Patternless Costuming Part3 Bra

close up of bra
close up of bra

With the bra there are a couple options and mostly it will depend on if you plan on dancing in the outfit. If you are going to dance I would start by altering a bra to make a pink base using the instructions from .

If you do not plan on dancing or taking off the vest you can simply use a pink bra as the base.

Either way you will then need to cut a piece of fabric twice the length of the front of your bra and 2 inches wider then the tallest point of the bra. then gather the strip of the pink fabric along the top and bottom and add it to the bra base. Fold the extra over the edge and into the cup area. Sew it by hand so it is firmly in place. Trim any excessive amount off. Finally add the tassel details to the center front of the bra.

Remember that the goal is to have your covered bra look like the one in the pictures. To do that you want to pick you bra carefully and/or make alterations.

Which brings us to the vest.

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Walter Perry Lee profile image

Walter Perry Lee 16 months ago

i have the pattern of the jacket/bra purple one can u make one like this

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