How to Use BlueFTP LG Rumor Touch App to Install Free Ringtones

Make It Easier!!!

Some of us, with the LG Rumor Touch , have tried the the ringtone process of downloading, converting, renaming, and drag/dropping.

We also have a few frustrations with the long"ish" process.

There is an easier way!!

Now that we know how to install apps on the Rumor Touch, I stumbled on BlueFTP.

I am so excited about it!

For the other guide that includes instructions for creating message tones in qcp format (this guide will only allow you to create video ringtones 3g2), go HERE!


So Tell Me Already!

Using the BlueFTP v.1.6 (includes compression/decompression features) or 1.5 as a local file manager, we can rename and move files without the use of a PC or USB connection.

If we use v.1.6, we can download zipped JAD/JAR files and decompres s them in our APPS folder all on our phones without using a PC or USB connection.

This is very very exciting!

You will have to use Opera Mini to download mp3 files or zip files.The pre-installed NetFront browser does not allow you to save these items. You must use Opera Mini.

I mentioned Audiko in my first ringtones guide, and we can still download ringtones from there through Opera Mini. Lack of a Flash Plugin, however,makes it so we cannot preview them on the site.

BlueFTP Photo Tour-Watch FullScreen

Where Do I Get BlueFTP??

BlueFTP is published by Medieval Software.

BlueFTP v1.5/1.4 is adware and is free. You can find it on

BlueFTP v.1.6 is a "pay-for" version with additional features like compression/decompression. In the photos, I am using v.1.6.

There is a "cracked" version of v1.1.6 on and on

You can buy v.1.6 legit here--->Medieval Software.

You will need to learn to install apps to your phone if you have not already done so----Go HERE!

How Do I Make a Ringtone?

Basic Assumptions:

1. You have Opera Mini installed on your phone.

2. You have a microSD card in your phone.

3. You have installed BlueFTP on your phone.


1. In Opera Mini, navigate to Audiko or your favorite ringtone download site where you can get .mp3 tones.

2. Download a few tester tones to your microSD card (don't forget when you save, you have to scroll down to get to "memory card")

3. "Exit" Opera Mini or "Send to Background"

4. Load BlueFTP and navigate to "Memory Card (MemoryCard)". Your .mp3 files should be at the bottom of the "root" (first screen) of the memory card.

5. Select one and scroll the BlueFTP menu (lower left corner) to "Rename Item".

6. In the "rename item" screen, change the .mp3 file extension to .3g2 and save.

7. Now test it. BlueFTP will allow you to play/preview or play audio and video in the explorer itself.

8. Once you have a working tone, exit out of BlueFTP. Go to MASS STORAGE-FILE MANAGER and select MORE (bottom right corner) and "Copy Multiple" from the menu list. Select the desired tone and copy it to IN PHONE.

9. It is now a "video" and can be assigned as a "video ringtone".

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Greasy hedge 5 years ago

You can get cracked version of blue ftp from or but if you need the signed version without paying, go to and download version 1.7 as zip file. Then use another blue ftp to extract the jar and jad file. It worked for me.

tommy 6 years ago

did all that u said and once i rename it, it wont even play. and once in card it says unsupported file. and once u dwnload opera mod how do u get it to ur phne or can i just go to opera store and dwnload without it?

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@NIA, you can go to gmail in Opera Mini and attach files. Try that with your qcp to send to your phone.

NIA 6 years ago

@Dana. Does this work with .qcp also I have tried with blueFTP and it works on my memory card but when I try to copy them into phone it says: unsupported file format.

I know the only other way of achieving this is to send them to myself through email but I am confused on where to start because the file is in my microsd which is in my phone. And I don't have access to a computer

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@Suzy, read up on how to install apps:

If you still have questions after giving that a good go-I'm here ;)

Suzy 6 years ago

I downloade blueftp from and saved it in my memory card in no specific folder and when i try to open it it says unsupported file format.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@tokeee, make sure its in your sd card. If you mean "video" as in a folder you made in the sd card. Then, you will have to copy it to your phone's memory. Then you can assign it. If this is what you did, then I need more details perhaps on exactly step by step what you are doing.

tokeee 6 years ago

worked! Only thing once i got it in my video folder in the phone it plays just wont assign

victoria 6 years ago

I have tried downloading BlueFTP from both and umnet and have created the JAD files using JADMaker, but none of them have worked. When I try to install on my Rumor Touch it says "Installation from Memory Card to phone is failed." What am I doing wrong and what can I do to fix it?

BTW I have to thank you... your hubs have helped me enjoy my phone SO MUCH.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@lgrumort if you use the 1.6, you have to use the cracked version because I have not met anyone yet who has successfully activated or been about to legitimately buy it. BlueFTP's loss. I'm not advocating using cracked software, but in this case, it is your only option.

lgrumort 6 years ago

i get a similar eror when i try to activate the just disconnects when it tries to activate the 30 days..i am using 1.6

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@achieva, I'm not able to replicate that bug.

achieva 6 years ago

Sorry for the misunderstanding the problem I am mentioning is in regards to the calculator unit converter in tools that is on the phone. This issue has been happening since i got the phone new if you try it on your phone as well, I would appreciate your input with that. As for google maps I have already tried all the suggestions u listed multiple times of location on, off, restart and reinstalling it, but still no luck. If you have any gps apps you can recommend I truly would appreciate that as well. Thx for you time

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@achieva, use version 1.6 of BlueFTP and there will be no connecting to a server.

As far as location updating, here are a few things you can try (and if they don't work, I would try another GPS app, and if that doesn't work too-then maybe get a phone replacement....):

+Make sure that the "location" setting is switched to "on".

+If its already on, try turning it off, restarting phone, and turning it on, restarting phone.

+Do a full battery pull (this is sort of a catch all troubleshooting technique)

+If you find that it works on other GPS apps, I would try uninstalling and reinstalling Google Maps (Maybe updating to the lastest version on my install apps page).

As to the restarting, the LG Rumor Touch will restart when it gets memory overload. It is a defense mechanism. I'm not sure what you mean by calculator conversion thing though, so I can't be more specific. Restarting in general is a common problem though because of the memory capacity.

achieva  6 years ago

Oh I also forgot but does your RT reboot when switching from open and close mode from the calculator converter section. Both my RT seems to be rebooting if i switch modes.

achieva 6 years ago

@Dana thx for you help I got it to install from getjar file but it does not connect to server and shuts down. I guess ill just find another blueftp file elsewhere. I know this may be off topic but I have 2 lg rumor touch and both have google map installed on it but my rumor touch does not seem to be able to update location as my wifes has no problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated

achieva  6 years ago

will try it thanks for your help.

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

@achieva, I would recommend either making a new JAD file (I have a hub on this) or downloading a different version from umnet or getjar.

Your error means that the JAD and the JAR are not meshing well with each other.

achieva 6 years ago

I can not get blue ftp to install on my rumor touch, I have installed it from the suggested site medieval, (does not ask for payment) full installation zip file. Three files inside blue ftp jad, jar and unsigned jad. When placed in phone and trying to install says need jar file with descriptor file. Plz help

danatheteacher profile image

danatheteacher 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest Author

Very interesting @Ray! Thanks for sharing. I'm pretty sure that the caller id picture stops showing up due to the face that it is a video ringtone....I bet using the message tone method for ringtones wouldn't interfere. I'm really curious about why the 3g2 does not stop it with Atube, as it is still a video ringtone......curious ;)

Ray 6 years ago

H'mm, if you just rename mp3's that you download from ringtone sites to 3gp, slap them on your memory card in the proper folder, and play them in touch media player, select more allows you to assign these as ringtones. Problem is these stop caller id pictures from showing. I use Atube Catcher, it has a convert function. I convert the mp3 to small 3gp, transfer to phone and these can be assigned and the caller picture still works.

SteveoMc profile image

SteveoMc 6 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

Okay, now I am convinced, you do not have a life. LOL

How do you do all this stuff? I cannot get my LG Chocolate 3 to download the photos I take. Any advice on that one? Tell me how to do it and I will write a hub.

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