Comparison Between Verizon Droid and iPhone 3G

Verizon unveils the multimedia smartphone designed to dethrone iPhone 3G... Droid launches Nov 6. that claims to do what iPhone cannot. Verizon combines technology with Motorola and Google to provide business people who are always on the go and tech enthusiast consumers out there.

Verizon Droid
Verizon Droid

The Droid commercial ads has just started as part of Verizon's campaign to steal the top spot when it comes to multimedia phone services. Although Apple iPhone has giant steps ahead of Verizon Droid in terms of the operating systems which had fixed a lot of bugs in the past years and the crisp multi-touch technology, Droid has huge potential to keep it close with Apple. However, average consumers may find Droid's operating system which is created by Google not as user-friendly as the iPhone since it is a Linux environment. There could be a need for a great effort on the part of Google to make it more user-friendly in order to attract ordinary consumers to buy the phone.

Here are some of the key features of Verizon Droid in a head-to-head comparison with iPhone 3G. This is a great guide when shopping for your next smartphone.

Verizon Droid
iPhone 3G
Verizon Wireless
Operating System
Google Android 2.0
iPhone OS 3.1
550MHz Cortex-A8
Samsung 600MHz
16GB microSD, expandable to 32GB
16GB or 32GB Flash Drive
3.7" 854x480 WVGA Touchscreen, 400K pixels, 16million colors
3.5" 480x320 multi-touch display, 163ppi, 16million colors
Battery life
6.4hours talk time, 11.25days standby
3hours 3G, 12.5days standby, 10hours video playback, 30hours audio playback
4.56x2.36x0.54 inches
4.5x2.4x0.48 inches
slide-out QWERTY, on-screen portrait and landscape keyboard
virtual QWERTY keyboard
5 megapixel auto-focus
3 megapixel auto-focus
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, 800/1900MHz CDMA EVDO Rev A, Bluetooth
GSM EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g, Bluetooth
Web Browser
$199 after $100 mail-in rebate

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secretagent profile image

secretagent 7 years ago

Having had both the iPhone and the Android, I have to give kudos to the Android for flexibility, and the iPhone for ease of use.

Erick, Verizon FiOS 7 years ago

Which is better depends on your preference...I'd go for android for flexibility as secretagent says...iPhone for usability...Let's just see how the two will compete with each other...this is good...I'll wait for a good offer...:P

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