China Iphone

China iPhones Are Available Everywhere & They Are Not Against The Law

China iPhones or iPhone copies from China are readily available online. You are able to buy China made iPhones easily whether for personal use or in bulk for commercial purpose. These iPhones are not actual copies or the Apple's iPhone but clever imitations that are get by in China with their lax intellectual property laws. They do not use the Apple brand nor logo but they look almost identical to the iPhone.

Same iPhone Hardware, Different iPhone Software

The China iPhones are not sim locked like the Apple's iPhones and can be used with any telco. These raises the attractiveness of the China made iPhones by a factor of 10. Moreover, the China iPhones were made by reverse engineering the original iPhones and have almost the hardware, while some models are even better with additional camera in the front.

Cloning the iPhone without Trademark Infringement

The Chinese are able to employ cheap and smart engineers to reverse engineer the Apple iPhones and clone the circuit boards in a week. And while this is going on, another gang of software programmers will churn out a operating system based on Linux for the new iPhone.

The iphone clones are not trying to imitate exactly the original. They are satisfied with a lousy third, not even a second. This is because of the hyper-competition in China for electronic goods, especially electronic products that imitiate branded products like the iPhone.

Trying Out One Of The China Made iPhones

After trying one of the China iPhone at the mall recently, i was appalled at the user interface. It was so rudimentary that it look like a DOS operating system. The only part of the operating system that look like the Apple iPhone's was the main windows interface where all the icons were attractively laid out. Once you clicked on any of the icons, you will be shocked at the crappy text based screen interface.

I Would Not Buy The China iPhone But Someone Will

The China iPhone may not be for me but it will fit the bill for someone out there. It is cheaper than the original iPhone, have some different features such as unlocked sim and additional cameras. But most importantly, it is available to anyone today especially to the people in Asia.

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johnny 5 years ago

is it the same one as this website list?

sheena45 5 years ago

i just bought iphone china and doesnt works for my sim in frane.tell me what should i do to function the internet

rakur 5 years ago

Hey i don't know about you guys.

But i just got my new apple i phone 3gs 16gb for free when i just joined

I just posted some videos and made some blog they gave me the price for i was the top user for that month.

only 20members have join go get one.

Or better buy it from their concern its cheap but original.that guys id is

Jared 5 years ago

where to download application for these china iphones?

meow13 5 years ago

hey...anyone here... i do sell bulks of iphone 3gs look alike... and it has 2simcard ability which can be active at the same time. we sell at low price as we bought in bulks. for more info, pictures, price, u can just email me at

sorry to momma, i dont know y thaey sold the phone with no use of simcards?

momma 5 years ago

OK, got these iphone for the kids for Christmas, right, but how can they use it was our cricket phone service. Cricket says they can't flash due to the fact they don't use sim cards. Is there anyway around this, I can't afford AT&T nor Verison service. What can I do throw them away? It really sucked for the kids!! Let me know ~ help Please

Tazzy 5 years ago

please could someone help me. i got one of these iphones as a gift from soemone in china. the thing is - i need software - im not sure how it works but maybe software in english lol or something. alot of the things are in chinese. i would appreciate anyones assitance

hawkinau 5 years ago

Boneaters: the best iphone clone atm is the Pinphone which is the one I hav,e however if you want one with an Android OS check out the iphone F22 @

this would be the clone that would beat them all now with the Android 2.1 OS it can be upgraded to 2.2 and u can DL thousands of apps, I have a HTC Desire Android 2.2 rooted and rommed and it is a wicked phone but for a quater of the cost the iphone F22 might be an affordable option

sid  5 years ago

pls help me to change the power on display in china i phone

jay 5 years ago

if you could email me that would be great thanks

jay 5 years ago

i have a questionmy son bought a used china version i phone off the internet. he tried putting his sim card in and it does not work. is there a way to link it up or should it just work by putting the sim in.not sure if he got screwed or if it just works different that a real one. i would appreciate any info so i know whether to trash it and by a real one. it is unlocked thanks

boneaters 6 years ago

i`ll like to have one like that urs , hawkinau .... nice jokin

PaperNotes profile image

PaperNotes 6 years ago

China iphones are really cheap alternatives to the original iPhones. However since it has a lower price, buyers must not expect too much from it such as durability and other technical concerns. As you have said, China phones are equipped with a different software. Remember that we get what we pay for.

James 6 years ago

would like to talk to someone about the procedure to set-up my new iphone.

Hawkinau 6 years ago

I bought a copy Iphone in K.L it is one of the better ones , cost me about $50 more than the cheaper ones , its exactly like the real Iphone even down to the touch sensitive screen (have to use your finger, wont work with pen or finger nail)the screen scrolls smoothly like the real Iphone not laggy like other Iphone clones I have had in the past, it's a sealed unit (cant slide the back off to take the battery and memory out) u have to undo screws to get the back off and the sim slides in the top, however I dont know what OS it has or if it's just Java based, already installed is Google maps, Safari, OperaMini, YouTube, MMS, and Wifi. but I dont know what Apps to search for, Apple apps obviously wont install, the smoothness of the apps installed makes me think it has an OS of some sort as Java based touch phones are usualy realy laggy and this one isnt, any one have any ideas???

Utility Poster 6 years ago

I just bought one from a supplier at buy-direct-china and the phones arrived on time. One of them is not working properly though. The mike's conked off.

Alsom, it looks EXACTLY like the original and has more features. Problem is it's not opening PDF documents and I can't find PDF software to install. Also, it can't open large files in the ipod that's in it. But not bad for the price..

dana cruzado 6 years ago

how can i connect to the internet using the china phone?

HarryHarding profile image

HarryHarding 6 years ago

Some of these phones are actually very dangerous. There have been cases of batteries exploding in Chinese phones, especially in the cheaper varieties. Think about it, if they have an extra camera, more memory, more features etc, they have to cut costs somewhere. More often than not, that cost cutting is on the battery quality!

raheel 6 years ago


isabel 6 years ago

Today, april 22, 2010 I was in Shenzhen, China tried 5 or 6 iphones.

And they don't scroll and others use the pencil.

So I didn't get anything. Mine iphone got stolen 2 days ago in the subway in Shenzhen.

deepfreeze 6 years ago

A007 one of the better one..

Tony 6 years ago

Works great

milan 6 years ago


pls  6 years ago

hi send mee info ad price too pls

Richard Long 6 years ago

You are right Mee, there are so many different models out there and prices very tremendously. I just ordered one which is a model #PK168 and it was less than $100 so we'll see how it is when it gets here from China. I could'nt find much information on the different models available. Wish someone would post some reviews or comparisons.

Mee Hunglo 6 years ago

I too have this not work good. Very many models some good some no. Must be careful what one you get.

Raymond 6 years ago

I have a dual band Iphone with TV and camera. Where can i get software for these kind of phone. I like too synchronise my agenda and put some music on it...


intercom 6 years ago

This is great! Does it have a wifi and word document? I need a phone where I can type my documents there and surf he internet. Just like a mini computer....

peterander profile image

peterander 6 years ago

Reliability is the only concern with chinese mobiles. Apart from that no other issues.

shaero 7 years ago

of ocz you cant compare the real iphone to china iphone.

i got mine from just for the sake of trying. i got a cheap mini version of china iphone and i was acually quite surprised and i was a happy buyer in the end.

Jared L profile image

Jared L 7 years ago from Singapore Author

hi Vicky, i am not really sure what is the lifetime of these gadgets but i have seen friends use them for more than a year coming to 2 years.

Iphone 3gs, u should just search online..plenty of sites

Stig, changing software..hmmm. not too sure. perhaps someone else can help here?

Stig 7 years ago

Anyone knows how to change the software in the china iphones? Where to download?

Iphone 3gs online 7 years ago

Where's a good place to get one of these knock off iphones?

Vicky 7 years ago

thanks for postin...really helpful.but i have a doubt whether it will have good life??how much years it can withstand? pl mail ur answers to


scottcollins89 7 years ago

yeah, friend had one of these!! Could hardly tell, was sorta glitchy though.....

i would just go out and get the real deal.

Andrew 7 years ago

Who want buy F003 china iphone with wifi and TV MSn me at

luchie 8 years ago

please send me the price of an iphone and where can i buy it>

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