Free Video Editor an Alternative to Windows Movie Maker

VideoSpin a Free Video Editor

I would like to share about a free movie or video editor/creator I found while searching for a better alternative to Windows Movie Maker. It is called VideoSpin by Pinnacle.

There is not very many free video editing programs out there and the ones that are usually have very limited functionality. So I was impressed by the amount of features that VideoSpin has to offer and how easy it is to use. You can insert video that you took from a personal camera or video that you already have on your computer. You can also use still images to create a video slide show or to add a logo or background image. You can overlay text on your video as well.

74 transitions and 98 sound effects come with the free version, which is quite a lot really. No music comes with it, but the program allows you to add music to the video. It supports most of the major video codecs like AVI, MPEG, WMV and MOV.

You can see my short video about it below for a preview.

You can go to the official web site for more information by going to

How-to help videos on how to use the software can be found at

The file size is about 162MB. You can download it at the official site.

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Adwello profile image

Adwello 6 years ago from St Leonards

This looks great, thanks!

Liza  Brown profile image

Liza Brown 3 years ago from Chicago

There are much more free video editors, which can be alternatives to Windows movie maker, recommend my hub here:

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