Free Airtel 3G Hacks and Tricks

Airtel 3G Hacks and Tricks

Once you use Airtel 3G, odds are you will be hooked. No offense intended to those still using a dialup modem or other similar DSL or broadband connection for Internet. But if you are, you will find the speed of Airtel 3G speed mind blowing. Simply take a look at the download speed I have below.

Can you see the speed in the image? I got a max speed of 600 kilobytes per second (KBPS) while downloading a Youtube video over my Airtel 3G.
Can you see the speed in the image? I got a max speed of 600 kilobytes per second (KBPS) while downloading a Youtube video over my Airtel 3G.

You can also optimize your Airtel dongle to increase its performance. This article explains the hacks and tricks I used on my Airtel 3G and Huawei 3G modem E352. The biggest hack I did was converting my Airtel 2G sim card into a 3G one—this is a trick that will work with most Huawei data cards.

If you would like to convert your sim card as well, first make sure that you are in an area with 3G coverage. Also know that this upgrade works on a data card used to connect to the Internet—I am not using a converted sim card on my mobile.

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How to Convert an Airtel Sim Card from 2G to 3G

When I first bought an Airtel sim card, 3G had not yet been introduced in India. So, when my area upgraded to 3G, I wanted to convert my 2G sim card as well.

If you already have a data card, go ahead and use it. If you want or need to buy a new one, look at the section below for advice on choosing which one would work best for you.

As mentioned previously, if you want to upgrade your Airtel dongle, you must live in an area that offers 3G. Then follow this process:

  1. Text "3G" (without the quotes, of course) to the number 121.
  2. Within minutes, you will receive a message from 121 saying that your 3G services activation request is in process.
  3. Generally, within one hour (within a maximum of 48 hours), you should receive another message from Airtel informing you that 3G is activated on your number. If you wait more than 48 hours and you have not received this message, call Atrium's customer care number for complaints: 121 or 198. Talk to the representative about your problem. Please do not be shy about calling. If you don't call them and demand a solution, nothing will happen.
  4. Send another text to 121 saying "3G."
  5. You will receive a message asking if you want to activate a 3G data plan.
  6. Follow the instructions in the message asking you to reply "1" to see the list of available 3G data plans.
  7. Now, you can choose a data plan according to your needs.
  8. When you are asked for APN settings, your APN will be "" and your dial number will be "*99#." Leave the username and password fields blank and then save the settings.

Now, you are ready to experience 3G speeds with Airtel.

Which 3g Data Card Should You Choose?

This is my Huawei e352 data card that I bought on eBay.
This is my Huawei e352 data card that I bought on eBay.

If you are buying a new data card or 3G modem, here are the three most important things to keep in mind:

1. Speed

Only purchase a datacard with at least a 7.2 Mbps download speed capacity. If your budget allows, a higher speed capacity (14.4 Mbps or 21.6 Mbps) of course will work.

I personally have a Huawei E352 modem (14.4 Mbps) purchased from eBay. It cost Rs.1750 (including shipping). I personally recommend Huawei data cards because I use their 3G data card. Micromax is another nice company to buy 3G data cards from, but last time I checked, I could not find a single data card on their site that offered speeds greater than 7.2 Mbps.

2. Call and Messaging Capabilities

If you are planning to purchase a data card, try to look for one that supports both text messages and calls. While almost all data cards support text messaging, some do not allow you to make calls.

For example, the data card I am using right now (the Huawei E352) does not have calling capabilities. However, I was not surprised because I knew this would be the case. I made the decision to sacrifice calling features because I wanted the higher speed (14.4 Mbps) and knew that text messaging would be enough for me.

3. Ability to Switch Between Different Networks

Every mobile network has different frequency ranges of operation. To connect to 3G, you should make sure that your data card has the capability of choosing the network you use. CDMA, HSPA, and UMTS all represent 3G networks—different cellular providers use different ones. Let me explain why this is important. After activating your 3G data plan, you must change the network to one of these options; otherwise, you will be connected to the EDGE (2G) network by default, and will find yourself wondering why you have such slow speed.

If you plan to change between networks, I recommend that you choose a data card with both UMTS and CDMA. If not, look at the table below, which shows which 3G frequencies are used by the most popular providers in countries with Airtel.

3G Frequencies for Cellular Providers

3G Frequencies
India: HSPA+, UMTS; Bangladesh: HSPA, HSPA+, UMTS; Sri Lanka: HSPA, HSPA+, UMTS
Vodafone India
idea cellular
Reliance Commuications
Tata DoCoMo Virgin Mobile India
MTS India

YOUR Opinion Counts!

Which 3G Data Card do you like

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What about Free Airtel 3g?

It is not an exaggeration to say that Airtel is the smartest cellular provider in India. While the Internet abounds in supposed hacks and loopholes for free Airtel 3G, it is better to play by the rules. Searching for hacks is certainly not worth your time because you will not find an answer, and in the meantime, you will be missing out on a whole new world of high speed Internet. 3G is costly, but it gives you what you pay for.

Again, while 3G is available in major cities and towns in India, check first to see whether your area has the service before upgrading your plan. If you upgrade to 3G when your area does not provide it, you will still be charged while receiving 2G speeds. In that case, it is better to go with a 2G plan.

If you find anything confusing about the upgrade hack posted in this article, please comment below and I will clarify your questions.

Have Questions about Airtel 3g? I Will Reply within Two Days. 93 comments

manoj 4 years ago

help me

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Manoj!

What do you want to know ? Please be specific.

Are you using Airtel 3G or 2G ? How much speed are you getting?

If you can explain what problem you are facing, I can help

profile image

airtelnewuser 4 years ago


I want to convert my 2g to 3g but the above steps are not working can you please help me... :)

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi airtelnewuser!

The procedure for converting Airtel 2G sim to 3G capability is mentioned by me in this post. There could be 3 reasons for your not able to do 3G conversion.

*Reason #1 :* You are NOT sending the "3G" to 121 SMS properly.

*Solution:* All you have to do to solve this problem is to send the sms properly.

Just send "3G" (All CAPS without quotes and without spaces at front or back) to airtel number 121.

This is the ONLY method to convert from airtel 2g sim to 3g ( in other words, making a 2g airtel sim card capable of catching 3G signal)

If this is not the problem, let's move on to reason #2

*Reason #2:* Delay in processing your 3G conversion request by Airtel.

*Solution:* After sending the SMS, generally, the 3g conversion confirmation by airtel will come to you within 1-2 hrs. Sometimes, it may take up to 24 hrs. So, it is good to wait for 24 hours (maximum).

If after waiting for 24 hours, you did not get any reply from airtel giving details of 3g conversion, it means that there is a clear delay in their processing your request.

For this, the only solution is to call the customer care number of airtel - 121 or 198 (for complaints only) and just talk to the customer care representative of the airtel 3g conversion problem.

Don't be shy to speak to the customer care. If you don't call them and DEMAND them for solution, nothing will happen.

In most cases, this is the reason for not being able to convert to 3g

*Reason #3:* Your phone is NOT capable of 3G, so activation can't be done.

*Solution:* This is just a misconception. Even if your mobile phone is not 3g enabled, still your request to make your 2g simcard 3g capable will be processed by airtel. So, don't think otherwise.

Just send the sms - 3g to 121 and then wait for response from airtel. By sending this sms, your SIM CARD will become 3G CAPABLE!!

To use 3g benefits, you MUST have capable hardware in your mobile phone or usb modem/data card

*Reason #4:* You are NOT in 3G coverage area of Airtel

*Solution:* 3g conversion request will still be processed by airtel even if you are not in 3g coverage area of airtel.

So, do not worry, just send 3g to 121 as mentioned above to convert your airtel 2g sim to 3g.

If there is NO 3g network in your area, do NOT activate any 3G plan of airtel, because it will simply NOT work. You will simply waste your money by doing this.

By sending the 3G conversion request, your sim can become 3G capable, but that does not mean that you will be able to catch 3g signal even if 3g network is not available in your locality.

If you want to enjoy 3G facilities, activate 3g in your simcard, go to a place where airtel 3g network is available, then activate a 3G plan and experience the blazing speeds of airtel 3g. Most importantly, don't forget that your mobile phone/data card/usb modem should be 3g capable.

Vasantharaj 4 years ago

Hi friend Airtel 3 G is activated in my circle, but in my Alcatel datacard not show any UMTS connection Except AIRCEL, How can i detect that airtel UMTS connection, PLEASE ANSWER TO

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

hi vasanthraj,

if you are in airtel 3g circle and your sim is 3g activated, if your alcatel data card is unable to show umts signal, then it could be because of some temporary problem with your alcatel datacard.

As i can see that since your alcatel data card is 3g capable (as it is showing aircel 3g signal). Select UMTS only setting instead of UMTS preferred setting in your data card. That might help.

Apart from them, make sure you properly activated 3g in your airtel sim, you are in 3g circle and that your data card has no problem.

aamir 4 years ago

can I use aircel sim card on my Airtel 3G modem(HUWAI)?

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi aamir,

Yes, but before doing that, you will have to UNLOCK your airtel 3g modem.

santoshkumar 4 years ago

hi! i had an airtel 3g sim, and a hsupa modem and i want to get free airtel 3g internet on my newly bought macbook, i tried many proxy tricks on my mac but of no use, kindly help me

my email

hemant 4 years ago

Hi..! I am hemant and I want some help with u.. I have airtel 3G huawei moderm n my speed is 7.5mbps but while I am using my moderm in my laptop.. Then I am only getting less den 100kbps speed... But y so..? Plz help me

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi hemant...

Your hardware has the capacity to give you 7.5 mbps speed. Along with that, your network ALSO must allow such data speeds.

for that purpose, you must activate a 3G data plan. After activating your airtel with a 3G data plan, you will be able to easily get speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

Remember, having higher hardware capacity is good but not enough.. Your network also must support it.

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi santosh, I never tried this trick on a mac. So, sorry I can't say anyting about mac.

raghu 4 years ago

sir in july i got 600kbps downloding speed .....but rite nw m getting only 10kbps i try to deactiv n react. 3g airtel i reply with 3g 0rental plan but when reply for conformation i got a ...a msg is

( Your request for 3GVBCPlan can not be processed as your current Free MB is more than 50MB. You can activate any 3G pack or plan only when your free MB less ) but sir i dnt hv any 2g or 3g data or plan so help me how to again act 3g zero rental plan m waiting 4 ur response

Shihabudheen 4 years ago

I purchased a new airtel 3G modem. I have a 3G activated aircel sim card. When I use this, the signal shows EDGE. How can I get 3G speed?

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi raghu... I too experienced this problem...

Here is the solution..

On this day if you have activated the 9rs. 3g plan of 30 mins via retailer, finish using it and then try to recharge online using airtel site.

This worked for me.. i am not sure if this can work for you..

by the way, this is only applicable for Rs.9 30 Min 3G plan of airtel.

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

I don't understand why many are trying to HACK... guys... come on.. just pay for it and then enjoy the AWESOME 3G speeds..

If you face any problems just contact the customer care.

profile image

tiwarihem 4 years ago

Hi Dustin,

I have Huwaei Mobile broadband E171 Modem. I want to use Airtel 3G sim in it. Will I get 3G speed or do I need to buy new 3G Datacard (modem). Please help ASAP.



Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Hemant,

I researched about Huwaei E171 Modem, it supports 3G speeds up to 7.2 Mbps.

So, go ahead and use an airtel simcard which is 3G activated. It will work well.. :)

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Guys... with Airtel 3G the maximum possible speed you can get is 7.2 Mbps regardless the capacity of your 3G Datacards. It does not matter if you have 14.4 Mbps or 21.1 Mbps datacards, you will get speeds ONLY up to 7.2 Mbps.

If you want speeds beyond this, I suggest you going for Idea 3G. I stopped using Airtel 3G because of the billing flaws I found. After I activated Rs.9 3G plan and used it, i couldn't recharge again with the same plan.

I faced many difficulties with Airtel 3G and wasted at least 1500 rupees for it. If you are also getting frustrating results with Airtel 3G, I suggest you to purchase a NORMAL 3G activated IDEA sim card from your nearest retailer or IDEA Center.

I found guys at IDEA center to be ready to get the most money out of my pocket. When I said them that I would be using the new Idea sim card on my datacard, they told me that I needed to purchase a DATACARD idea simcard instead of NORMAL idea simcard.

Since, I have been dealing with these things for more than a year now, I knew that it was unnecessary to buy a DATACARD simcard of idea (which is fourtimes the cost of NORMAL Idea 3G sim Rs.200).

All I wanted to say from this comment is, why should you spend 150 extra for datacard simcard ? you will get similar speeds and same functionality even with a normal idea simcard. So, next time when an idea representative says that you MUST buy a Datacard Simcard to use in your datacard. Just say " This is MY DATACARD and I KNOW how it works, just give me a NORMAL 3G activated simcard. "

Hope this helps guys...

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

One thing I forgot to mention. As mentioned in this blogpost, my datacard is Huawei E352 and it supports speeds up to 14.4 Mbps.

With Idea in Hyderabad 3G circle, I got speeds up to 10 Mbps..

If you have a 21.1 Mbps datacard and use Idea 3G simcard, you may get much higher speeds.

So, if you want MORE speed, go for idea. I found Idea to be best as of now (at least in Hyderabad 3G circle).

Ragu 4 years ago

Idea gives me only 100kbp for downloading while airtel gives me 500kbp so i prefer airtel for delhi.

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

yes... that is possible.. that is why I mentioned my circle - Hyderabad.

SANJAY LAHA 4 years ago

I am regular user of airtel 3g (prepaid). Often, I get message that "You have reached 80% of the built in 3G speed for your airtel mobile.Post 100 speed will be revised.For 3G speed SMS 3G to 121 and select a 3G pack.for your airtel number ......." etc. After that whenever I recharge with same or new prepaid plan, the speed slows down considerably. What is the way out? please.

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Sanjay!

Never faced such a problem before... Whenever I recharged my prepaid airtel sim with a 3g plan, I used it till I downloaded the last MB.

Getting messages from Airtel... that too for 'speed limit' is strange. I faced problems with airtel when trying to recharge with same plan on a single day... I got frustrated because of this... my airtel sim practically became useless. since then, I stopped using it and got an idea 3g sim. Airtel only gives speeds up to 7.2mbps while idea 3g supports up to 21.1 mbps

What I would suggest to you is...

1. Contact the customer care ( personally, I don't think your problem will be solved) and explain the problem.

2. If you already contacted customer care and did not receive any help... it is time to move on to other 3g provider in your area.

Why should you care for those who do not care for you..? seriously?? Why should you waste your time and money because of some crappy service issue ? Just move on... thinking too much about these small yet serious problems will not solve them...

Go ahead and use mobile number portability (MNP) to transfer your mobile number to some other 3g network provider. Before that see which network is giving the good 3g speeds..

As consumers, we have the choice... to use or not use a network. But, anyway, those are my words filled with frustration. Use your discretion.

Wish you good luck!

MOHAN 4 years ago

thank u sir! Your a great suggester...

Salman's . 4 years ago

hi huys can any one help me, how can i use free 3g in airtel without recharge

Nishant 4 years ago

Hi can we recharge an airtel 3g activated sim with 2g does it makes the internet faster than normal 2g just like in bsnl?

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

@ Salman...

I wish it was so.... but, friend... try to understand... Do you really think it is possible ?

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Nishant!

I don't know anything about BSNL 3G. Unless you are lucky, you should get only 2G speeds on airtel even if you have 3G activated airtel sim (when you activate a 2G plan)

Hope this helps!! Good luck.

naveen 4 years ago

i have upgrade the version now i want to degrade it...

or i want to change my profile what can i do...

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

@ Naveen...

You have upgraded version of what ?? be clear in your comments.

pam 4 years ago

i m having 3g airtel sim with active 2g data plan ,now i want to get 3g data on 2g plan, if any one can do any thing in this matter plz let me know......

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

recharge with airtel 3g data plan and you are good to go. the airtel 3g hack i mentioned above may work in some cases

Deepak 4 years ago

Why do we need the modem when I can just tether my cellphone to my PC and use the mobile internet?

sukhjit singh 4 years ago

can u please give me any easy trick to hack aircel 3g .

i hav already activated 3g but not getting enough speed.......

the speed is 10 kbps.........

i am using micromaxx MMX 353G data card.

can u please help me ???????????????????

matin shaikh 4 years ago

i have 3G data card but when i insert other airtel 2g or 3g sim card then it gives only 1.0 kbps or some time it not working but connect what should i to do. plz give the solution

profile image

santoshbapun 4 years ago

sir my airtel sim was in 2g.but i recharged a 3g net balance of 1GB having rs it is not operating in 3g mode.den i knew by sending 3G to 121 we can make 2g sim to 3g.den i dat 250 3g balance will cume bcoz now it is operating in 2g mode

keyur 4 years ago

i hv micromax modem what should i do to increase my internet speed with 3g airtel card?

keyur 4 years ago

i hv micromax modem what should i do to increase my internet speed with 3g airtel card?

sameer 4 years ago

hii sir, i am from south india, i was using 3g speed in 2g pack, my trick was i dint create any profile, i leave it blank and connect when the symbol is G E, after connecting within a second it will automatically change to "3G H" symbol and i will get superb speed, 700mb file will download within an hour, i am using this tricks past 10 months, but from 1st december 2012 the tricks is not working, when i connect when the symbol is "G E" within a second it will automatically change into "3G H" but it will be disconnected by its own, i have tried bunch of time, i have deactivate 3g and again activate 3g by sending 3g to 121, but the problem is the same, now i tried to follow ua instructions then also its dead slow, downloading speed is 1.5kb/sec.... please help:(

kashi 4 years ago

M using airtel 3G.. sometime my network is working too fast.. super fast than tata photon.... sometime too slow

kashi 4 years ago

@Dustin jones.. can u please tell me how can i unblock Airtel 3G.. if i want to use Aircel sim than????

Yash 4 years ago

i got good speed for just 2-3 days only now i am getting 10 kbps

profile image

parashar1001 4 years ago

i m using 2g plan of airtel in vodafone netsetter of 7.2mbps(unlocked).but i can't get a good speesd pls help me so i cud get 100+ kbps

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Guys... all i know is the tricks related to airtel 3g. They will work. They worked for me in the past. If they are not working now, I can't do anything.

If you ask about aircel, bsnl, idea and vodafone, i can't answer your questions.. Please try to understand

Zen 4 years ago

Dear Sir,

I am using Airtel 2G Net Pak... 149 for 2 gb data (30 days) after 2 gb speed will be down but still working up to the validity limit... Oky so is there any possibility to get 3G Speed Using 2G Plan... Or without any plan...? if so how? I Am Using My Mobile as my modem (USB Tethering using Android 2.3)

pnps 4 years ago

Hello I allredy activited airtel 3g but now I connecting 3g the H symbol was seen in screen but 3g speed was bellow 10kps

MIAN 4 years ago


I have 3G sim with 7.2 Mbps data card.

My question: Can I recharge my 3G sim with 2G plan ?

Does that work ?


Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author


Yes, you can do that. It is possible to activate 2G plan on 3G Sim using a 7.2 Mbps datacard.

It worked for me in the past and I am sure it will work for you.

noufal 4 years ago

no airtel network at bangalore(thippsandara)............i had gvn lot of complaints

Dinesh 4 years ago

Hello Mr. Dustin Jones, m using airtel sim but our area don't have 3g network so i have to use sim on 2g network. my question is that is there any alternate solution to how to get airtel 3g network?

my area has idea, vodafone, docomo, and cellone 3g networks avialable.

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Dinesh.

As I mentioned above, if there is no 3g network on airtel, just FORGET about getting 3g on airtel.

Just buy sim card of other networks (which have 3g network available in your area).

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Sorry to hear that noufal. I hope your airtel 3g problems get solved asap.

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi manoj,

the info you gave me is not enough to reply. Please let me know what exactly you want to know

Mahi 4 years ago

Hi Dustin Jones,

I should appreciate you for helping people esp with Airtel 3g. I found it many defects to start it.

I am sure once started, looks like there are no bugs but only thing is to understand how it designed. I am from Bagalore. Well on 29th Dec 2012 I recharged it with 955 INR. It showed 27th Jan 2013 is exp date. I tried to charge with all possible ways(with retailer e-rechrge/online 955/749/9. no luck. Lately customer care was saying try on 30th Jan as it completed that 30days after 29-Dec-2012.

Does this mean only for 955, we can not rechrge? or all other unlimited one has problem not getting topped-up until its validity expires?

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 4 years ago from India Author

Hi Mahi,

I have found LOTS of bugs in their recharge system. I found that the details are not transparent. I faced many problems in the past and couldn't find solution even after calling Customer care (From a roaming sim). I've spent 100 rupees talktime just for solving the problems talking to the useless customer representatives at that time. After that I decided it is just not worth it and shifted to Idea.

Ok... now coming to your question. If you are trying to recharge for the second time with 955 plan do it ONLY after the completion of 30 COMPLETE days from the time&date of your previous recharge. If you recharge early, things may get messed up. So, try to be patient, wait for 31st instead of 30. The customer rep. told you correct way to recharge. It is better to recharge after completion of 30 complete days from your previous recharge date. 955 plan must work for you, dont worry whether it will work or not. If it is in the tarrif in your circle, it should work.

One thing I would suggest is, try to do online recharge from official airtel website. That I think is a better way. But,

I would give a thumbs down to airtel overall :P I faced many problems because of their shitty roaming 3g data plans. I lost lot of money. Goodbye AIRTEL!!!!!!

mathiyazhakan 4 years ago

airtel 3g best speed

Abhilash 4 years ago

Hi, Dustin first of all i would like to thank U for sharing useful information. You have done really great job.

I have few questions related to Airtel 3G datacard, Hope you will guide me in right way?

I have an Airtel 3G data card (Huawei) and it has no sim in it. Can I insert another Airtel sim into it and use it as usual? Will recharging the 3G sim with 2G plan work and gives me a good speed.?

Thank you.

how 2g speed increse other datacard? 4 years ago

Micromax MMX144F (Ferrari Opus) Datacard airtel 2g download speed 5 to 8 kbps and airtel 2g upload speed 1 to 4 kbs speed. so airtel network 2g speed slow from Micromax MMX144F (Ferrari Opus) Datacard. some airtel sim used to Airtel 3g Datacard download speed 54 kbps and upload speed above 20 kbps speed. 2 speed accept only airtel 3g datacard. 2 speed Not accept Micromax MMX144F (Ferrari Opus) Datacard. How increase some 54kbps download speed from Micromax MMX144F (Ferrari Opus) Datacard. Please help me.

marshal 4 years ago

can i use idea sim in my airtel 3g modem

venkatesh 3 years ago

sir, i have iball datacard ,and airtel sim with 3g...............but in my place there is no 3g facility ..........can u say any sugestion that how to use speed internet in my place mail me pls 3 years ago

hi! im using lava 3g modem 7.2 mbps but still getiing only 100-150 kbp downloading speed on airtel 3G pleease help?

my e-id

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 3 years ago from India Author

Hi Shantanu! Did you activate 3g plan at least once in your airtel sim card ? If you did not, please do it.

hitesh 3 years ago

i can not connect 3g speed

KEYUR MALAM 3 years ago

I want to activate Zero rantal 3G plan....

But after sending confirmation message instead of activating plan a message cames as "Your request for 3GVBCPlan can not be processed as your current Free MB is more than 50MB. You can activate any 3G pack or plan only when your free MB balance is lower 50MB "

plz give me the solution

Arun 3 years ago

Dustin ,

I am a 2g Airtel customer who recently opted for 3g. However once on sending 3g to 121 to get a Rs 8 plan activated neither did it happen nor did i get 3g speeds. After an unresponsive cc i decided to check my acc for the available 2g plans however a msg reads that i can no longer continue with 2g as i am now a 3g cust.. I was using a Rs199 unlimited plan, now once this plan is finished will i be able to recharge with 2g packs? And if i am able to, will it still be in the usual fast 2g or will it be slow ? Plz help me uncle

rawatji 3 years ago

sir i m having e1732 of huawai,,,,and i m from up ,,,i can't able to get how to convert 2g to 3g,,,,,plzzzz help mee

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 3 years ago from India Author


Did you send "3G" to 121 as mentioned above. It is as simple as that... To convert airtel 2g to 3g just send an sms as mentioned above.

I clearly mentioned the procedure to convert in my post. Please read it carefully

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 3 years ago from India Author

Activate 3G , make sure that you are an Airtel 3g network. Recharge with a 3g plan and see if you are able to connect to 3g speed

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 3 years ago from India Author

Wait for the 50 MB to be consumed and then do the recharge. This is normal.

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 3 years ago from India Author

Don't worry.... after the 3g plan you activated is over, simply recharge a 2g plan and you will still be getting 2g speed of 199 unlimited plan.

Arun 3 years ago

Thank you !

ezra 3 years ago


i am using rs 199 pack on airtel 2g which gives me unlimited pack for 1 month

how can i change my 2g to 3g in this situation please tell

Dustin_Jones profile image

Dustin_Jones 3 years ago from India Author

Hi ezra!

activate 3g in your airtel and then you will be able to start using 3g plans available in your circle.

tanish 3 years ago

i had bought a aitel dongle and a sim from airtel realation ship centor one week before in delhi.i live in delhi ....i had activated the sim from airtel customer care.....after that my probs started...........i don't get more than 400 kbps......i have a postpaid sim .......the promesid 7.2 mpbs.....while wacthing u tube videos the buffering takes a lot lot of time.....please help please help!!!!!!

Rajesh Kumar 3 years ago

Plz provide me a complete process to get 3G speed of airtel on my


Rajesh Kumar 3 years ago

Mai last month Hex VPN 1.1 use kr rha tha. Mai 3G sim me 129 ka sayad sms pack recharge krwata tha... or use krta tha.... 1-2 month thik chala.. speed bhi kafi acchi rhi. But last 2 month se ye 150kbps se jyada nhi jaa pata hai... or ab to 500 Internal error" show hota hai.. koi bhi page open nhi ho pata hai... plz help me at -

Himanshu 3 years ago


I,m using airtel sim with 2g plan in pc .......

it,s speed is very low please help me,,,

mostapha.. 3 years ago

sir i have a d-link 3g modem and i want to use airtel 3g simcard....after coverting airtel 2g sim into 3g sim....wat wud be the minimum airtel (3g or 2g?)recharge need to do to get unlimited 3g downloading

vikas 3 years ago

hii, sir i have micromax mmx144f dongle and i just got the speed of 10kb/s . i have racharged with rs. 199 2g in airtel sim..

please help me to get at least 50kb/s speed.

poras 3 years ago

its really work

RajaniKanth Reddy 3 years ago

iam using aircel 3g sim in airtel 3g huwaei e1731 modem and the internet is very slow

pls help me

RajaniKanth Reddy 3 years ago

please send reply to

pankaj 3 years ago

buddy check micromax ferrari opus.......guaranteed better than your (what u say HAANN Huawei O.o)..........MICROMAX IS BEST.

Diwan 3 years ago

Hi, I am using airtel sim.. and I have airtel modem too.. is there any hack proxy to use free internet with normal speed . I am so tired of recharging my bal was drain like something so any thing is there to use in my smartphone or in modem... help pls...

Nandeep Thakur 3 years ago

i am not understanding this process please explain it shortly to understand properly please send the details on

kashif 3 years ago

I have brought a plan of 199(unlimited) 3g....I want to know that how to increase its speed as it is very very slow

Amogh Shukla 3 years ago

Sir,How do I know that 3g is avalible in my circle.

I live in kota(India).

Swagat das 3 years ago

Hi... Great article... I have been using Airtel 3g with good speed for two months now... I have a card of rajasthan n a fortnight ago went to bhuj in Gujarat... The speed was nice with the symbol at 3G or H and converting to E when only 2g was available n the speed was slow then....but now I have shifted to bhubaneswar orissa since a week.... The Day I reached bhubaneswar the symbol automatically changed to R and I have been getting pathetic speed even slower than 2g... I contacted customer care... I m using google nexus 4 recently updated to kitkat 4.4 os in Gujarat... The customer care guy told me to uncheck data roaming box to get good speed... But when I do that the internet connection gets totally lost.... Plz help... From a dedicated Airtel user I m slowly turning into a skeptic

vishnu 3 years ago

sir i want to know that how start free internet in pc for airtel by a micromax 3g dongle

Mounesh Tendulkar 3 years ago


iam m10 i want 2 knw.hw 2 hack dongle icnt catch above technique so let u gve a smple technique.....................pls...............!!!!!!!!

Vikas 3 years ago

Please tell me how to cinvert 2g to 3g speed. in m y phone 3g is activated but .. i recharge 2g only... i can't afford so much money for 3g recharge.

azar 3 years ago

i dint understand the trick.. i want to know how to cheat airtel to get free 3g internet usage..kindly convey ur msg clearly to my id pls

Thank you.

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