How to Recognize Satan Worshipers

No, Satan worshipers are not all dressed in black, listen to hard rock and celebrate black masses ...

It is written in the Bible that Satan can disguise himself and put on light clothes, the devil is subtle, and some people love to be thinking in the Light ... Falsehood, selfishness, manipulation, practices hatred, pride, vanity holders of truth, it all comes from the false prophets and the devil ...

In Islam,. Satan worshipers are:

- Those who reject God.

- Those who pray to statuettes

- Who pray the "sacred animals".

- Who enremettent marabouts, the amulets and other mystical objects.

- Who venerate images.

- Who submit to other than God (money, fame, interest)

- Who are opposed to goodness and morality

- Who advocate evil and wickedness.

One Christian Says...

  • It's simple, it's all in the dress and attitude: they wear a pentagram (5 pointed star), which represents the attributes of the devil,
  • they have t-shirts and black metal bands in practice,
  • they may have more or less cruel rites as something akin to human sacrifice,
  • the desecration of Christian graves ...
  • They read the Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey.
  • They can be worshipers when they cultivate the image of the devil, and they can also be Satanists, if they put into practice the rituals
  • The worshipers also practice black masses, recite prayers backwards from bottom to top
  • and sacrifice black fowls and leak blood
  • the priestess lying naked on the altar.

Some wear a cross in reverse,

are dressed in red and black,

make the sign of the cross is upside down

bears the mark or tattoo 666

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Rayne123 3 years ago

Great hub and yes you are right, contrary to popular belief satan masquerades around as an angel of light.

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