Is there a Muslim Problem in America?

The Donald Trump Answer

When Donald Trump, a U.S. presidential candidate, was asked this question by either a person planted by the Democrats or was simply an paranoid right wing nut, even Trump, at first, was in total disbelief. The question was about the Muslim problem in America and how radical training camps are training Muslim zombies to kill Americans and anyone else in their way. Trump's answer was a vague avoidance, like most politicians would take. He never confirmed there was a problem and his answer was directed at the second part- the Muslim training camps. Even then, he said that he will be looking into many areas and things.

So what happens? The media jumps all over him for not chastising and repudiating the supporter for inciting Muslimphobia! It is the supporter's freedom of speech and right to ask such a question. Then, the debate went off course about President Obama- whether he is a U.S. citizen and a Muslim- both Trump once said he doubted that Obama was a citizen and that he was a Muslim. Does Trump have a duty to call out the hatred of this one supporter?

There is no Muslim problem in America. If there is, it is a lack of vocal anger against the fanatical Muslim factions in the Middle East. There is no opposition to it from Muslims in America, it is no large scale anything that separates good Muslims from bad Muslims. Are they afraid? Do they silently agree with how the radical Muslims are conducting their war? One would think that good Muslims in America would have their voice heard loudly in the media to oppose the radical elements, yet, they are quiet as a mouse. That IS the problem with Muslims in America.

As to training camps, the supporter raises an interesting point: why aren't the Predator drones attacking the known training camps where ISIS or al-Qaeda are training on a continual basis? Is this a cost issue? and effectiveness issue? An Obama issue because he is a reluctant warrior and maybe a closet Muslim (20% of Americans think he is Muslim) who for some reason, sympathizes with Muslims. It is okay to be sympathetic to good Muslims and their dilemma with their radical brothers that cause mayhem in the Mideast and terror attacks, but why not just destroy the training camps when found? Don't worry about flying into Syria or Iraq. just do it. Why not just make daily attacks on the ISIS center of operations-Raqqa? What is Obama afraid of, offending them? Maybe some collateral damage?

With the millions of Syrians fleeing Syria. this falls on Obama's shoulders. He could have taken out Assad when he had crossed the red line, the war would be dramatically changed for the better. Yet, Obama was afraid to use force and in the following years it has got worse. Now Russia is propping Assad up. Obama won't even provide air control over the Turkish-Syrian border to allow Turkish forces to secure the border areas inside Syria!

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abdussalaam profile image

abdussalaam 17 months ago from Luton

I found the wording in the question interesting: "...the Muslim problem...". In Nazi Germany they called it 'the Jewish question' and is so often the case, history repeats itself because man fails to learn from his past.

perrya profile image

perrya 17 months ago Author

I know the past quite well, trust me, and the problem with Muslims not speaking out against their radical brothers gives non-Muslims great concern and taints their view of all Muslims. Just how it is. So, why is this the case, why are the Muslims in America not forming large groups to voice their opposition to radical Islam? It should be as large as the Black movement.

abdussalaam profile image

abdussalaam 17 months ago from Luton

I think there are many reasons why moderate Muslims fail to speak out against radical Muslims. Below I have listed a few reasons.

1) Sympathy for the radicals fighting a non-Muslim foe;

2) Perhaps Muslims lack commitment, determination and organisational skills to sustain a sustained campaign against Extremism;

3) Perhaps moderate Muslims are ignoring the problem of Extremism whilst hoping it will eventually go away? Or Moderate Muslims are shifting responsibility of tackling Extremism onto others? Or are Moderate Muslims in denial of a perceived problem that is exasperated by the Media?

4) I believe the main reason Moderate Muslims fail to confront Extremism is because the radicals have monopolised the religion; whereas the Moderate voices lack knowledge in scripture. Religious knowledge is a powerful tool in swaying opinion.

perrya profile image

perrya 17 months ago Author

Thanks, I agree. It is probably all of these reasons. I do think the fear element is present, perhaps the major one, fear of retaliation from extremists. I suppose, with Muslims, it is either you are with America or not. There is no middle ground when it comes to radicals. It is probably the same issue in the UK and France.

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