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Choosing A Prepaid Cell Phone Provider That Fits Your Budget.

Updated on May 21, 2012
Prepaid cellular phone providers such as Straight-Talk offer not only affordable family plans, but also economy saving ones for individuals as well. There individual choice of phones to add, are also of high quality.
Prepaid cellular phone providers such as Straight-Talk offer not only affordable family plans, but also economy saving ones for individuals as well. There individual choice of phones to add, are also of high quality. | Source

Choosing a pre-paid cell phone provider may not be as easy as it sounds. In addition, when you have finally chosen the provider you would like to sign up with. You are than faced with the decision of what brand, or even what style and color cell phone to buy. Yes, the task of shopping for a new cell phone is actually more difficult than one may be led to believe. So should I just go along with the rest of the pack and buy what everyone else has, or be a bit of an odd ball and try something different or even new to some? Unfortunately the decision is up to you and you in the end; will have to get used to using your new cell phone that you have chosen. But this doesn't mean that your are unnecessarily stuck with this particular mode. You can do some experimentation at first and if not happy after six months or so, can sign up with yet another totally different prepaid provider.

This is the beauty of having a prepaid cellular service to begin with, just for the reason that I previously mentioned. You are not locked into any hidden fees and can change plans or even providers if you are not satisfied with the individual performance in a couple of months down the road. That is where a non-prepaid cellular provider such as Verizon, Sprint or many others that are out there, literally has you by the gonads. If you try to get out of their often required two year contract service plan, than you are stuck with the outrageous $200.00 cancellation fee that goes along with those associated plans. And if you just ignore that fee, by choosing not to pay- it will eventually hurt your individual credit score. And I'm sure this is something which most of us do not want, in the way of negative marks on our individual credit reports.

So this in essence is one positive point that prepaid cellular plans have over paid cellular plans. And by the way the variety and quality of the different phones offered are just as good, if not better. If you have already tried a few of these phone models, than you know what I am talking about. So you really have nothing to loose, but a lot to gain by going with a prepaid cellular phone provider. And you most likely know that prepaid cellular phones are also out there for the buying, but where do I go to buy one and what provider should I choose as a newbie are a few questions you may be asking yourselves? These are all sensible questions and there are many answers to help sort out the confusion as well.

Currently I use a paid cellular phone service, that is used strictly while on company business. But during down time, I do not use company issued phones and for good reasons. So after some experimenting with different prepaid cellular phones and service coverages offered in the area, I finally decided to go with Straight-Talk. Straight-Talk is a fairly new service provider, who is on both, Verizon's as well as AT&T's network. After having collected as many cell phones as Elton John has in the way of designer sunglasses, I could have opened up my own cellular phone business right from my home, just with the nice little collection that I had accumulated during past years. After awhile I found that this was becoming a bit too expensive and soon decided to kick the habit. I already knew someone who had purchased a straight talk brand phone, so this made the choosing all the more easier. Investing in one good phone and sticking with it is the trick, especially if your goal is to save money.

In the end I took a ride to my local walmart store and ended up picking out a model (T401)g Samsung slider cell phone. Included with this particular phone was a texting keyboard and fairly decent built-in camera, as well as a media player and mobile web access. The phone had cost me a one time fee of $39.95 and decided to go with the 1000 minutes of talk and 1000 texts include with the purchase of the $30.00 card. This was more than enough minutes for what I needed in terms of talking to friends and family over a months time. Straight talk also offers a $45.00 pre-paid card, for those of you who may like to yak a bit more than some of us do. And with unlimited calling minutes per month plus texting, this is really an added bonus as well. I've had the phone for over three years now and have not had any problems with it, or battery contained within. Also I purchased a blue tooth device for under thirty dollars, to keep my eyes right where they should be, when I'm driving-on the road and not on the phone.

In addition straight talk phones do have excellent roaming capability and I find this especially true on Verizon's network, moreso than on At&t's. But again this could depend on your given geographical location. One network may work better in New Hampshire for example, than it does in Florida and visa versa. Walmart also is the only store that I know of that sells the straight talk phones, which include the new and nifty android and smart phones. The prepaid phone cards are also available along with accessories at walmart. To save a trip to walmart, you may just want to make it easier on yourselves and go online to and order your new phone right online. On this site you will be able to pick a phone of your choice. There are also refurbished cell phones from straight talk, just like the one I had been talking about. And while your there, don't forget to order your prepaid cellular phone card to go along with the phone.

Don't just rush out there and buy this particular phone because I said so, or because I think it is one of the best non-contract phones. This is just one of the many options out there, for you to think about. You do have virgin mobile, T-mobile, as well as Net Ten, whom I do feel are pretty close, not in competition with Straight talk. Net Ten phones for example can be purchased for twenty-dollars plus tax and some of them even include ten to fifteen minutes of airtime included.

I find that Net Ten Prepaid cellular service; is really the best for those of you who do not do a lot of talking on the phone. For example if you talk less than 750 or even 500 minutes per month, than it may behoove you to buy a service card of $15.00. This will give you about 300 minutes of talk time for the month. And if you do not use all of those 300 minutes, than the remaining balance is carried over to the next month. And in essence what is happening here is that you are adding minutes to your account without ever having to buy another service card. However the trick is not to go over those 300 minutes for the month, or you may have to purchase another $15.00 card. Just think of it as playing a game...a game of checkers, chess, or other similar board game where your wits are tested a bit.

As you can see just by the information I have included in my article about prepaid cell phone providers, that the choices are broad and it may take a week or so to make a decision before you buy. Many books could be written on this subject alone and I am sure they already have been. I simply have given my opionions to help you make a connection. I have left you my reader's with an older music video, by a popular artist of the time, that may help ease your mind somewhat, as you contemplate over what communication device, may in the end, be the best for you and your families particular needs. To add, I do have a good friend here on hubpages that is somewhat of an expert when it comes to telecommunications. You may find some additional information on the following website further baffling questions that may be on your mind, also will be able to be clarified in more detail. Whatever choice you do finally make when it comes down to purchasing a prepaid cell phone, I hope it is one that comes through as being loud and clear!


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