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Apple iPhone 16GB review

Updated on May 26, 2011

Read about this amazing piece of engineering


What happens when to an ultralight mobile phone device you add an ipod, a Safari web browser, a GPS and the capability to watch movies? Well, chances are you will get the new phenomenal and revolutionary Apple iphone 16 GB.

Just looking at this device, it appears very appealing to the eye, it is black, sleek, slimmer than a Motorola Razor and fits in your pocket but yet, it has all the capabilities of much more bulkier devices. At a first glance, the regular mobile phone user may notice right away that the Apple iPhone lacks buttons. Buttons seem to be a fact of the past now that touch screens have become much more versatile to use.

To the touch, the Apple iPhone appears very lightweight and its touch screen makes navigating easier than ever. Do not be fooled by it's small appearance as this device has doubled its memory to allow storage of more pictures, videos and music than before.

The more you review this product the more you realize that it has something for everyone.

For all those passionate photographers out there, the Apple iPhone is an indispensable yet amazing device, as it can store up to 20,000 photos via iTunes. Here, you can edit, rotate, zoom in and out, or even create slide-shows and embellish them with music and transitions easily turning photo albums into works of art.

For all those music lovers, Apple iPhone has a smart, cool feature. It is called Cover flow which will display album covers and with the touch of your finger you will flip and unveil your favorite track lists. You can read through the lyrics as the music starts or watch videos on its beautiful 3.5-inch glass display. Keep in mind that you also have the option of accessing the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store and expand your musical collection.

For all those movie fanatics, Apple iPhone offers the possibility to watch movies rented from iTunes on wide-screen or full screen. You can watch you tube videos, music videos or watch your favorite TV shows. Enjoy watching television anywhere you go, with great sharp images, brilliant colors and great audio quality.

For those who love to travel, Apple iPhone offers satellite images of your location and destination to ensure you will never get lost. Wondering about how the weather will be on your departure date? No problem, you can see weather updates as often as you like. Being away from home never felt so cozy since you can rely on Apple iPhone to watch movies, the news, check on your stock exchange or check your e-mail from almost virtually anywhere you go.

For all those fellows that cannot live a day without surfing the Internet, Apple iPhone offers the luxury of the Safari browser. What this means is that you will be able to browse web-pages just as from a regular computer. No more limited text displays or limited pictures. With Safari browser you just get it all. Google is the search engine by default and you can easily navigate by typing web URL's by using the iPhone's versatile on screen keyboard.

If you are fond of coffee, thus, a frequent visitor of Starbucks and you wonder what song is airing as you are sipping your coffee, just get out your Apple iphone and you will find out. Not only, you may also have the option of purchasing the album. How's that about technological advancement?

Apple iPhone may sound too good to be true, however if you are still skeptical visit your electronics aisle and have a look for yourself. Ask a sales person about details but be aware that he/she will go on and on about all the features Apple iPhone has to offer.

If you decide to buy it, keep in mind that in the box you will get includes: Earphones, USB cable, dock adapter/connector, polishing cloth and stand ,16GB of storage battery life the 3.5 Wide-screen Multi-Touch Display and then Special applications such as Email, Maps, and widgets for weather, notes and stocks.

Still amazed? Buy it, and watch the envious looks on the people's faces on a busy street as you tap your fingers on this revolutionary piece of engineering. Chances are you will be considered the trendiest and most technologically advanced business man of the area.


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