significance of shape of hands in palmistry


The shape of the palm, the relative size of the palm to the fingers, the shape of the fingers, the thickness, the thinness, the spread all matter in palmistry.

the standard ones are listed here

  • Square Palm - people with square palms are considered hard working, materialistic, more involved with living, earning, or the hard facts of life. building, making money, providing the best for family, security etc
  • Rectangular Palm - people with rectangular palms are considered thinkers, philosophers, abstract in nature. they would rather not worry about the everyday details of living this life, but rather think about the meaning of life etc.

if the palm is bigger of equal to the size of length of the fingers, then the person is inclined to a hard way of life or earning by his hands.


the fingers are almost as important as the palm.

  • long, slender fingers show an artistic or creative bent of mind
  • short, stout fingers show an work manlike mentality and willingness to do labor for the good of life

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Rigarin39 5 years ago from Woodland, CA

Well- Duh!-to myself! How embarrassing! I guess in the future i should try to be sure and explore the links provided, before i jump to that darn cmment box huh?! Sorry bout that... I would like to say that i found it very educational, and explained in detail, the 2nd time around...

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prabhjotbedi 5 years ago from chandigarh Author

@Rigarin39 :)

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