Cell Phone Privacy Screen

Cell Phone Privacy Screen

If you're not a fan of people looking over your shoulder to see what you're doing on your cell phone, you may be interested in the privacy screen protector. It is similar to a regular protection screen, but when the phone is being viewed at side angles, nothing can be seen.

This is a great concept to help protect your privacy when on buses and trains. You don't have to worry about the stranger next to you seeing what you're doing.

The privacy screen protectors come in custom sizes for just about any cell phone, ranging from blackberry, iPhone, and HTC cell phones.

You can find them for sale online at Amazon.com as well as on eBay. The prices will vary, depending on the brand and the overall quality. Personally, I prefer the 4-way protection screens over just a plain protector.

Buy Cell Phone Privacy Screen Online

The privacy screens are great for many reasons to include the obvious of protecting your cell phone screen from being viewed by others. The privacy screen is a good option because the screen is treated for smudges and glares; it is also reusable and easy to apply.

I usually go through at least 2, if not 3, screens before I get it on my phone the way I want it, but this one seemed a little easier than most to apply to the screen. It could be that the screen is easily removable and reusable, which allows a little extra give in the application process. What is good, is that once removed, there isn't any residue on the screen.

The blackout screen protector is made from a darkening privacy technology that doesn't blue or distort the screen. All it does is blacks out the screen from the sides to prevent unwanted guests from viewing your phone.

I recently upgraded my iPhone 4 to the Sony Xperia x10, and hated that there wasn't an option for a privacy screen, which saddened me. I settled for a regular screen protector. I'm sure in time, I'll purchase the Sony privacy screen protector for the Xperia x10, but for now this one will do after having had to purchase the phone full price (after my iPhone 4 broke).

But, as I found out, you'll probably also find out that most cell phone stores don't offer the privacy screens. You'll have to buy it online. Amazon and eBay has plenty to choose from in tons for tons of different cell phone models.

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