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What... wear your baby?

Baby wearing is one of the oldest traditions in cultures around the world. It's essential for a baby's best development to have strong physical contact with his caregivers, and equally essential for the parents, to create a close bond.

By wearing your baby, you quickly become attuned to his needs and cues. He, in turn, becomes attuned to your biorhythms, mirroring your breathing and heartbeat.These rhythms reflect the womb experience, making the transition into the outside world much easier for the baby.

Babies quickly take to being carried in slings because of the closeness, comfort and security they feel. For a parent on the go, it's an easy way to nurse, giving your baby the ultimate in nutrition. Mom's hands are free to care for other children, or to do work, and she is instantly aware of the baby's needs.

In-arms parenting is practiced in most third world countries. In Ecuador, children are worn on the mother's back, secured by a long strip of cloth that winds around the mother, under the baby's bottom, and is tied securely. In Mexico, Guatemala, and throughout other parts of Latin America, babies and toddlers are carried and fed on the mother's back or hip.

Today, more and more parents are wearing their babies - both moms and dads. Sling carriers are available in soft bamboo fleece, stretchy cotton, or colorful cloths, and can be made to size. These slings, along with natural parenting supplies and other baby carriers, can be found at

This nurturing way of parenting is the way many cultures have been successfully parenting for years, and its comeback in the western world shows that the concept is needed, relevant, and here to stay.

Ecuadorean Mother and Child

This Ecuadorean mother carries her baby in the traditional baby wrap, freeing her hands to work.
This Ecuadorean mother carries her baby in the traditional baby wrap, freeing her hands to work.

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circusmama profile image

circusmama 7 years ago from Michigan

Does carrying your baby around on your hip most of the day count as baby wearing? I've tried the slings, but my son prefers to lunge at things haphazardly in order to give me a new spinal alignment...

Nolimits Nana profile image

Nolimits Nana 7 years ago from British Columbia Author

Circusmama, he sounds like an active little guy. Sounds like he's the one out, that is! Good luck with the back, and keep 'wearing' him.

Most baby wearing starts with newborns, and continues right through the toddler age. The method of carrying can vary, according to age. Check out the continuum-family site for the ways to carry children in a sling.

Princessa profile image

Princessa 7 years ago from France

It always amazed me how comfortable both the mom and the child looked.

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