebuild temple, all these people from town and villages would come forward to offer their helps. Therefore, many of the rebuilt temples were funded by donations given by these people. LP Pahn had made use of his skill to cure people from illnesses as well as black magic.

He was the 3rd Abbot of Wat Bang Nom Koh and had passed away on 26th of July in BE 2481 at the age of 63.

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KenWu 5 years ago from Malaysia

Thanks for the writeup on a great Buddhism teacher.

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edhan 5 years ago Author

You are most welcomed.

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