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Bladeless Fans by Dyson, GSI, Pisenic, Windfelt and Others

[UPDATE 2 : Since Dyson launched its bladeless fan on the world, there have been a number of manufacturers that have followed suit and come up with cheap bladeless fans - Windfelt, GSi and Pisenic and others have fans that are under $100 - so check them out too below:-)]

[UPDATE : First off some people say this new invention is not so new but based on an invention by Romanian Henri Coanda a 100 years ago - the "Coanda effect" - you can read Dyson's patent (in among all the adsense ads. - here - Dyson bladeless fan) You can read about the Coanda effect here - Dyson's overpriced bladeless fan and the Coanda effect)]

Dyson is well-known for its vacuum cleaners but now they have invented a fan with no visible blades - The Air Multiplier - which they claim is 15 times more efficient than a standard fan. This article was first published here - dyson bladeless fan

How can you have a fan with no blades ? Well, you can't, you just put the blades somewhere else where they are not visible, i.e. in the base. This fan creates the draft of air which is forced out through a slit at the top. The lack of blades actually pushing the air into your face makes the whole device more efficient (and easier to clean)

Dyson's Bladeless Air Multiplier Fan is now Available on Amazon !

Dyson Bladeless Fan

Dyson Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan Review by Which Consumer Group - Conclusion "It's an iconic piece of design" For people with more money than sense

Dyson's Air Multiplier bladeless fan will come in 10" and 12". Dyson have been working on this gadget for four years and it will cost £199 in the UK ! (Dyson is nothing if not confident of the stupidity of the British buying public. ) Not cheap, around $310 at current exchange rates. At that sort of price it had better be good !

It will be marketed in upmarket department stores and design shops, before being sold via the Argos catalogue next year. The average price for a good old desk fan with blades, is £18 in the UK ($30).

Dyson is confident that their fan is so radical that people will pay $300 just so they can show off ! A bit of a gamble I would argue.

How does the Bladeless Fan work?

The Air Multiplier sucks air in one unit of air at the base, and pushes it out at speed through a thin slit in the ring at the top of the fan, over an airfoil-shaped ramp (similar to an aeroplane wing). This shape causes surrounding air to be sucked into the air flow, thus multiplying the effect by 15 and creating 15 units of air in your face.

405 litres (about 900 pints) of air are expelled every second.

Dyson also say the fan is not only more efficient than a fan which expels 1 unit of air for every 1 unit taken in, but the air flow is far smoother, and therefore more comfortable for the person at the receiving end.

Dyson knows that the largest markets for fans are not the UK but areas of the USA, Australia and Japan and the Middle East.

Reviews say however that the 10" and 12" fans do not produce as much air as normal fans of the same size, which is a bit odd to say the least !

Dyson Bladeless Fan Video

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mike 5 years ago

sounds like a ripoff to me ill pay 20 bucks for this fan not a nickel more.

John Schwartz 5 years ago

They have no patent but tell everyone they do. Unfair competition, monopolistic profits, violation of anti-trust in us. Invented by Japanese in 1981. Google and see prior patent.

John Schwartz

Caveat Emptor

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 6 years ago from Oxford Author

That's a good question PB to which I don't have the answer. It could be that as they are enclosed they don't get dirty. Or maybe there are some screws you can unscrew to get at them via the base. Calling it a bladeless fan is a bit misleading, but I think Dyson actually call it the Air Multiplier not a bladeless fan.

profile image

pauls_boat 6 years ago

how do you get to the blades to clean them? he says it is a bladeless fan when in fact it is a hidden blade fan making it harder to clean the blades, and from my own experience as soon as there is any dirt on the blades there is a large drop in air movement so with his design as soon as there is a small amount of dirt on the blades you would get 15 times less air then on a normal fan

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 7 years ago from Oxford Author

Yes, he is a millionaire after all, but I can't help feeling the Dyson Bladeless Fan will be fanless as well as bladeless, especially as he has launched it as winter sets in - unless he is marketing it big in Australia. Hubs however are a different matter ! We are doing a public service :-)

profile image

ryankett 7 years ago

Hi, just caught your message. I have linked to this hub now ;), I agree with your sentiments, but Mr Dyson and his cronies are an incredibly shrewd bunch. Setting such a stupid price in a recession was always going to be controversial, create a lot of publicity, and will see lots of people snapping them up when they inevitably fall in price to something 'cheap' like $100. People fall for illusions, and Dyson are probably making these for $10 in Asia. Look at the dozens of related vids on youtube, and even these hubs, its an excellent marketing ploy!

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 7 years ago from Oxford Author

Hi Ryan that's OK - I've linked to your review if you'd like to link to mine ! My 'review' was a bit neutral but I do mention that the Dyson bladeless fan does in fact have a concealed blade and it is not as powerful as an ordinary 12" fan - all in all I can't see why they think anyone would want to buy it at their ridiculously inflated price - snob appeal I guess for the chattering classes

profile image

ryankett 7 years ago

Looks like I stole your subject! I wrote a hub about this too, didn't think to check. My review is pretty damning to be honest, maybe I will decide to like it if begin to stock it, haha.

Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 7 years ago from Oxford Author

Hi Ben thanks for dropping by and the radical compliments - you are making me blush ! Now what I need is a Dyson Bladeless fan to cool down !

Ben Zoltak profile image

Ben Zoltak 7 years ago from Lake Mills, Jefferson County, Wisconsin USA

Dyson's fan is radical, as is your research for writing material Singular! I will take this as a good lesson for you. Someday, when I can afford a bladeless Dyson Fan, I will think of your writing!

Thanks, I look forward to reading more!


Singular Investor profile image

Singular Investor 7 years ago from Oxford Author

Yup - Dyson bladeless fans are cool !

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