Backup Contacts, Pick Ringtones, and Install a Better Messaging Client on Your Android Smartphone

My first biggest complaints about my new Android phone (Samsung Intercept) were the following:

  1. I have to actually TYPE in the start of a contact number to message them if I started the message process from the actual messaging app. I mean, seriously, who memorizes their contacts these days.
  2. I had no option to set individual ringtones for contacts. This is a basic phone feature we've come to know and love. It is beyond me why this feature does not come standard.

With these two complaint nagging me, I have found the apps to bring me and my Android to "contact salvation".

You too can experience the joy I have.

Read on ;)

Ringo Lite

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Ringo Lite

  • Free
  • Set unique ringtones for every contact
  • Set unique SMS tone for every contact 
  • Set contact photos
  • PRO version available with lots more options (but the basic is plenty for me)


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  • Brings up the address book from the messaging app to select recipients
  • Looks super fancy with the bubbles-very Iphone "ish"
  • Set color options for everything
  • Widgets for desktop-Big and Small
  • Supports templates (canned messages
  • Smilies
  • Text to speech support
  • Notifications (make sure to turn off regular messager's notifications so you don't get them twice)

Lookout Mobile Security-Ultimate Backup!

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Lookout Mobile Security-Ultimate Backup!

  • Backup phone calls, pictures, and CONTACTS
  • Free online account with 2gbs of storage
  • Easy "restore" feature.
  • Additional antivirus features and phone locator

Do Tell!

Which app has made your life better?

  • Ringo Lite
  • ChompSMS
  • Lookout Mobile Security
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