Your Pink Blush Guide To Staying Rosy Cute

Chanel Pink Explosion

A bright, bold pink blush, the Chanel Pink Explosion is winning friends across the world with its bold color and silky smooth application. Though it is certainly bright when one first looks at it, applying it lightly gives one a subtle glow and a light sheen. If one wants a more dramatic effect, then layering on more blush rapidly ramps up the candy pink effect.

Blush is one of those items of make up often shied away from because it's not viewed as being as essential as, say, mascara or lipstick.

However blush can play a big role in defining your facial features, especially during Fall and Winter, when the cold weather can wash women out, leaving them looking like pale, wisp like versions of themselves. A pink blush is a subtle way to bring color back to your cheeks, giving you a healthy rosy winter glow.

Choosing the best pink blush for you can be a bit of a game of guess and test. The important thing is to choose a shade that works with your natural skin tone. For example, if you have a naturally darker skin tone, choosing a light pink blush may give you the appearance of having been attacked with a pencil eraser. Conversely, if you are of a fair complexion and you choose a blush that is too dark, you might look like someone spent the last hour smacking you around the face.

It is possible to get a fair idea of how a blush will work for you by testing it on your inner arm - it's not perfect, but it is better than smearing the contents of test pots on your face.

There are a wide range of blushes on the market at a wide range of price points, making a pink blush look thoroughly accessible. If you're not entirely certain about your ability to match a blush color to your skin, for instance, Clarins Magic Color Instant Blush is a soft cream blush applied not with a brush, but with your fingertips. It is perfect for dry skin that may be suffering under the effects of wrinkles because the creme glides over top rather than settling into pores and wrinkles. However the truly magical aspect of this blush is yet to come. Are you ready? Clarins Magic Color Instant Blush 'magically' matches your skin tone. When first applied, it seems clear, however after a moment or two, it takes on a lovely skin complimenting shade. Definitely a blush worth buying if you have a busy lifestyle that doesn't allow you to sit around blending blusher in all day.

Clarins 'Magic Color' Instant Blush

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